20 Ways To Get Over Your Crush (Because He Doesn't Deserve You Anyway) 

20 Ways To Get Over Your Crush (Because He Doesn’t Deserve You Anyway) 

If you can’t get over your crush, no matter what you do, take some advice from these people from Ask Reddit.

1. I remember how many times I have been “in love” in my life, totally convinced that I would only ever have feelings for this one person, and then remember how in each and every one of those cases I ended up getting over them.

There are a lot of beautiful, interesting, smart, wonderful people in this world, and the only way to meet the ones that are interested in you is to move on from the ones that aren’t.

2. You shoot your shot knowing it won’t hit target. Do it anyway to get it over with. Then you can move on forever.

3. I remind myself that they aren’t perfect. They have flaws! It might seem rude, but I’ll point out aaaaaall the things that annoyed/bothered me about them. I remember things they did that were toxic or mean, and that shines a different light on them.

4. Sometimes when you actually get to know a person, you realize that you had an unrealistic or idealized idea of them.

5. Accept that things didn’t work out (which is one of the harder things to do).

Then find better things to do. Hang out with friends, go to parties, listen to songs you like. Have fun. See how life is still enjoyable without them.

Or decide to spend the time you’d spend thinking about them on something new and worthwhile – catch up with your family, learn a new hobby. Do something that will make yourself proud of you. Build up your self confidence, your skill-set, your current friendships.

6. Time. Generally it takes me a year to get over a crush, give or take.

7. I just try to think that there’s plenty of other people I can crush on who might actually like me back that I can be with instead. I don’t waste my time mulling over someone who’s not interested.

8. Sometimes, it just takes time. Sometimes, you just have to get to know them. A lot of “crushes,” happen because people fall in love with their idea of who someone is, only to find they don’t like who they actually are.

9. Distance. The less I see them, the less I think about them. Out of sight out of mind.

10. Focus your feelings to something you’re passionate about and can work at. Art, music, anything creative or anything you love. Focus your feelings there and then whatever the outcome of your relationship, you may have a new skill by the end. Maybe even learn to put your love into that instead.

11. Time, and meeting someone else who is amazing, kind, and patient, and who I love far more than I ever did the first guy.

12. Understanding he’s not worth my time and if something will happen it simply will. I’m not gonna waste my time and let my happiness be dependent on a boy.

13. Talk to them authentically. If you say the stuff you want to say (not the stuff you think they want to hear) and they don’t connect, it becomes very easy to move on to the next.

14. Wait for them to say something painfully stupid. Focus on that.

15. Sometimes the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

16. Getting over it doesn’t necessarily mean never thinking about them. Give it time.

17. Sit down. Take a pen and a paper and write down all the negative things about your crush. Read them whenever you ‘miss’ them.

18. I learned more about him as a person and realized that we would never work as a couple. Logic outsmarted lust.

19. There’s a book called “How to Fall Out of Love” which details all the way you, too, can get rid of that pesky crush. Basically, it gives you tools to change your obsessive thinking pattern about that particular individual. Behavioral modification does work.

20. By finding a new one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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