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Pisces and Virgo: Compatibility in Sex, Love, and Friendship

When you take an overly-feeling water sign and a grounded earth sign what do you get? A harmonious, quite compatible relationship, that’s what! Let’s dive into the personality of a Pisces and a Virgo and see how they work together in love, sex, and friendship:

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility


The Pisces Zodiac

  • The Pisces zodiac is ruled by Neptune, the god of the sea and ruler of emotional depth, and Jupiter, the planet of intuition and philosophy. 
  • The Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in unison. Just like the Greek mythology story of a fish who saved the goddess and god of love, Aphrodite and Eros, from a sea monster, Pisces people are selfless and generous and like to save the day. 
  • As a water sign, this zodiac tends to lead with their thoughts and instincts. Watery Pisces people are full of empathy and compassion and if you need a shoulder to cry on, they will be there…and will cry with you.  
  • As a mutable sign, a Pisces will be very flexible and selfless. They often adjust their feelings to fit the needs of those who surround them. 
  • Pisces personality traits: 
    • Intuitive, empathetic
    • Friendly 
    • Aren’t afraid to dream big but might be afraid to follow through on those dreams  
    • Heart > head 
  • Pisces man personality traits: 
    • The Pisces man lives to please others and will prioritize your happiness over their own
    • Battles his emotions internally 
    • A Pisces man loves to laugh and will do anything to make you laugh too.
    • He wants to be that knight in shining armor. 
  • Pisces woman personality traits: 
    • A Pisces woman is very kind, compassionate, and pretty romantic 
    • She loves to laugh and won’t want a partner who takes themselves too seriously 
    • Very trusting of others, she might be perceived as naive or vulnerable.
    • Don’t break a Pisces woman’s trust unless you want her to hold a grudge against you.

Pisces are romantic. When they fall for someone, they will do absolutely anything for that person. Unfortunately, sometimes they take their kindness too far. They have a habit of getting taken advantage of in relationships and friendships because they will give everything they have without asking for anything in return. They see the best in others, so it’s hard for them to come to terms with the fact that someone might not actually be good for them.

Although Pisces can come across as naive, that doesn’t mean that you can play games with them or sneak around behind their back. Although they will assume you have their best interests in heart at first, they aren’t stupid. They will catch on eventually. And as soon as they realize they cannot trust you, they are going to cut you out of their life. They aren’t going to give you another chance. They are going to leave you in their past. Their kindness doesn’t extend to liars and cheaters.

The Virgo Zodiac

  • The Virgo zodiac is ruled by the planet Mercury, the Roman messenger of God and the planet of wisdom and communication. 
  • The Virgo symbol is a virgin, or a maiden, which represents fertility and wisdom.
  • As an earth sign, a Virgo is intellectual and good at getting the job done through practicality, communication, and efficiency. 
  • As a mutable sign, a Virgo can tailor themselves to different situations in life as long as they can analyze the situation first and organize their thoughts. 
  • Virgo personality traits: 
    • Patient, dependable, organized hard-workers 
    • Great at communicating
    • Can be social butterflies but would rather sit back and observe 
    • This sun sign tends to overthink and be overly critical of everything, especially their relationships 
    • Judgemental and bossy 
    • Worriers 
    • Perfectionists 
  • Virgo man personality traits:
    • Overanalyzes everything 
    • Wants a partner who respects his desire for order and cleanliness  
    • The Virgo man will be ready to settle down if his partner is loyal and willing to settle down too, but he doesn’t want to feel smothered.
  • Virgo woman personality traits: 
    • Intelligent 
    • Practical and realistic in love 
    • Cautious in relationships 
    • A Virgo woman won’t be materialistic, so don’t expect to win her heart with gifts 

Virgos are cautious when it comes to relationships. They are independent and hardworking, so they don’t need a partner in order to make them feel fulfilled. Their career accomplishes that for them. However, they are willing to settle down as long as they find a good reason. They need a partner who will go above and beyond for them every single day. After all, Virgos aren’t going to swoon over materialistic items. They will be much more impressed by a partner who gives them sentimental surprises. A partner who consistently treats them well instead of saving their love for a special occasion.

Virgos need a partner who can handle their bossy side. They are highly organized, natural born leaders who consider themselves perfectionists. They aren’t going to handle it well if someone new tries to reorganize their rooms and make plans without discussing it with them ahead of time. They want things done their way. They rarely come to compromises because they believe they are always in the right. It’s rare for them to admit they were wrong.

