You’re Not Overly Emotional For Crying Over These 30 Things

You’re Not Overly Emotional For Crying Over These 30 Things

Ask Reddit is here to prove it’s okay to cry!

1. Physical contact. Got a spontaneous hug from a friend last week and immediately broke down. It’s been a while.

2. When I go drive around certain areas. Kinda weird how nostalgia can be so tied to places.

3. Seeing posts about animals. Almost all posts. Beautiful cat? Tears in my eyes. Excited puppy? I’m cracking already. God forbid it’s a video of something being saved or finding a good home or learning a new trick and being proud of itself. Bring on the waterworks.

4. Great music or movies. I get super emotional, even if it’s not particularly sad, if something is executed perfectly.

5. When I’m on my period, all bets are off. Stub my toe? Cry. See a Subaru commercial? Cry. Someone tells me that they think I’m a great friend? You get the picture.

6. Being tired and hungry. If I’m super tired and hungry every stupid little thing just makes me want to cry.

7. When anyone speaks with a slighty, just slightly, angered voice.

8. Hearing a song that causes me to reflect or think of certain memories.

9. When old couples are being sweet to each other.

10. American News. I love my country but hate how divided and ignorant so many are.

11. I tear up when I see a dad and his child interacting and displaying a healthy dynamic/emotional bond. Anything sentimental related to family just gets me every time. Even if it’s on a fictional TV show or something.

12. Being held by someone that cares and understands your pain. It’s better than sex.

13. Seeing my cat sleeping peacefully at the foot of my bed. Cats know they are vulnerable when they sleep so they seek somewhere where they’ll be safe and when I see her sleeping peacefully it shows she feels safe with me. It always makes me tear up.

14. Simple things like hearing my name or someone doing something for me makes me so happy that I sometimes let a few tears fall.

15. Someone who listens to you vent and just ramble on and on and genuinely cares.

16. Guitar solos in music. I have absolutely no idea why this happens, but 9 times out of 10 if I hear a good guitar solo in a song it makes me tear up.

17. When I see a gathering of nations, for example, Olympics or Edinburgh Castle Army Drumline Battle… Always get super emotional.

18. I’m a sympathetic crier. If someone around me is tearing up, I am, too. No idea why, wish I could stop because it can make for awkward moments.

19. The Disney logo at the start of movies makes me tear up.

The opening logo for Disney movies – you know, the magical twinkling music and the shot of the castle? Though the older the opening logo, the more teary I get – if it’s the old blue and white graphic I get really blurry.

Worse when it happens in the movie theater, and I’m trying to casually play it off as a nose itch or something with a napkin, hoping no one sitting near me notices (especially if I’m with a friend).

No idea why this happens. I guess just the nostalgic feels.

20. Singing, both when I do it or when I hear it. Listening to someone sing live gets me every time, but if I’m emotional and I sing or hear a song on the radio that hits me the right way, I get a knot in the throat and start to cry. Usually, musicals get me every time.

21. Realizing that my kids will grow up on a planet that will see mass extinctions, regularly occurring extreme weather, and forests, oceans, and plains all dying, knowing that we knew it would happen and didn’t do much to stop it.

22. Standing ovations (when I am in the crowd also clapping) it’s just an overwhelming sense of joy I cry every time no matter the occasion! Theatre, music, speeches, anything that gets a standing O I tear up!

23. When I see strangers helping each other or if someone helps me with something I get a little soft inside.

24. When the Star Bakers on The Great British Baking Show call their families and tell them they got star baker for the week.

25. Babies and toddlers laughing. That happiness is soooo pure.

26. Family reunions in media. Not like a family reunion party thing. But like when two or more family members see each other again after a long time and they hug and kiss each other. I never had this kind of relationship with my family and seeing it always pinch my heart.

27. If someone asks me if I’m ok in a nice or loving way (if I’m stressed or look tired or sad or whatever) I immediately start crying, even if I wasn’t in a bad mood in the first place.

28. It’s not an everyday thing, but I can’t watch a video of someone in the military coming home after years away and surprising a loved one. Guaranteed waterworks.

29. When a parent in a movie says to their kid (adult-kid or literal kid, either one) “I’m proud of you.”

30. Cats meowing. I’m used to it with my own cats, but any other cat I come across that meows will turn me into a blubbering mess. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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