6 Sketchy Dating Behaviors That Will Make Her Stop Trusting You

6 Sketchy Dating Behaviors That Will Make Her Stop Trusting You

1. Hiding your phone. You don’t have to give her the password to your lock screen, but purposely turning your phone away whenever you type out a text message and refusing to leave your cell alone in the room with her while you shower or pee might make you look sketchy. If you never give her a glimpse at your phone, even casually, she’s going to start wondering what you’re hiding from her. She’s going to wonder whether your phone is filled with texts from other girls or whether you’re secretly still swiping through dating apps.

2. Dodging her questions. When she asks what you’re doing, you might think you’re being cute by saying something like thinking about you. However, if you never actually answer questions about where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing, she’s going to start wondering whether you’re doing something sketchy behind her back. She’s going to grow frustrated that you never give her a straight answer. There’s a time and place to tease her — and a time and place when you should give her a serious answer so she doesn’t have to nag you and seem needy.

3. Holding onto too many memories from an ex. Even though some people manage to stay friends with their exes in a completely healthy way, there’s a difference between keeping in contact with an old flame and being hung up on them. If you’re still wearing jewelry an ex bought you, have pictures of them around your place, and mention their name multiple times in every conversation, it looks like you haven’t gotten over them. It looks like your current girlfriend has reason to be worried.

4. Only wanting to hang out in private. There’s nothing wrong with having date nights at home. But if you refuse to meet up with her in a public place after weeks of dating, she’s going to wonder whether you’re purposely trying to hide her away. Are you embarrassed to be seen with her? Are you worried about running into other girls you’ve been seeing behind her back? Every possibility is going to run through her mind.

5. Refusing to delete dating apps from your phone. It’s not that hard to delete dating apps (or to reupload them after a breakup). If you can’t do the bare minimum by deleting your dating apps and telling those other girls you have a girlfriend now, then you don’t deserve her. She doesn’t want you to have backup plans ready for when your relationship ends. She wants you to be completely invested in her. She wants your whole heart, not only a sliver of it.

6. Going MIA randomly. If you want to be in her life, then stay in her life. Don’t go days without talking to her. Don’t make her wonder where you’ve been. If you can’t take the time to send a two-minute text, then she’s going to wonder whether you’re hiding something — or whether you simply don’t care about her as much as she cares about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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