50 Delicious (Healthy) Foods To Snack On Instead Of Devouring A Full Bag Of Doritos 

50 Delicious (Healthy) Foods To Snack On Instead Of Devouring A Full Bag Of Doritos 

Ask Reddit has some healthy food suggestions to replace your chips and ice cream.

1. Plain popcorn. A cup of air-popped popcorn only has 31 calories, and high in fiber. Studies have found that popcorn will fill you up more than other popular snacks such as potato chips. It is also high volume, having pretty much the same nutritional value as a popcorn kernel. It’s also delicious.

2. I used to go for a family size bag of salt n vinegar. Shred it without realizing until last bits….

Switched out for jars or pickles. Worked like a charm. It solved that crispy sour tangy craving and zapped calories. I’m down at least 40 lbs since I swapped to pickles a few years back

3. Grapes. I take them all off the stems when I buy a bunch and put them in a bowl in the fridge. I just take the bowl out and munch on those when I want to snack on something mindlessly.

Also maybe not as healthy as you would like, but way better then Doritos is tortilla chips and guacamole. Better if you get a baked variety but I just do regular chips. The guacamole fills you up pretty quick so you don’t really eat as many chips anyways.

4. I ate baby carrots a lot for a short period in my mid 20s when I had finished filling out but my appetite hadn’t adjusted yet, so I was always hungry. They also filled the desire to be crunching on something like chips.

5. Raspberries are great, barely any calories, you can eat a small package without worrying you’ve eaten too much.

6. I love peanut butter but I can’t justify 190 calories for 2tbsp. Go get some PB2. It’s only 50 calories for 2tbsp. Smear that stuff on apples, celery, bananas, bread, and everything else you own because it is miraculous.

7. Snap peas. We’ve been getting them fresh from a farm stand, then cooking them for just a couple minutes in a pot with a splash of water and some garlic salt. They’re like CRACK. We fight over them and can’t seem to get enough. Toddler included. 10/10 underrated vegetable.

8. I tend to eat roasted dry seaweed packs. Only like 25 calories a pack and not that much sodium if you get good ones.

9. Pineapple is surprisingly low calorie for sweetness.

10. Cutie oranges. They’re like 90 calories a piece.

11. Shelled sunflower seeds. Yes there’s a ton of sodium, but it takes FOREVER to shell and eat an entire bag of them, so if you’re a boredom eater like me they’re great to have around just because of the fact that you’re barely even eating anything at all. Plus you could get a low sodium bag I suppose.

12. Salted cucumber drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette, garlic pickle slices, popcorn, veggies with dip (I make a “homemade” ranch with ranch powder mix and low fat Greek yogurt that is really good). . . There are a lot of different options.

Lately I have also been eating gluten free crackers (I think the brand is Milton’s?) with low fat Laughing Cow spreadable swiss cheese on them. They are really filling and are a great choice if you want the texture and flavor of chips. Definitely not healthy, though. But I really like crackers and cheese, and I am having to do away with gluten for my autoimmune diet. So it’s healthier than the alternative for me at least.

13. Halo Top ice cream! So good, many flavors, and you can eat the whole pint. Not a lot of carbs/calories.

14. I like to eat avocado and cucumber rolls. I make them one whole roll at a time, chop it up and eat it before I make a new roll. This way, if I wait enough from just making it, by the time I get to rolling the third one, I’m pretty full.

15. Seltzer. If you’re drinking a soda or two a day switch to seltzer. Polar has some awesome flavors and once you adjust to it you’ll never want to drink soda again. It’s so sweet and unnatural tasting to me now.

16. Ants on a log: raisins on peanut butter on celery sticks.

17. Blueberries. They are easy to grab a hand full, do not have a skin to dispose of, transport well (in a hard container), full of vitamins, inexpensive (they are always on sale near me) and of course delicious.

18. Super large bowl of lettuce. Tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. A couple of teaspoons of Trader Joe’s blue cheese crumbles. A teaspoon of olive oil. Tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Some chopped up shallots. Go to town.

19. Kimchi. I get an urge for mouth pleasure and I go to town on a bowl of kimchi. It’s cabbage, chilis, and salt. Drink a lot of water and you’ll be full and have some spicy enjoyment too.

