30 Signs You Aren't Drop Dead Gorgeous But You Aren't Ugly Either 

30 Signs You Aren’t Drop Dead Gorgeous But You Aren’t Ugly Either 

If you relate to these people from Ask Reddit, then you’re more attractive than you think.

1. I don’t get hit on often but never get turned down either.

2. People don’t go out of their way to try and get with me, but they are shocked to learn that no one else has “snatched me up yet.”

3. People don’t really pursue me and I don’t get much attention in public, but anyone who gets with me is pretty pleased about it.

4. You’re basically invisible to everyone, they’re not disgusted by you, but not attracted to you either.

5. People compliment me all the time for my appearance but I’m NEVER hit on even in passing. So I figure one of two things could logically be the case. Either I’m average, or I put off a vibe that says “never fuck or date this person.”

6. People are neutral and polite. No people acting giggly/shy around you or approaching you; no people repulsed by you/avoiding you.

7. Major differences in how many dates/hook-ups you get with dressing well and acting more confident. I feel like really attractive people don’t need this. Really ugly people can’t get as much of a return through it. But average people can make a big difference and even get people out of their league.

8. Hot people find you plain looking and not dating material, meanwhile “below average” people think you’re really hot. Average looking people just ignore you unless there’s some attraction there.

9. People occasionally look at me twice, as if they’re trying to gauge if I’m attractive or not. This has lead to a few awkward conversations that usually end with the vibe of, “You’re not good looking enough for the amount of work required.”

10. You get compliments from some people but ultimately your best quality is “your sense of humor.”

11. A lot of men find me extraordinarily attractive, but they all think that makes them unique.

12. You’re just attractive enough to be a hot person’s one night stand or a middle of the road person’s regular hookup, but not attractive enough for them to date.

13. People aren’t really attracted to me until they get to know me a bit.

14. Lots of likes on my selfies, more than any of my other photos, but no one checks me out in real life. So I’m photogenic, but in real life I’m meh.

15. I get complimented on my looks semi regularly but no one’s interested in me romantically.

16. People have been attracted to me before so I can’t be that bad. But like, not many people, so can’t be that great either.

17. You get told that you have a “girl next door” kind of beauty.

18. I can look really pretty at some angles but I know in general I do not look like that.

19. I get laid a lot but I really have to work at it.

20. When you talk about your insecurities, people tell you you’re pretty and have nothing to worry about. Yet no one asks you out or you’re their second choice.

21. A couple guys have asked me out sheepishly, but the very bold and loud ones never hit on me. I guess I’m attractive enough if you take into account my personality, but if some fuckboy sees me for the first time, he wouldn’t bother.

22. I get a good amount of attention from the opposite sex, particularly when I’m out in public by myself. But if I’m out with someone hotter than me, THEY get all the attention.

I accept my place in society.

23. Many people staring at me, but not everybody.

24. Being told I have quote, “a friendly face” or “an approachable face”.

25. A dude once said I was a Missouri 10 but an LA 6.

26. I can’t get away with having annoying personality traits as easily as someone who is model-level hot (people are less likely to let other flaws go).

Whereas I have absolutely (ashamedly) let go of things I found irritating about someone who was ridiculously attractive.

27. Your opposite sex friends exclaim how attractive you are, but only when you have a significant other and not when you’re single.

28. People aren’t constantly hyping me up on Instagram but I still get compliments from friends frequently.

29. Nobody really notices you in a group of people.

30. When you are hanging out with someone who is really attractive it’s easy to see you aren’t treated the same way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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