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400+ Dirty Truth or Dare Questions to Get the Mood Started [2020]

Truth or dare is a classic game that everyone remembers from their childhood. This dirty version of truth or dare takes the great game everyone knew as a kid and ramps it up into a fun game to play at a party or alone with your boyfriend or significant other. Use these questions to find out the craziest thing your close friend has done in bed or a secret fantasy your girlfriend wants to try. There’s flirty and funny questions mixed throughout for a night you’ll never forget!

Dirty Truths and Naughty Dares for a Party with Friends

A truth or dare game is the perfect party game to spice up a night with friends. Use these dirty questions to have a friend admit an embarrassing truth or flirt with someone you’ve always wanted to get to know. Any truth question or naughty dare is bound to turn your casual night into one everyone will remember!


  1. If you had to make out with anyone in this room, who would it be and why?
  2. Play “fuck, marry, kill” with three people in the room.
  3. Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?
  4. Tell the group about a sexual fantasy you have.
  5. Who was the worst you’ve ever had and the best you’ve ever had?
  6. Read us your best sexting line in a sexy accent.
  7. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done in bed?
  8. What’s the most adventurous thing you want to try in bed?
  9. Would you rather have sex with someone 20 years older or 20 years younger?
  10. What’s the biggest lie you’ve told someone to get them into bed with you?
  11. How old were you when you lost your virginity and how did it go?
  12. Who was your first kiss?
  13. What’s a popular fetish that you would never want to try?
  14. Do you remember the first time you experienced an orgasm? Tell us about it.
  15. What’s your favorite body part on your body?
  16. If you could have one sexual superpower, what would it be?
  17. Would you sleep with your boss if you could?
  18. What’s the least amount of time you’ve gone between having sex with two different people?
  19. What’s the most amount of people you’ve kissed in one night?
  20. Have you ever been tempted to cheat on your significant other?
  21. What’s your body count?
  22. What’s your favorite position?
  23. What’s the smallest amount of time you’ve known someone before sleeping with them?
  24. Have you ever been caught having sex?
  25. What position is popular that you think is overrated?
  26. Do you prefer sex when you’re in love or when it’s a hot hookup?
  27. Do you think virginity is special?
  28. Who is the oddest person you’ve ever had a sexual fantasy about?
  29. Do you think there’s an age where someone becomes “too old” to be a virgin?
  30. Who in the room do you think has slept with the most people?
  31. Do you think there should be a limit on the amount of people you sleep with in your lifetime or do you think that doesn’t matter?
  32. Have you ever had sex and immediately gotten up and left?
  33. Have you ever called someone “Daddy” or been called “Daddy” while having sex?
  34. What do you wish you had learned about sex way earlier than you did?
  35. What fictional character have you or could you have sexual fantasies about?


  1. Message something bold to someone hot you’ve been wanting to get to know.
  2. Kiss someone in the room that you’re attracted to.
  3. Fake your best orgasm in front of the group.
  4. Leave a sexy voicemail for your ex to listen to.
  5. Pick a position and imitate it with the person to your right.
  6. Sexily lick the food of your choice off the finger of the person to your left.
  7. Do a naked lap around the neighborhood.
  8. Find a position online that you’ve never tried and act it out on furniture that’s in the room.
  9. Prank call someone and pretend to be a sex ad.
  10. Trace the lips of someone here and whisper something sexy.
  11. Do a mini strip tease by taking off some of your clothing in front of the group.
  12. For the next round, you have to keep your hand on the inner thigh of the person to your left.
  13. Post something raunchy on your preferred social media app and you can’t remove it until the next round is over.
  14. Give someone else in the group a sexy massage while talking dirty.
  15. If there’s water nearby, it’s time to go skinny dipping!
  16. Time to play spin the bottle! Kiss whoever the bottle lands on.
  17. Close your eyes while a few members of the group stand across from you. Walk with your hands open until you touch one of them, then kiss them wherever your hand touched.
  18. Give the person to your left an eskimo kiss.
  19. You’ve been naughty, time to be put in time out on someone’s lap for the next round.
  20. Pick something small to sexily feed someone else in the group.
  21. Leave the room while everyone in the group pours a shot. When you come back, pick a shot to take. Whoever poured that shot, you have to kiss.
  22. Talk in a raunchy accent until your next turn.
  23. Scroll blindly through your contacts and whoever you land on, say one sexy thing about them.
  24. Give your best impression of a naughty cop who’s trying to arrest someone for being too sexy.
  25. Give the person to your right a butterfly kiss.
  26. Wink and do your best sexy face for the group.
  27. Pretend to have awful sex with the person to your right.
  28. Send bold, dirty message to someone you’ve hooked up with before.
  29. Call a phone sex line and pretend to have an odd fetish.
  30. Take a pen and paper and draw your penis or vagina.
  31. Facetime an old hookup. If they pick up, say something raunchy before hanging up.
  32. Fake a blowjob on a bottle.
  33. Describe your favorite position in detail but without saying what it is. See if the group can guess it!
  34. Perform a motorboat on someone. If you’re a girl, have someone do it to you.

