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Scorpio and Cancer: Love and Friendship Compatibility

Scorpio and Cancer are two signs on the zodiac that are full of depth, passion, and intense emotion. Do they make a good love match or are they destined for doom? Let’s first get a better understanding of the personalities of a Cancer and a Scorpio and how it could work out…

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility


The Cancer Zodiac

  • Ruled by the moon, the planetary ruler of intuition and emotion 
  • The Cancer symbol is a crab, but the constellation could depict it as the breast of a woman. This represents the goddess Hera from Greek mythology and the nurturing nature of woman.
  • As a water sign, they have a strong intuition, are submerged in feeling and will go through waves of emotion.
  • Cancer is a cardinal sign, so they tend to be highly sensitive creatures. They lead with their heart and sometimes that can cause them to act out irrationally, impulsively, and manipulating. 

Personality traits of a Cancer: 

  • Emotional, sympathetic 
  • Loyal, overprotective, and nurturing in a friendship and a relationship 
  • Has mood swings 
  • Finds peace through creative outlets 
  • Manipulative 

Cancer man personality:

  • Moody 
  • Sensitive 
  • Creative 
  • Won’t hide his feelings from his loved one 
  • This man wants to feel needed and wants to share his life with someone 

Cancer woman personality: 

  • Vulnerable, open 
  • Fierce loyalty 
  • Nurturing 
  • Romantic and ready for love; she doesn’t like to play the field 
  • Codependent

Cancers aren’t interested in anything casual. They have no desire to play the field. They would much rather commit to someone and remain in the same long-term relationship for a long period of time. Cancers are monogamous, kind, nurturing, and loyal. However, they expect their loyalty to be repaid. If their partner cheats on them, they are going to stop spoiling that person. In fact, they are going to leave that person in their past and start searching for someone who is able to meet their expectations. 

Cancers are sensitive, highly emotional signs. Their feelings get hurt easily. This is why they need to be in a relationship with someone who is going to treat their heart gently. They cannot be with someone who is too abrasive. While they appreciate honesty, they don’t want a partner who is so blunt that they verge on rude. Cancers always want their feelings taken into consideration. If their partner cannot be tender, sweet, and thoughtful, then the relationship isn’t going to work.

The Scorpio Zodiac

  • Ruled by Pluto (ruler of psychic energy) and Mars (ruler of self-expression) → 2 planetary rulings = more intense!
  • The Scorpio symbol is a scorpion, which represents power and intimacy. 
  • Scorpio is a fixed sign, so they are stable, determined, and very much “my way or the highway.” When they set their sights on something, they won’t give up until they get it. 
  • As a water sign, a Scorpio will have intense emotional depth–but they’ll hide it until they can open up to someone they trust. They aren’t a stranger to mood swings and usually lead with their emotions. 

Personality traits of a Scorpio: 

  • Loyal 
  • Full of passion, even if they hide it sometimes 
  • Hate not being in control 
  • Observant 
  • Strong 
  • Prone to jealousy 
  • Obsessive and will hold grudges 

Scorpio man personality: 

  • Strong
  • Will notice right away if you’re trying to play games with him 
  • Hard to read 
  • Passionate and energetic 
  • The Scorpio man would rather be in a relationship than have flings 

Scorpio woman personality: 

  • Emotional, but hides it 
  • Demanding and possessive 
  • Charming and captivating sensuality 
  • Flirtatious and confident, but won’t be quick to give her heart away 
  • Don’t play games with a Scorpio woman — she’ll lose interest right away! 

Scorpios are afraid of vulnerability. They hide their true selves until they feel comfortable around a new person. That is why they need a partner who is patient. They need someone who isn’t going to rush them to take the next step in a relationship and will simply enjoy the ride. Scorpios like to be the one in control. They are not going to handle it well when their partner tries to give them orders. Scorpios aren’t going to like it when you play dating games or set ultimatums, either. They want someone who is straightforward, honest, and comfortable letting them take control.

Scorpios would much rather be in a serious relationship than jump from person to person. However, when they connect with someone, they can take their possessiveness too far. They can be overly demanding and jealous. Their partner needs to be able to reassure them they don’t have to worry about getting cheated on or abandoned. However, their partner also needs to be strong enough to stick up for themselves when a Scorpio takes their demands too far.

Scorpio and Cancer: Sexual Compatibility 

  • The sexual and intimate relationship between a Scorpio sun sign and a Cancer sun sign will be very intense. However, this will work well for both of them. 
  • There is a mutual understanding of the depth of each other’s emotions and how they express them in different ways.
  • Sexually, a Scorpio might get too intense and aggressive for a vulnerable sensitive Cancer.
  • There might even be an interesting power dynamic between the two. A Scorpio man or Scorpio woman will be very demanding and will have a “my way or the highway” kind of attitude. Meanwhile, a Cancer man or woman will be overprotective and dive into their negative personality trait of being emotionally manipulative.

Scorpios and Cancers have the potential to work well together because they are both emotional signs. Although they express their feelings in different ways, they understand what it feels like to be ruled by their own emotions. However, Scorpios can be a bit aggressive, which can be a turn-off for Cancer. Cancers want someone who is gentle with them, someone who is going to make them feel comfortable and safe. Scorpios can be a bit too intimidating for them, especially when it comes to sex, considering Cancers want to have a calm, meaningful experience.