20. Kale chips! They are super easy to make. Cut kale leaves into chip sized pieces (slightly larger, it’ll shrink as it dries), toss in whatever seasonings you want. I use salt, garlic powder and paprika usually. Then bake at 275F for 20 minutes, until they are completely dried out. Use the tiniest bit of oil (like a couple sprays of mist if you have one of those salad spritzers) to make it tastier, but use too much and it’ll be soggy. Don’t overlap leaves while baking or they will steam each other. Spices have no calories, kale is like 30 calories per cup of material. Eat an entire head with no guilt.

I also use a lot of vinegar as a low calorie dressing option. Make your own oil-free salad dressings, then drench whatever you want. Also I might be crazy, but I really like popcorn dipped in vinegar dressing.

A lot of people are saying fruit, and while I do like fruit, usually when I want chips, fruit isn’t the thing I want, if you know what I mean.

21. When you need protein, everyone is quick to suggest cheese, but too much cheese can have consequences. I like yogurt instead, the kind with live bacteria.

22. Canned fish like sardines or salmon aren’t flashy and exciting, but they’re convenient and high in omega 3’s and protein. They’re also cheaper than most other sources of fish. Buy wild caught if you can; farmed fish contains less omega 3.

23. Green tea helps suppress hunger, just avoid the sugar-sweetened kind. Brew it fresh; it’s so much better than already prepared kind and cheaper.

24. Tomatoes with oregano (19cal/100g). If you eat cheese you can add some low fat cheese that is <100cal/100g

25. Banana ice cream is a classic for anyone who craves sugar. Take a bunch of bananas, remove the skin and put them in the freezer. Once they’re frozen put them in a food processor on high for about a minute. At first it will turn crumbly but eventually the texture will become like ice cream with no additional ingredients. You can add a tablespoon or so of all natural peanut butter or cocoa nibs if you want for some extra flavor but I like it on its own.

26. For some reason, if I slice up apples, I’m more likely to eat them as opposed to eating the apple as a whole. Those are good. And if you sprinkle a little lemon juice on them, they’ll stay fresher a little longer.

27. Roasted garbanzo beans with any seasoning you want and some light Olive oil drizzle.

28. Oatmeal is something you can eat and still feel good about. Oats are high in protein. Add in some extra oat bran for additional fiber. You can avoid the sugar easily by sweetening it with raisins. Add a dash of cinnamon for taste. You can make it quickly in the microwave.

29. Doritos are addicting for two reasons: crunch and cheesy taste. So, if it’s the crunch you’re after, try dry cereal. Quaker oat squares are perfect for a crunch and you get a lot for a serving.

30. Bell pepper. Probably a bit on the extravagant side, but I could eat a metric ton of them and as far as I am concerned they don’t have too many calories. They are just delicious and so fresh in taste, you can almost feel the healthiness in your mouth.

31. BANANA CHIPS. I love them to death. Especially when I’m studying and want something to bite on.

32. Avocado toast.

33. Cut up apples into fries and you can vacuum them down, ice is another good one, or home cooked unflavored popcorn ((not microwave stuff)) or pretty much anything that is mainly water.

34. Pork Rinds. Seriously, a whole bag is like 250 calories and zero carbs.

35. Cucumber and carrot slices with hummus. You can even make hummus at home. There are tonnes of blogs about hummus and tahini recipes. And if you don’t want to go that extra mile, just sprinkle salt and pepper (and red chili powder) for a delicious, healthy treat.

36. Quest Tortilla chips. Just tried them today. 120 calories per bag, 20g protein and low carb. Really tasty as well.

37. Snacking on fruits is always delicious. I personally love eating clementines- and slowing down to peel gives you a second to think if you actually want another one.

38. Fruit! Kiwis fill the belly and taste like candy!

39. Veggie straws (like the bagged chip type snack straw thingies) or rice cakes are a good alternative if you’re looking for a crunchy snacks

40. Rice cakes.

41. Celery. Good luck getting calories eating a bag of crunchy water!

42. A head of iceberg lettuce.

43. Yeast flakes, absolutely love them.

44. Homemade kale chips.

45. Jerky is surprisingly lower calorie than you’d expect.

46. Broccoli and Cauliflower w/ some parmesan cheese is pretty solid.

47. Frozen grapes. They’re like little slushie bites.

48. Edamame!! Delicious and you’ll be full before you over eat.

49. Probably celery or cucumber. You might be able to get away with watermelon as well, I once went through 3 1/2 watermelons a week. Watermelon is great.

50. Add tajin to fruits to get your salty fix. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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