Sexy Truths and Steamy Dares for Couples

Admitting a funny truth or attempting a hot dare question is a great way for couples of any age to reconnect and explore the sexual side of their relationship. A sexy truth or a dirty dare can shed a new light on you and your partner’s preferences while having some fun. Read on for some sexy questions and dares to take date night to the next level!


  1. Have you ever had a sexy dream about me? Tell me what it was like.
  2. How many people have you kissed?
  3. How many people have you slept with?
  4. Would you rather be the person doing the spanking or be spanked yourself?
  5. What’s something I do that unintentionally turns you on a lot?
  6. What’s something I do in bed that turns you on a lot?
  7. What’s something in bed that you would like me to try?
  8. What’s a position you want to try?
  9. Do you have anything you fear sexually?
  10. How often do you pleasure yourself a week?
  11. Have you ever watched porn? What’s your go-to category?
  12. Where is the craziest place you’ve ever masturbated?
  13. Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?
  14. What’s an odd fetish that you would try out?
  15. What’s the record amount of times you’ve had sex in one day?
  16. Do you like to be the dominant one in bed? Or do you prefer me to be?
  17. Have you ever had sex while other people were in the room without them knowing?
  18. What non-sexual part of your body gets you horny when I touch it?
  19. Are you a fan of foreplay?
  20. Are you a fan of shower sex?
  21. What’s something you like in bed that I can do more of or improve on?
  22. When’s the last time you pleasured yourself?
  23. Do you enjoy receiving nudes?
  24. What’s your favorite nude I’ve ever sent?
  25. What’s your favorite body part of mine?
  26. What’s a secret fantasy you’ve always kept hidden from me?
  27. Tell me something kinky you want to try in bed.
  28. What’s your favorite outfit on me and why?
  29. What’s your favorite sexual memory of me or us?
  30. Do you think we’ve improved in bed over time or is there something you miss that we used to do more?
  31. What do you love about me the most?
  32. What sexual adventure would you be willing to try if we get bored way down the line?
  33. What’s something sexual I’ve done that you didn’t expect of me when we first got together?
  34. Give me a sexy nightclub dancer name.
  35. Have you ever been to a strip club? If not, would you like to go?
  36. Have you ever wanted to try role play?
  37. Have you ever masturbated with something weird?
  38. How old were you when you first watched porn?
  39. Have you ever wanted to try bondage?
  40. When was the first time you were attracted to me?
  41. Have you ever received a lap dance?
  42. What’s your favorite fantasy to pleasure yourself to?
  43. What sex act have you done that you never want to do again?
  44. Have you ever faked an orgasm with me?
  45. Tell me about the best orgasm you’ve ever had.
  46. Have you ever had a crazy one-night stand? Tell me about it.
  47. If you woke up as the opposite sex, what’s the first thing you would explore about yourself.
  48. Do you like listening to music while having sex?
  49. What’s the longest you’ve gone without having sex?
  50. What’s something sexy I say that you love?
  51. Have you ever thought about experimenting with someone of the same sex?
  52. Have you ever watched or wanted to watch another couple have sex?
  53. Lights off or lights on during sex?
  54. Where is your favorite place to have sex?
  55. Does dirty talk get you horny?
  56. Would you rather give or receive pleasure?
  57. What’s a sexual act that you never want to try?
  58. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever been caught doing or almost been caught doing?
  59. What’s something you’ve fantasized about your partner that’s made you finish when pleasuring yourself before?
  60. Tell me about a time you’ve been embarrassed in bed.
  61. Do you like sex to be rough or sensual?
  62. Have you ever been friend-zoned?
  63. Have you ever paid for porn or sexual pleasure in any way?
  64. What’s the quickest way to get you into bed?
  65. What’s the quickest way I’ve turned you on before?
  66. What’s the sexiest underwear I have?
  67. Do you prefer a little hair or smooth-shaven?
  68. What’s the least sexual thing your partner has done that’s gotten you aroused somehow?


