How Each Zodiac Sign Will Act On Their Wedding Day

How Each Zodiac Sign Will Act On Their Wedding Day


You’ll be a partier. You’ll start drinking early in the morning and keep the party going until late.


You’ll be a worry wart. You’ll spend the day worrying something is going to go wrong.


You’ll be embarrassed. You’ll feel weird that all eyes are on you.


You’ll be a crier. You’ll spend the whole ceremony in tears.

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You’ll be an attention hog. You’ll love getting compliments and getting your photos taken.


You’ll be a bridezilla. You’ll want everything done the right way or you’ll freak out.


You’ll be a princess. You’ll expect everyone to treat you like royalty.


You’ll be a clown. You’ll crack jokes in order to keep the mood light and avoid crying.


You’ll be a troublemaker. You’ll try to convince everyone to drink and dance with you.


You’ll be a devil. You’ll keep trying to sneak away with your partner to have sex.


You’ll be a weirdo. You won’t care what anyone else thinks because you want to have a great time.


You’ll be a mush. You’ll consider it the best day of your life. TC mark

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