30 Comfort Shows To Watch When Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You

30 Comfort Shows To Watch When Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try watching one of these comforting shows mentioned on Ask Reddit.

1. Great British Baking Show. I love the creativity, the wholesomeness, and the support of the contestants. Plus it spurs me to bake. Not that I needed much encouragement, but it helps push my skills.

2. Community. The main characters are a bunch of losers, they effed up their lives one way or another, but there is a place for them in Greendale. When I watch it I feel like it’s okay to mess up sometimes, it’s okay to need a second chance, and it’s okay not to know what you’re doing with your life because out there, somewhere, there is a place for you.

3. Gilmore Girls is the show equivalent to being wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on snowy day.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It always makes me laugh and cheers me up. Plus they make me feel like a better human being.

5. Veronica Mars. She taught me that no matter how crappy things get, you should keep your head held high and kick ass.

6. New Girl. The dynamic reminds me of my friends. I had to move away from them and it helps with that.

7. Modern Family is the definition of a comfort show. It’s got everything and it’ll make you feel warm inside.

8. The Bob Ross Show. Whenever I feel sad I watch him doing his magic for a bit and all the anguish goes away.

9. Frasier. Always good for a laugh and a few minutes of forgetting how fucked up things are.

10. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It’s so dumb and goofy and sometimes a little clever. But its frothy mood makes it easy to watch or have on in the background.

11. How It’s Made. I’m just fascinated by all the different processes, machines they use, and talents some of the workers possess. The narrator has a smooth voice and brings the puns.

12. Scrubs. I just think this show has the perfect mix of humor and drama. No other show can make me laugh and choke up at the same time like Scrubs.

13. Brooklyn Nine Nine. The humor just helps me relax.

14. Drunk History because it’s hilarious and informative.

15. Whose Line is it Anyway? I love both the UK version (British style humor just jives so well with my own humor) and the Drew Carey version. The game “Secret” always had me in stitches, as well as all the other more traditional ones.

16. West Wing. Shows me an alternate universe that is more in keeping with what I would like the world to be like.

17. Mystery Science Theater 3000. It just makes me happy inside even if I’m not paying attention.

18. The Good Place. Such a clever show, it always makes me laugh and I see new things every time I watch it.

19. The Amazing World of Gumball. The humor is so amazingly stupid that it takes your mind off of everything.

20. How I Met Your Mother. They pack some powerful emotion in for a sitcom with a laugh track. No matter my mood, there’s an episode of that show that will vibe with me.

21. Freaks and Geeks. This show gives me a sense of peace.

22. Bob’s Burgers. My favorite TV family. Love their dynamic and how worked up they get over the most absurd things.

23. Friends. It reminds me of the 90s and growing up. And even though I know a joke is coming, I still laugh out loud.

24. House Hunters. I just like to pick out which house I like the best, it’s fun.

25. Psych! I have watched every episode of the 8 seasons and the 2 movies that have followed countless times. The silliness, humor, and witty dialogues help me destress from everyday life.

26. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just reminds me of being a kid again.

27. Avatar the Last Airbender. I’ve been rewatching every year for the past 8 years or so. There’s just something about it that makes me feel all warm inside.

28. Archer, I like how everything is way over the top and just absurdly correct in a way.

29. Any of those NatGeo, Discovery, Nature, and any David Attenborough narrated shows. They are beautiful to watch.

30. Futurama. I’ve seen every episode multiple times, but it never fails to make me laugh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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