Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Smiling, Even Though The World Is Falling Apart

Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Smiling, Even Though The World Is Falling Apart


You know there’s no use in crying over something you cannot control. You simply have to make the best of it.


There are plenty of things you could complain about, but you also have plenty of things you feel blessed about and you’re choosing to focus on the latter.


You know you still have an exciting future ahead of you. Tomorrow might be a disaster, but everything is going to feel okay again eventually.


You have someone you love unconditionally in your life (whether that is a partner or a child or a pet) and they make every single day feel worthwhile.


You’ve already cried enough. It’s time to try something new.


You are looking forward to next year, to a fresh start, to beginning anew.


You’ve seen the goodness in people. You know most humans are trying to do the right thing. They have huge hearts.


You’ve been trying to do the right thing. And the only person you can control is yourself. 


You are resilient. You’ve been through worse and you are confident you can get through this, too.


You’re trying your best to be strong for the people surrounding you. You’re hoping your attitude will rub off on them.


You’re able to enjoy the little things in life. A warm cup of coffee. The sunrise. A good book.


You are confident everything is going to turn out okay. You are an optimist at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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