Why You Should Be Excited About Going Into 2021 Single

Why You Should Be Excited About Going Into 2021 Single

Some single people from Ask Reddit have listed out their favorite part about being single, so you remember it’s not so bad after all:

1. I don’t have to worry about what I look like or what I’m wearing while I’m just chilling on my days off. Hair up in a messy bun, no makeup, no pants, no problem.

2. I don’t have to shave my fucking legs.

3. I can pursue my dreams without worrying about not having enough time for someone.

4. I get to starfish on my bed and take up as much space as I want. It’s heaven.

5. I get to masturbate as much as I want.

6. In the past when I’ve been in a relationship, I always felt like I needed to check my phone 24/7. I like being able to just chill and play videogames, watch a movie, or hang with friends without checking my phone consistently.

7. If I feel like reorganizing or redecorating my apartment, I can.

If I want to go out to eat, I can. If I feel like cooking something at home, I can.

I can choose how I use my time. I can choose how I spend my money. I can choose how I save my money.

8. Nobody gets upset with me for having close platonic relationships.

9. My mind isn’t constantly thinking about someone else. I just think about me and my wants all day for the most part, instead of constantly wondering either what they’re up to, thinking, want, how much I like them, how much I’m mad at them, if we’re stable or rocky, how much I want to see them… It feels extremely freeing.

10. I don’t have to worry about my mental health affecting somebody I love.

11. I learned to love myself without needing anyone else’s words of affirmation.

12. Not having to remember trivial dates, buy extra gifts during holidays or for specific ones, not having to justify my purchases, share food, decide on food.

13. I am allowed to have bad days where I can freely curse without having to explain to the other person that no, I am not mad at them, and no, I don’t want to talk about it right now

14. All my stuff is mine and no one else’s.

15. The only things stressing me are my own stressors. I don’t have to help support someone else through theirs.

16. I can wake up and go to sleep at any time I want without messing up my SO’s sleeping patterns.

17. No longer being forced to hang out with their friends.

18. I’m only responsible for my own happiness and sadness, not someone else’s.

19. Eating whatever I want at any time I want without having to have a discussion and planning it.

20. I can take up a whole walk-in closet and have two dressers. No one is going to talk shit to me about having too many clothes.

21. Nobody is messing up my Netflix algorithm.

22. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, without checking in with anyone.

23. PEACE.

Not having to worry about texting back someone all day, or FaceTiming them, or calling them.

Not having to worry about getting cheated on.

Not having arguments.

Not having to deal with someone’s BS, attitude, or mood swings.

Not having to worry about setting up dates and whatnot to keep things fresh.

Not having to deal with someone’s ex.

Literally just being able to have a peaceful life and doing what you want to the fullest without anyone’s say.

24. I have time to grow and explore my mind without projecting my insecurities and immaturities onto someone.

25. I answer to my cat, only.

26. I no longer have to explain/educate/teach someone how to treat me with basic human kindness and respect.

27. Less drama for sure. Life is just much easier.

28. No one can cheat on/abuse me.

29. I don’t have to take into account someone else’s wants and needs when making life decisions.

30. I would say one of the biggest things I like about being single is being able to see myself clearly again. You don’t realize how much being in a relationship can blind you to how you’ve changed, or how love can numb you to certain things. When I got out of that relationship and once the initial crying and being depressed phase ended I slowly realized how much happier I was and how much I’ve changed, some of it good and some bad, but it was like being able to see myself through a clear lens and not through a distorted one Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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