30 Couples On How They Say, 'I Love You' Without Actually Saying The Words

30 Couples On How They Say, ‘I Love You’ Without Actually Uttering The Words

These couples on Ask Reddit show their love in unique ways.

1. Sending them memes, taking interest in their interests, trying to cook things they enjoy, taking note of music they like and finding concerts or suggesting daily outings just the two of us. Being in a relationship is work. Being in a healthy relationship is A LOT of work.

2. That gentle kiss on the forehead, without reason or need. Just pass by here, drop that sweet affection mark and get back to business as if nothing happened.

3. You don’t watch the next episode without them… even if you really, really want to.

4. By sending a picture of me to them. Just to let them know that I’m thinking of them.

5. Leave them a little note that they will find later. Like hiding one in a book they are reading, or sticking it in their purse pocket.

6. Back rubs. Involving oil. Naked. Of course.

7. I put my girlfriend’s sweatpants on the radiator when I’m home before her, so they’re already warm when she puts them on.

8. I scraped the ice off of my wife’s windshield this morning so she wouldn’t have to when she drove to work.

9. Making spending time with them your priority.

10. “Hey, I know you’re worried about >INSERT WORRY<, but it’s okay. No matter what happens, we’ll get through it together.”

11. Give them a foot rub.

12. I show I care by doing a chore or 2 when I come home from work, and by thanking him for any chores he does.

13. Walk up behind them, slowly put your arms around them and give them a long slow hug from behind with a kiss on the neck.

14. Buy them flowers, jewelry, a nice watch.

15. I make sure the coffee is set up the night before. I leave before him and he loves just coming downstairs and pouring a hot cup without waiting. I’d say that’s love.

16. My husband and I text each other every day. Just whatever… I hope you have a great day, I miss you… Thanks for putting the washing away.

17. I give him back scratches; he loves back scratches.

18. It may be simple, but we stick out tongues out at each other. Sometimes across a busy room. We both can’t help but smile.

19. I answer the phone when she calls, as she knows I hate talking on the phone.

20. I put my hand on my girlfriend’s butt and squeeze super lightly when I open doors for her.

21. Cook dinner for your woman. Not some garbage out of cans and boxes; make REAL food. Then do the dishes, bro. Works like a charm.

22. Send her pictures and videos of the cats.

23. Clean the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, take out the dog. Her love language is heavily services oriented, so checking things off her to-do list is basically foreplay.

24. I fill up my wife’s water bottle before she goes to sleep. (I call her my favorite camel because she drinks so much water). Always puts a smile on her face. Little things like that can go a long way.

25. Making time for each other in a busy life is probably one of the ways we both show each other we love the other.

26. I just make random physical contact. Anything from touching her arm, to briefly hooking each other’s fingers, to putting my arm around her neck from behind and giving a huge loud kiss to the back of her head.

27. I give them my last piece of bacon.

28. No matter how mad my wife is at me about something she will kill a spider for me if it’s in the house!

29. Listen to them. Absolutely listen. It could be something simple like you two are watching a movie and a candy bar is involved. She/he says “Omg I love that stuff, haven’t had it in years.” Say nothing. Get that candy bar the next day. Leave it for them somewhere, say nothing at all.

30. Every morning as my husband’s leaving I shout, “Be safe! Don’t die!” As morbid as it seems, it’s my way of saying I worry about him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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