  1. Give over your phone to your partner and let them decide on a sex toy you two can try together.
  2. Have your partner read through your browsing history in a sexy voice.
  3. Make a sexy song playlist with your partner.
  4. Sexily wash your partner’s feet.
  5. Be blindfolded and tickled or lightly touched for one minute.
  6. Have your partner close their eyes and try to turn them on only using sounds.
  7. Try to turn on your partner by blowing on the back of their neck, alternating between cold and hot.
  8. Place a hand in your partner’s underwear for the next round and try to arouse them.
  9. Draw something on your partner’s back. If they guess correctly, they get a special favor of their choosing, if not, you get one.
  10. Your partner gets to dress you up in their clothes and take a photo.
  11. Call the parents of your partner and express to them how much you adore your partner.
  12. Give your partner a hot lap dance.
  13. Whisper something not sexy into your partner’s ear but try to make it sound hot.
  14. Describe your partner’s naked body in intense, erotic detail.
  15. Wear handcuffs or have your hands tied for a few turns.
  16. Trade clothes with your partner.
  17. Take a body shot off your partner.
  18. Show your partner your go-to porn video.
  19. Give your partner a sexy full-body massage.
  20. Give your phone to your partner and let them order something hot for you to wear.
  21. Turn on your partner by only touching their arms and hands.
  22. Lick something yummy off your partner’s body part of choice.
  23. Take off a piece of your partner’s clothing, only using your teeth.
  24. Trace your partner’s body with an ice cube that’s being held in your mouth.
  25. Beg your partner to do naughty things to you. It better be convincing!
  26. Give your partner head with their clothes on.
  27. Do whatever your partner says for one minute.
  28. Put on the hottest song you know and try to seduce your partner with it.
  29. Make your best orgasm face and let your partner take a photo of it. This is your lock screen for the next 24 hours.
  30. Become a sexy chef while teaching your partner how to make a fun late night snack while just wearing an apron.
  31. Find an old photograph and try to recreate it together.
  32. Have your partner ask 3 questions about themselves that you should know the answers to. If you get them right, you get a reward. If you get them wrong, you get punished.
  33. Have your partner take a picture of you looking naughty.
  34. Give your partner a massage without using your hands.
  35. Act out how you remember your first date in 30 seconds.
  36. Lick your partner’s feet for 15 seconds.
  37. Set a timer and try to make your partner orgasm in 5 minutes.
  38. Set a timer for 2 minutes and try not to get turned on by whatever your partner decides to do to you.
  39. Watch porn together and try to imitate what you see on the screen.
  40. Perform a strip tease for your partner.
  41. Lick your partner’s nipples.
  42. Kiss your partner in the sexiest place and sexiest way possible.
  43. Undress your partner with one hand.
  44. Suck on your partners finger like you’re giving them head.
  45. Send a naughty text message to your partner.
  46. Become a sexy chef and spank your partner sexily with an item from the kitchen.
  47. Arouse your partner by only using your tongue.
  48. Attempt to make a sex tape with your partner.
  49. Let your partner blindfold you and do what they want to you for a minute.
  50. Bend your partner over your knee and spank them while telling them they’re a bad boy/girl.
  51. Sexily perform good foreplay on your partner’s ear to get them aroused.
  52. Dress up in something your partner would find sexy.
  53. Turn on your partner by sexily sucking on their finger.
  54. Have your partner lay down and kiss them upside down the best you can.
  55. Give your partner a lesson on giving head to them with an object from the kitchen.
  56. Have your partner spank you as hard as they can.
  57. Whisper a sexy name in my ear that you’ve never called me but have thought about trying.
  58. Use a sex toy to try and get your partner in the mood.
  59. Have your partner blindfold you and touch you with a part of their body. If you guess what part of their body they’re touching you with, you get a special reward.
  60. Seduce your partner in a room where you have never had sex before.

