If You're Guilty Of Doing These 8 Things, She's Going To Get Sick Of Your Bullshit Soon

If You’re Guilty Of Doing These 8 Things, She’s Going To Get Sick Of Your Bullshit Soon

1. You expect her to text you first every single time, without fail. You never put in work from your end. You never check in to see how she’s doing with work. You never send a sweet good morning message. If she doesn’t reach out to you on any particular day, then you’re going to go the whole day without talking, because you’re never the one to initiate conversations. You’re never the one to come up with topics, either. If she doesn’t keep coming up with new things to say and stories to tell, then your conversations are going to trail off quick.

2. You treat her like a punching bag because she’s the only one who puts up with it. Whenever you’re upset with work or your parents or your friends, you take out your anger on her. You snap at her. You curse at her. Even though she’s the one person who actually treats you well, you treat her terribly in order to blow off steam.

3. You expect her to do all the work in the bedroom like you’re some sort of king. You expect her to make you moan and beg and orgasm without returning the favor. You expect her to make sex enjoyable for you — but you never think twice about whether she’s actually having a good time.

4. You accuse her of overreacting whenever she shows an emotion other than happiness or horniness. You zone out when she tries to talk to you about her feelings. You might nod your head alone when she rants about something going wrong in her world, but you never pay full attention. You don’t actually care. You don’t actually want to deal with it.

5. You leave her hanging without a relationship label. You want things to stay the same (where she gives you everything you want and you give her nothing she wants), so you keep stringing her along. You keep acting like maybe you’ll want a relationship soon. You keep semi-lying to her in order to keep her around longer.

6. You refuse to tell her anything substantial about yourself. You’re a mystery, which might be intriguing at first, but after a while she’s going to want you to open up to her. She’s going to want to know everything about you — and if you refuse to talk about your past or your feelings or your future, she’s going to get sick of you dodging questions.

7. You shamelessly flirt with other girls in front of her, like you aren’t doing anything wrong. Even though you’re in a relationship, you don’t always act like you’re in a relationship. You still flirt with other girls. You still like all their thirst traps. You still admire their bodies. You still act like you’re single, even though you’re supposed to stay loyal.

8. You expect her to drop everything and text you back immediately, even though you rarely respond to her texts quickly — or at all. You’re a hypocrite. You expect her to be there whenever you need her, even though you aren’t able to do the same for her. It’s the same when it comes to setting plans. You expect her to be free to hang out whenever you ask, even though you’re always busy when she wants you. To put it bluntly, you don’t treat her right, and it shows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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