15 Things Women Need To Stop Obsessing Over To Impress Men

15 Things Women Need To Stop Obsessing Over To Impress Men

If you’re worried about what men think of you, this list from Ask Reddit should reassure you they aren’t as harsh as you think.

1. I think cellulite is a winner here. One of my boyfriends didn’t even know what it was. I showed him pictures but the only thing he saw was ass.

2. How their midsection looks during sex. I’ve known a couple of girls who try to cover up their belly/love handles when it comes time to get down either by keeping their top on or hugging themselves. The truth is, if you’ve gotten that far, the guy more than likely doesn’t care about the tiny bit of cushion you got there, he probably likes it.

3. A lot of women are very self-conscious about their vagina smell, some try to douse themselves in “rose” fragance or some other unhealthy crap. As a guy who looooves eating pussy, if you’re healthy, not on your period, and you bathe daily, you’ve got nothing to worry about… We know pussy doesn’t smell like flowers, it smells like pussy, and we love it! I don’t know a single guy who is concern about the taste of his own semen, if we eat pineapple is because we want a blowjob from you, not because we are concerned or ashamed about our “taste”.

4. It’s nice if you sit down and watch the football with me, but if you’re doing it just to impress me with fake interest, I would rather you be genuine and do your own thing and join me after.

5. Tits. We like them small, medium or large. Yes some men are fixated on big boobs, but I feel like most men just like tits. It’s like going into a bar and asking for a Jack and Coke, and they say we only have Pepsi. To which I say ok that will be fine.

6. Married dude here. My wife makes a big deal about apologizing for having hairy legs. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but she definitely thinks it does. If it is for her, then shave away, but I imagine it is incredibly tedious. I cannot even fathom how much time it would take to shave my legs.

7. Goes both ways but, don’t try to be more “cultured” or “sophisticated” than you really are. I had a girl speak the shittiest French to me while we were having sex. Almost lost my erection from the confusion. Almost.

8. Not sure if they all do this but certainly the ones I have encountered seemed to place weird value on landscaping, deadass if we are horny I promise you no matter how much is going on down there we’ll be up in there balls out like Viridian Forest.

9. Stop trying to outdrink me/any man you’re into. Unless you’re bigger than him (which isn’t particularly common) you’re just gonna throw up over his shoes.

10. Describing themselves as “a mess”, trainwreck, etc. Sometimes it’s actually true, which is ok, but a lot of times it’s not and them wanting to be seen that way is really puzzling.

11. Tan lines. Majority of my female friends obsess over tan lines and get super self conscious over them, but if I’m being honest I think most guys can agree that we do not care if you have a beach bod tan or a farmers tan.

12. When girls lie about their height to seem shorter, like in 6’4. I don’t care if you’re 4’11 or 5’9.

13. The cosmetics are fine, because I know it can give a woman a confidence boost, but I could take it or leave it.

14. When they think smoking is cool…it’s not.

15. Acting overly “cutsey” Just act like your normal self. If you try too hard to be cute, you look exactly that, like you’re trying too hard. Just let your natural self flow and a couple guys will probably like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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