Naughty Truths and Fun Dares to do Over the Phone

Whether you’re a couple that’s in a long distance relationship or having a fun night with someone you recently met online, these dirty truth or dare questions are sure to turn up the heat! Coerce your partner to admit a naughty truth or convince them to do a raunchy dare that will spice up your night and your relationship.


  1. What are you wearing right now?
  2. Describe to me in detail your sexiest pair of underwear.
  3. What was your first impression of me?
  4. When did you have your first sexual feelings?
  5. When was your first sexual experience?
  6. What was your craziest sexual experience like?
  7. If I went through your bedside table, would I find anything fun or interesting?
  8. Where is your favorite place to be kissed on your body?
  9. If I was with you right now, what would you want to do to me?
  10. If I was with you right now, what would you want me to do to you?
  11. What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had?
  12. What’s the dirtiest dream you’ve ever had?
  13. Where’s the raunchiest place you dream of having sex?
  14. Describe to me the best sex you’ve ever had.
  15. Have you ever had phone sex before?
  16. Who’s the one that got away?
  17. Are you turned on right now?
  18. Have you ever been tied up before?
  19. What is something that is completely off-limits from trying in bed?
  20. If you were to give a full body massage, where would you start and end?
  21. What was your funniest sexual experience like?
  22. Have you ever had sex in public? Would you or would you again?
  23. What celebrity would you have sex with if you could?
  24. What’s on your mind right now?
  25. How can I get you horny?
  26. Have you ever done something that you feel guilty about?
  27. If I went through your room, would I find anything hidden or interesting?
  28. Describe your penis or vagina in detail including what it likes, how it likes it, and how horny it is right now.
  29. What was your biggest sexual disappointment?
  30. Have you ever been sexually rejected?
  31. Describe the funniest mistake that’s happened to you while having sex.
  32. Do you have a name for your penis or vagina?
  33. What’s the hottest thing I can call your penis or vagina when we’re having sex?
  34. Do you own any sex toys?
  35. What kinds of sex toys would you want to try?
  36. Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender?
  37. Have you ever flashed someone?
  38. How long do you normally last in bed?
  39. Do you like sexting?
  40. Have you ever thought about me naked while talking to me?
  41. What automatically makes you orgasm during sex?
  42. Have you ever had or fantasized about an orgy?
  43. Have you ever had or fantasized about a threesome?
  44. Have you ever taken someone’s virginity?
  45. What excites you the most in bed?
  46. Have you ever masturbated in public?
  47. What’s your wildest sexual fantasy?
  48. What dirty secrets are you hiding?
  49. Have you ever tried anal sex?
  50. Do you like anal?
  51. Have you ever done something sexy with food during sex or foreplay?


