30 Ways Women Can Make Men Feel Loved And Respected 

30 Ways Women Can Make Men Feel Loved And Admired 

Here’s some advice from some real men from Ask Reddit.

1. Just a simple, gentle, and loving touch. I don’t mean sexual, although who knows, depends on the mood. I mean simply reaching over for no reason to place a hand on my check or shoulder and giving me a look full of love means more to me than I can say. A lot of men (myself included) are starved for something like this. It really improves my mood for the rest of the day.

2. Let me be the little spoon.

3. Tell the guy that he is good/matters/is loved/is not a failure. Not randomly, as that doesn’t mean much. Tell him when he is struggling with himself, or when he is losing faith in himself. Men’s feelings are usually repressed due to society not accepting their weaknesses, but we need as much support as anyone else.

4. Breakfast in mother fucking bed. Best goddamn birthday present I ever received. Woke up to cuddles and breakfast. Best goddamn day ever.

5. A back rub. Sweet Jesus.

6. Lay her head on my shoulder/chest as we’re sitting together. Even better if she dozes off – means she feels comfortable and safe with me. Makes me feel completely content and happy.

7. Ask me how my day was. Seriously, I just kind of want to know I’m on someone’s radar.

8. Scratch my head.

9. When I’m cooking or doing the dishes or any menial task, and she just walks up behind me and hugs/holds me just to be close.

10. Give us a compliment.

11. If she bakes me sweets, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

12. “Hey here’s a picture of something I saw when I was out and about that reminded me of you.”

13. When me and my partner settle in for the night, she always scratches my back. It’s such a small gesture but it’s like 20% of the reason I fell in love with her.

14. Make effort to talk to me and spend time with me. Most of the time I feel like I am always the one reaching rather than having people I actually know want to spend time with me.

15. At least pretend to be interested in the random stuff I’m excited/interested in.

16. She’s a keeper if she asks you if you want to lay your head on her lap. Even more so if she has thicc thighs.

17. This one will probably get buried, but it’s nice being called by my first name once in a while. It’s a small thing, almost insignificant, but it makes me feel like I matter.

18. Cuddle on the couch with me while watching movies? Yup, that’d do it all right.

19. Enthusiasm. Especially if on a date, nothing makes a guy feel better than knowing that you genuinely are excited to be there with them, doing whatever you planned for that day.

20. When we’re hosting or at a party and my wife fixes me a plate of food, finds me, and hands it to me… It’s one of the many times I feel loved.

21. Laugh at stupid/not funny jokes. It just makes us feel that we can be funny even if we’re not.

22. Run your fingernails across our back until we fall asleep. We’ll marry you in a heartbeat.

23. Give enthusiastic sex or blowjobs.

24. Nothing like a home-cooked meal!

25. Simply running her fingers through my hair can make me fall for her all over again.

26. Kiss our foreheads.

27. Touching my beard.

28. Spontaneous, unannounced hugs.

29. Quite honestly, just comfort us. Most guys are absolutely touch starved and aren’t used to getting affection from people. So compliment them, hug them, cuddle them, kiss them, be nice to them, comfort them when they are down, tell them it’s okay to cry.

30. Surprise kisses. Like, jump scare level, sneak attacks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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