Where Each Zodiac Sign Should Have Sex During Quarantine To Spice Things Up

Where Each Zodiac Sign Should Have Sex During Quarantine To Spice Things Up


The backseat of the car. Blast your favorite songs from when you were teenagers and make love inside your garage.


The couch. Play one of the first movies you saw as a couple in the background while you climb on top of each other.


The office. Throw everything off your desk like in the movies. Then, once you’re finished, spend some more quality time cleaning up together.


The kitchen table. Make sure you incorporate some whipped cream or chocolate into the mix.


The bathroom counters. Hop on and give yourselves an entirely new angle to work with.


The backyard. Or balcony. Or nearby any window. Just make sure there’s a chance you could get caught.


The shower. You can sensually wash each other’s hair in order to feel an emotional connection — and then you can make each other dirty again.


The bed. You don’t have to go anyplace fancy. Just try out some new positions. Or at least have sex at a different time of day.


On the floor. Spread out blankets or use a hardwood floor for an entirely different sensation. Just try not to hurt your back.


The closet. Fit yourself into a small space and have a quickie like you’ve just snuck away from a party at your friend’s house.


In the grass. Go into the yard, somewhere your neighbors won’t be able to see, and make out underneath the stars.


Against a wall. You can do it in the hallway or the bedroom, wherever there’s room. Just challenge yourselves to stay standing the entire time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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