  1. Send an up close and personal video of every part of you naked.
  2. Send a video of you singing in the shower.
  3. Post how you’re currently feeling on social media and don’t take it down until your next turn.
  4. Send me the naughtiest text that comes to mind.
  5. Go to the bathroom and make intense moans and grunts and send me a video for proof!
  6. Send me a dirty text in emojis that I have to figure out.
  7. Send photos of you acting out 5 dirty emojis.
  8. Write a sexy haiku and send it to me.
  9. Send me the ugliest selfie you have on your phone.
  10. Send whichever photo is 5 photos back in your camera roll.
  11. Send me the most recent text you sent to your best friend.
  12. Write me a quick naughty story and send it my way.
  13. Send a random emoji to the first person in your contacts with no explanation.
  14. Every time you receive a notification not from me, you have to remove an article of clothing.
  15. Send a video of you sexily licking something off your finger.
  16. Send a photo of you sexily sucking on something.
  17. Send a video of you trying to make out with your hand.
  18. Send a photo of what you think the least sexy part of your body is.
  19. Send a photo of what you think the sexiest part of your body is.
  20. Send me a photo of your sexiest pair of underwear.
  21. Go outside with no clothes on and send a photo for proof!
  22. Send a video of you trying to do a sexy dance move.
  23. Send a video of you giving a chair a lap dance.
  24. Draw a photo of me and send a picture of it to me.
  25. Imitate 12 swimsuit calendar poses and send them my way.
  26. Send me a sexy selfie with only your face.
  27. Let your partner pick what profile picture you get to have for the remainder of the evening.
  28. Demonstrate how you masturbate on an object in your room.
  29. Give a tutorial on your best sexual technique on something in your room.
  30. Slap yourself somewhere hot.
  31. Do a naked cartwheel and send a video.
  32. Order your partner something to eat and they have to try whatever it is.
  33. Change into the hottest outfit you have and pose in it like a model.
  34. Send a video of you pretending your butt is the one talking.
  35. Sing a song sexily into the camera.
  36. Cut off a little bit of your hair.
  37. Draw something on your face with marker.
  38. Try being sexy while holding your tongue and talking.
  39. Pick two things from your kitchen and use them to act out your favorite sex position.
  40. Send a photo of you naked with just shoes and and hat on.
  41. Call your partner and have them quiz you on basic math or trivia for a minute while you watch porn. Let’s see how good you do!
  42. Recreate a famous romance scene from a movie and send a video.
  43. Read a hot excerpt online or from a book aloud over a call or send a video.
  44. Have your partner pick random songs that you have to dirty dance to no matter what they are!
  45. Draw a photo of your partner and post it on social media with a sappy caption.
  46. Send a video of you attempting a popular dance move.
  47. Send a video of you trying to put on every piece of underwear you own.
  48. Send a video of you using your favorite sex toy.
  49. Send a video of you doing a strip tease.
  50. Order something sexy to wear when you see the other person.
  51. Send a video of you pleasuring yourself.
  52. Send a voice message of your best dirty talk.
  53. Send a voice message of your best sex moans.
  54. Send a video of you sexily licking your lips.
  55. Send a short video of you doing something you think will instantly get me aroused.

Naughty Truths and Dares for Girls Only


  1. Describe what it was like the first time someone went down on you.
  2. Have you ever touched yourself while having sex?
  3. What’s the worst kiss you’ve ever had and why?
  4. What’s the best kiss you’ve ever had and why?
  5. What’s the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction you’ve ever had?
  6. Have you had any awkward one-night stands?
  7. What’s the most romantic date you’ve ever been on?
  8. What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received in a relationship?
  9. What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given in a relationship?
  10. What’s the hottest body part on a guy?
  11. What’s the hottest body part on a girl?
  12. What’s the awkwardest crush you’ve ever had on someone?
  13. Describe the sexual encounter you regret the most.
  14. What was it like the first time you went down on someone?
  15. Spit or swallow?
  16. How often do you shave down there?
  17. Have you ever gotten a wax down there?
  18. If you were going to have a threesome, would you want the third party to be another girl or a guy?
  19. Have you ever been to a strip club?
  20. What’s something funny that turns you on?
  21. Do you get more horny when you’re on your period?
  22. Do you mind the taste when you go down on someone?
  23. Does body count matter to you?
  24. Would you ever go to a strip club?
  25. Have you ever tried to stick something that’s not a sex toy into your vagina?
  26. How old were you when you masturbated for the first time?
  27. Do you get turned on by nipple play?
  28. Have you ever had sex on your period?
  29. Do you enjoy having sex on your period?
  30. Which position is your least favorite and why?
  31. Which position is your favorite and why?
  32. Do you enjoy anal play?
  33. Have you ever gotten a UTI from sex?
  34. Do you own lingerie?
  35. What time of day do you prefer to have sex during?


