33 Things Most Women Wish They Knew About Men

33 Things Women Wish They Understood About Men

You’re not the only one with questions about the way men think. These women from Ask Reddit are confused too.

1. Why can’t you answer all the parts of a text? It’s like one question or task and your brain overloads and can’t handle any more information.

2. What is it like to have large jean pockets?

3. How do you tell if a guy likes you?

4. Why do you take so long in the bathroom?

5. Do guys care if their girl has a bit of tummy fat or am I just super self-conscious?

6. Are nipples sensitive for men?

7. When a girl sits in your lap what does it feel like, and is there a right way and wrong way to do it?

8. What is the most comfortable position to put your dick in inside of you underwear?

9. What does a boner feel like?

10. How do you pee?

11. Can you pee and have a boner at the same time?

12. Is turning simple things, like a towel roll or a pool noodle, into a pretend gun an instinct for you lot?

13. Does it actually hurt your feelings when you guys are mean to each other? Do you just not notice? Do you become desensitized?

14. What does a kick to the groin feel like?

15. Why don’t male friends compliment each other?

16. Why do men scratch their balls so frequently? Are they itchy or does it feel good like putting a qtip in your ear? Why do it in public?

17. Why are you obsessed with your dick size?

18. Why do you guys think farting is so funny? And why do you try to one up each other? What’s the deal?

19. Why do some men sniff women’s underwear? Imo they don’t smell good. Are they actually aroused by the smell, or is it just the mere idea of a woman’s genitals touching the fabric that is sexy?

20. Why does being nice translate to having a crush on you?

21. Why do you match with me on dating apps, if you’re never going to reply/message me?

22. Why do so many men just spit on the ground in public?

23. Why do some guys think their job is done when THEY “finish” during sex? The woman wants to orgasm too.

24. Why do guys pat each other on the butt when they greet each other or after a game?

25. What does it feel like to stick your dick in something? What’s a comparable feeling?

26. Why is it difficult for men to express their feelings to women?

27. Why do you guys only have 1 soap shampoo kinda thing?

28. Why don’t you ask for directions?

29. How do you not sit on your balls? Like every time?

30. How do you run with balls slapping against the legs or pants?

31. What do guys see in boobs? Specifically large boobs. Is it the “stick the dick between the cleavage” thing? Also butts. Why butts?

32. Why are men so afraid of hugging?

33. Why the FUCK do you put your dirty clothes NEXT to the hamper??!!!! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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