30 Things That Are Romantic In Movies -- But Creepy AF In Real Life

30 Acts Of Love That Are Romantic In Movies — But Creepy AF In Real Life

Ask Reddit has pointed out some romantic gestures that seem sweet in movies — but are not appropriate in the real world!

1. Having scream-fighting matches with your partner constantly because you’re both so “passionate” like in The Notebook… Nah bro. You’re just incompatible. That shit ain’t cute.

2. Relentlessly pursuing an ex who clearly doesn’t want you back. Sorry dude, leaving wine and roses in your ex girlfriend’s car while she’s at work isn’t cute, it’s super creepy and stalkerish.

3. Serenading them at their doorstep.

4. Forced kisses to shut them up. My guy, she’s being emotional and trying to work through her feelings and all you do is claim her lips. No.

5. Showing up at my apartment unannounced. Even if we’re close friends, if you show up at my home without texting first I’m not answering the door.

6. Staring at you while you sleep. (Looking at you Edward Cullen, you creepy ass son of a bitch)

7. Obsessive and unrequited love sometimes spanning YEARS that ultimately succeeds because the less interested party gets worn down, and realizes they’re a big dummy and they loved them after all.

8. Using big public displays of affection to show you’re worthy of love (just public humiliation for the crush).

9. Threatening to hurt yourself if they don’t date you.

10. An overdramatic proposal in front of a bunch of strangers.

11. Pursuing someone who is already in a relationship.

12. Surprising your partner with massive financial decisions. If you don’t mind, I’d like to weigh in before you buy me a car or even a fucking house!

13. Showing up at someone’s work… If someone I was dating showed up at my office, I would be mortified! Like learn some boundaries people!!

14. Grabbing a hold of a woman’s arm and keeping her from walking away.

15. Being told no fifty times hoping for a yes. It’s shown to be persistent and innocent, but in reality it would be stalking and harassment.

16. Sending flowers to a workplace without being married or in a committed relationship.

17. Any kind of combat. Sword fights, fisticuffs, or any other kind of violence on behalf of the person you’re trying to woo.

And even if violence is called for – if you do end up being the person who physically saves a woman from harm? That is not the time for flirting.

18. When “couples” are fake dating and trying to convince their family, then the family forces them to kiss in front of everyone to prove their love. No family would ever do this in real life, it’s fucking weird. Like please, make out in front of Nana and your Uncle Ken.

19. Stopping someone’s wedding and asking them to be with you. Really? You couldn’t shoot your shot before the wedding? Its not a surprise event. You’re really going to embarrass everyone involved and destroy their wedding day when you could have just showed up last Wednesday?

20. Casually stalking who they’re pursuing.

21. When the couple gets into a fight and is on a break or broke up and then she comes home and there is rose petals and stuff that is all supposed to be a sweet romantic thing and he tells her he is sorry and how much he loves her.


22. Kissing someone who is asleep.

23. Standing outside someone’s window blaring music — like 98% of people have at least one crazy neighbor who would call the cops if someone pulled that shit irl.

24. Breaking through airport security to profess your love. Have fun getting tased and sent to prison jackass.

25. Bumping into the same person over and over again.

26. Therapists dating or having sex with their patients. “Oh but they have such a deep connection!” No, that’s a malpractice lawsuit in the making.

27. When people talk like really close to each others faces, like two inches apart.

28. Turning up at your door with flowers. I once had a chap do this to me – I’d cancelled the first date as I got a creepy vibe from him. He stalked me online, found my address, drove 3 hours and turned up with a dozen red roses. Luckily I got a family member to answer the door and say I wasn’t there, as he’d texted me half an hour before to ask whether I was home. I later let him know that this was NOT okay.

29. Maybe more disgusting than creepy but having spontaneous sex then just putting their clothes back on and going about their day without even cleaning themselves up.

30. Romantically throwing rocks at someone’s window to get their attention. Bruh you better be ready to pay for insurance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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