Virgo and Pisces: Friendship Compatibility 

  • As friends, these two astrology signs are harmonious and quite compatible. 
  • Pisces is a star sign that is known to have big dreams but also the fear of doing anything about it. Virgo is a good friend to have because they will push them towards their life’s aspirations. Virgo will help them organize and get things together with a solid ground and practicality. 
  • On the flip side, the emotional Piscean can influence Virgo to feel things and work towards developing some emotional depth and use a touch of intuition and empathy and love, in everyday life. 

Pisces are good influences on Virgos. They can help a Virgo learn how to get in touch with their emotions much better. After all, Virgos have a bad habit of shutting down feelings they dislike and distracting themselves with work. However, a Pisces will show a Virgo that they don’t have to close themselves off in order to protect themselves. A Pisces will encourage a Virgo to act much more vulnerable and to make peace with their own emotions.

Meanwhile, Virgos are helpful for Pisces to have in their lives because the sign will help them advance their careers and achieve their dreams. Pisces are emotional creatures. Although they have big, wild dreams, they can be too hard on themselves when they fail to make progress. When a Pisces is feeling down about themselves, a Virgo can give them a pep talk. A Virgo can remind them that they have what it takes to succeed.

Pisces and Virgo: Sex and Love Compatibility 

  • Would a Virgo woman pair well, in love and sex, with a Pisces man? Or would a Pisces woman be a good love match for a Virgo man? Yes to all of the above, because although they are opposing signs on the astrology chart, they are actually very much in tune with one another. 
  • The sexual compatibility between a Virgo partner and a Pisces partner are strong. When it comes to being a lover in physical intimacy, both signs will find themselves relaxed and able to be themselves.  
  • In terms of love and a relationship, both the Pisces zodiac sign and Virgo zodiac sign will feel confident and secure enough to be honest and express their feelings. Emotional Pisces can help Virgo dive into the emotional depths of their soul while Virgo can help fearful Pisces reach a feeling of inner security.

Although these two signs have vastly different personalities, they have strong chemistry in the bedroom. This is because they feel comfortable around each other. Neither sign will feel pressured to put on a show and pretend to be someone they are not. They are able to embrace their true, authentic selves without worrying about being judged. It’s easy for them to let loose and have a good time together because they aren’t in their heads the whole time, worrying.

These signs are immensely comfortable together, both physically and emotionally. Since they are able to have deep conversations about their emotions, the sex tends to be more meaningful than it would be with other signs. They know they can trust each other with their bodies, but also with their secrets. They also know that whatever happens between them will not be taken lightly. Their trust is strong. It makes them an unstoppable pairing.

Zodiac Compatibility With A Pisces or Virgo 

Pisces Compatibility: 

  • If you’re a Pisces zodiac sign, expect that a relationship with a fire sign Aries will be quite complicated. Although they are next to each other on the zodiac, in terms of personalities, Aries is an opposite sign of a Pisces and that is why there is a lack of trust, emotion, and shared values. Aries is pretty hard-headed and confident and Pisces will find that shady and untrustworthy. 
  • If you’re a Pisces lover, you might find that you’re decently compatible with a Libra. With an air sign (Libra) and a water sign (Pisces) you might find that the relationship will go through some negative storms and hardships in terms of trust and balance, but things on the sexual front will be a-ok. 

Virgo Compatibility:

  • If you’re a Virgo, you might find that a relationship with a Leo would be a little too challenging. The passionate, intense nature of fire sign Leo might be too much for Virgo’s tendency to want groundedness and security in the relationship. Both signs have trouble expressing their emotions sometimes too.
  • If you’re a Virgo lover, understand that a relationship with an Aquarius might have its ups and downs. Depending on what other signs are in their astrology natal chart (specifically, what occupies their Venus [ruler of love] sign and their moon sign), this pair might have some trouble. However, there’s a strong trust and communication between them, so working through their differences won’t be a big issue. 

Overall, Pisces and Virgos make a pretty good pairing because there is such strong trust between them. However, Pisces also work well with other signs, like Libras, who are going to stay honest and keep an open line of communication. However, they won’t work well with most fire signs because the trust will not be strong enough. Pisces will be worried about a fire sign cheating on them or lying to them – and it will quickly destroy the relationship.

Meanwhile, Virgos want to stay away from relationships with Leos. Their personalities are too similar to get along. They tend to clash because they both have strong opinions and hate admitting when they are wrong. Their relationship would be filled with arguments. Even if a Virgo isn’t going to settle down with a Pisces, they need to find another sign that is going to make them feel safe and secure. They need to know that they aren’t placing their trust in the wrong hands.

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.