Meanwhile, Scorpios can easily get bored by Cancers and their hesitation to try new things. Since Scorpios want things done their own way, they will get frustrated when their ideas are turned down. They would much rather be with a partner who is open-minded and adventurous. Scorpios need a partner who is going to agree with their wild ideas instead of trying to get them to slow down. The last thing a Scorpio wants is to be with someone who holds them back.

Scorpio and Cancer: Love Compatibility 

  • Between a Cancer partner and a Scorpio partner, trust and communication are the key to true love. They would rather be in a loyal, committed relationship with a soul mate than have a bunch of flings. 
  • In a relationship, a Scorpio will strive for power while a Cancer will crave security.
  • Both of these two signs are quite loyal, so there won’t be any fears of unfaithfulness. If anything were to happen, though, both the Scorpio and the Cancer would feel comfortable enough being honest and communicating with one another. However, a Cancer person will be more inclined to talk about their feelings than a Scorpio person would!

A relationship between Scorpio and Cancer might be bumpy at first. Cancers love to talk about their feelings and Scorpios are a closed book. However, once they are confident that they can trust one another, Scorpios will be just as open and honest. If anything goes wrong in the relationship, these signs will sit down and have a mature conversation about it. They won’t hide anything from each other. They will be completely transparent.

The biggest thing Scorpios and Cancers have in common is their desire to settle down. They don’t want to date dozens of different people, so they can brag about their conquests. Cancers and Scorpio want to be in a committed relationship that means something to them. They want to find true love. When these signs get together, they are not going to cheat on each other. They are going to remain loyal. Cancers and Scorpio are going to treat each other with respect, even when they are faced with temptation.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility (Scorpio man + Cancer woman)

A Scorpio relationship can be intense. Scorpio love attention and don’t want their partner to show interest in anyone else. They get jealous easily, which is why a Cancer is the perfect sign for them. Cancers are interested in a serious, long-term commitment. They aren’t going to play the field and flirt around. They will stay loyal to their Scorpio partner.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility (Scorpio woman + Cancer man)

Water signs have their differences, but they are similar in nature. That is why these zodiac signs are going to get along well. They are looking for the same things inside and outside the bedroom. They are capable of satisfying one other in every area of life. Overall, Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is strong.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility (Scorpio man + Cancer man)

Scorpio are possessive. Once they enter a relationship, they don’t want to share their partner. However, this is perfectly fine with a loyal Cancer. Cancers grow attached to their partners quickly. They will never want a moment alone. A Cancer Scorpio pairing is strong because neither of them will want to end their relationship.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility (Scorpio woman + Cancer woman)

Cancer and Scorpio are a relatively strong love match. They share hobbies and interests, so they will have plenty to talk about with one another. They will also feel comfortable opening up to one another. As long as they put effort into communicating, there won’t be many reasons for them to argue.

Weaknesses of a Scorpio-Cancer Relationship 

Having an understanding of each other’s weaknesses can make the emotional connection stronger if both are willing to work through it. In a way, their strengths balance out their weaknesses. 

  • Scorpio’s jealousy might get a little too much sometimes. However, it’s just because they have such a strong need to be in control. This can tie into a Scorpio’s possessiveness too! 
  • Cancers have a sympathetic, nurturing nature, but they can also be quite moody, sensitive, and good at emotional manipulation. 

Scorpios are possessive, jealous, and insecure. Even when they are in a committed relationship with someone they trust, there are going to be moments when they question their partner’s loyalty. Because their biggest fear is being betrayed, they might set unfair rules for their partner to follow. They might also snoop through their partner’s texts and bombard them with questions whenever they get home from work or a party. Their fear of abandonment leads them to act extra clingy.

Meanwhile, Cancers can go through intense mood swings. They can switch from laughing and being in a great mood to crying and being miserable. Although they lead with their hearts instead of their heads, they are skilled manipulators. They know exactly what to say in order to guilt-trip their partner. Cancers will use your emotions, and their own tears, against you. They will trick you into doing what they want – and you won’t even realize it’s happening.

Scorpio Compatibility With Other Signs of the Zodiac: 

A water sign (Scorpio or Cancer) will pair well with another water sign and usually an earth sign. 

Virgo zodiac sign:

  • Earth sign + water sign → they will feel grounded in the relationship and loyal to one another. 
  • Both are quite reserved when it comes to love, too! 

Scorpio and Cancer are two bad matches for a fire sign or air sign. 

  • Libra and Gemini are two zodiac signs that have drastically different personalities from Scorpio and Cancer. Why? Well, think of it this way: you add air (wind) from a storm to water (like the ocean), you get destructive waves. 

Both Scorpios and Cancers are water signs. That means they are highly compatible with Pisces, the final water sign. They also work well with earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. However, water signs will clash with fire and air signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The conflicting energies and personality traits will result in a destructive relationship. There will be a lot of arguments, misunderstandings, and general uneasiness. 

It’s best for a Scorpio to get together with someone who was born in Virgo season. These two signs will remain loyal to each other throughout the course of the relationship without being tempted to stray. This will create a secure, stable, grounded relationship where they will both feel valued. Plus, since they are both independent and express their emotions in similar ways, there will be a lot fewer reasons for conflict. Their relationship will be filled with appreciation and respect. 

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.