  1. Take off your bra with one hand and without taking off your shirt.
  2. Put an object in your pants and act like it’s your junk.
  3. Put someone’s underwear on your head.
  4. Wear your bra on your head like a hat for the rest of the game.
  5. Post a photo of a tampon on social media and don’t take it down until your next turn.
  6. Practice a sexy dance on a piece of furniture in the room.
  7. Touch tongues with someone else in the room.
  8. Shave part of your eyebrow.
  9. Dye part of your hair a daring color.
  10. Fake an orgasm for 10 seconds.
  11. Do a sexy crawl towards someone else in the room.
  12. Pretend to be any animal in a sexy way.
  13. Redress yourself in a guy’s clothing.
  14. Give a tutorial with an object in the room on how to pleasure a woman.
  15. Imitate how a guy flirts for 20 seconds and try to pick up someone in the room.

Naughty Truths and Dares for Guys Only


  1. Where’s the most embarrassing place you’ve ever gotten a boner?
  2. What’s the hottest body part on a girl?
  3. What’s the hottest body part on a guy?
  4. Which male celebrity is the hottest in your opinion?
  5. Which celebrity would you do in an instant if you had the chance?
  6. When’s the last time you cried?
  7. What break-up broke your hear the most?
  8. What’s the craziest sex you’ve ever had?
  9. Have you ever gotten head while driving?
  10. Do you find lingerie hot?
  11. How large is your package?
  12. How old were you when you had your wet dream?
  13. Do you like to go all night or lay it all out in one fail swoop?
  14. Have you saved nudes from old hookups or exes?
  15. Do you like sending nudes?
  16. Have you ever gotten whiskey dick?
  17. Does body count matter to you?
  18. Does body count matter to you on your partners end?
  19. Have you ever gotten an STI?
  20. What’s your favorite position and why?
  21. What time of day is your favorite to have sex during?
  22. Have you ever tried anal play? Thoughts?
  23. Do you own any sex toys or want to own some?
  24. Have you ever gotten blue balls?
  25. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever gotten aroused from?
  26. Have you ever been to a strip club?
  27. Have you ever owned or used a blow up doll?
  28. Have you ever worn a sexy piece of clothing?
  29. What’s the most romantic date you’ve ever been on?
  30. What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received in a relationship?
  31. What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given in a relationship?
  32. Have you ever had sex with a MILF? If not, do you want to?
  33. Do you mind the taste when you eat someone out?
  34. Have you ever tried to go down on yourself?
  35. Do you like it when girls play with your balls?
  36. Do you prefer to be shaved or keep it hairy down there?
  37. If you were going to have a threesome, would you want the third party to be another girl or a guy?


  1. Imitate a girl flirting for 20 seconds and try to pick up someone else in the room.
  2. Give a name to your package and explain why you named it how you did.
  3. Eat a snack in the sexiest way possible.
  4. Act out your favorite position with objects in the house.
  5. Demonstrate putting on a condom using a household object or food.
  6. Feed someone else in the room without using your hands.
  7. Redress yourself in a girls clothing.
  8. Try to use makeup properly on your face and see how it turns out.
  9. Put something in your shirt and pretend to have boobs until the next round is over.
  10. Dye your hair a crazy color.
  11. Spank yourself while calling yourself a “bad boy” for 20 seconds.
  12. Give your best impression of a sexy school girl.

More Ideas for a Fun Night

  1. Drinking Game: Use these naughty questions to create a fun drinking game that can make a close friend laugh or bring more confidence to your date night.
  2. Download a Dare App: If you’re looking for more dirty truth questions or fun dares, try downloading a dare app on your device. A good truth or dare app is a great way to turn a normal night into a fun one!

More Truth or Dare Questions

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