Even Now, You Are Still Growing Through The Storm

Even Now, You Are Still Growing Through The Storm

I know it seems like all progress has been derailed.

I know it seems like the world has caved in on itself and will never again return.

I know it seems like you were right on the cusp of having it together and then, suddenly, it was taken away.

I know it seems like this because on some level, it is like this.

This is what we are alluding to when we say it’s important to save, to prepare, to anticipate that our lifetimes may not unfold as linearly as we assume.

This is what we mean when we say that when the tide recedes, we see what’s just beneath the surface.

Disruptors serve a purpose in life, and every generation deals with at least one. They shake us out of our unconscious states — our habits, our patterns, our routines, our normalcy — and they encourage us begin again.

Some of us are mourning the loss of loved ones, others are mourning the loss of life as we once knew it.

What you need to understand is that even in the middle of this, even in the grieving, even in the fearing, even in the unknownness, even in the questions, even without answers — you are still growing through the storm. You are still learning things you didn’t know you never knew. You are different than you were two weeks ago and you will be different in another two.

We were going too fast, doing too much, so disconnected from ourselves it felt as though we were only being sustained by caffeine and fear.

What we had before wasn’t sustainable, either.

What this means is that the disruptor has come to show us the ways in which life must transform permanently.

We are not going back to “normal,” because normal wasn’t working anyway.

We have a rare opportunity to learn from stillness, which is where all true answers are found.

We have a chance to rethink everything, to finally get deep rest, and to return to the parts of life that are worth returning to.

Our consciousness, as a whole, has spiked and is accelerating.

There are lessons we will learn in this season that we could not and would not have ever known otherwise. There are ideas that will be planted now and watered into a revolution of change.

Gratitude will be reborn.

Openness will be reborn.

We will be reborn.

Not because we are blind to what’s happening around us.

But because we so clearly see.

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.