50 Guys Explain How Attractive Girls Completely Ruin Their Chances At A Serious Relationship

50 Guys Explain How Attractive Girls Can Completely Ruin Their Chances At A Serious Relationship

According to Ask Reddit, this is how you lose a guy.

1. By constantly explaining how her physical features were unattractive. My ex was a little overweight, but she went into details about every little thing she didn’t like about her appearance. I found her attractive, just couldn’t stand arguing about it with her.

2. Twice she made plans with me then called them off at literally the last moment for no good reason, then wanted to reschedule a third time. No flakes.

3. It’s happened with a few women, but when they’re super flirty with you one day then text you the next day asking for advice about another guy.

I get they’re doing that to make you jealous to get you to make a move, but nothing turns me off more.

4. Talked about her ex the entire time and started making subtle comparisons to me. It felt like I was being vetted for a job.

5. She frequently told my female friend/roommate different tactics she NEEDED to use to keep a guy she was seeing interested. They were mostly small things like telling the guy that she was hosting a party, but explicitly not inviting him to join.

I want nothing to do with women who think it’s good to deliberately manipulate or emotionally abuse their boyfriends.

6. I was texting with a girl on tinder, and suddenly she just says that she is not interested anyway.

So I’m like: “Alright, fair enough.”

Then she texts back: ”You’re not really trying that hard, huh?”

So I find out that she just did it to make me try harder…

Did NOT work, I can tell you that.

7. By thinking the silent treatment is an effective form of conflict resolution.

8. Assumed I owed her everything.

Yeah, we just met, I don’t owe you anything.

That was never going to work out well.

9. She failed to mention she had a boyfriend who I had actually met and spoken to a few times.

10. Her house was Hoarders status.

11. About 20 minutes after a considerably large dinner, she straddles me. I told her I wasn’t in the mood and I’d probably throw up on her if I was all shaken up. She gets pissy, goes to bed, and I wake up to a text the next morning that says, “I think you should stay at your mom’s for a couple days.”

12. There was a girl I dated briefly who could not stop talking about her sexual past. Sure, we all have sex-related stories, but I wasn’t interested in knowing the shape and sizes of the guys she’d been with.

At first I thought it was just to make me jealous, but then it became equally frustrating when she would ask me about my past experiences, then get upset when sometimes the answers made her uncomfortable.

There’s some shit you only need to share with your friends and not the person you’re dating.

13. A girl I went out on a date with made fun of me relentlessly the entire time. Everything I did and said was ridiculed. She texted me a few days later asking if I wanted to go out again and I said no. She asked why and I told her I didn’t really enjoy being mocked the entire time. She said it was flirting and playful and had a good time, thought I was fun and she was interested. She blew it.

14. By saying my friends were assholes / stupid and I was different how can I be with such losers.

They might be stupid, but they’re MY stupids. (and mostly, I am one too).

15. I met what I thought was a really nice person once and we planned a date. Then the endless pushy text messages started blowing up my phone. I was like… never mind and stopped communicating.

16. First date with a very attractive and successful lady my age of 45 (we’d had a quick hang out before). We went for lunch, a nice walk and a bit of holiday shopping. But first a quick selfie! You better smile, mister! Okay, let’s put that on FB. Ooo, let’s get one over here. No, that wasn’t a good one, let’s try 5 more times. Maybe with some different filters. And post. Let’s get one with the river in the background…

By the third one, I wasn’t even trying to hide my concern. This woman was just using me as set dressing for this weird, image-based, romantic fantasy she was playing out on the socials. You could smell the bunny boiling off in the near distance. Never noped harder.

17. Baby talk. Noped out of there and never looked back.

18. Her breath was just awful. Wouldn’t take the hint, either, and always wanted to french within 2 seconds of kissing. Just a complete turn off for me.

19. Playing games. Waiting really long to text/call back to make it seem like they aren’t too interested, you know all those little games. I just don’t have time for that shit. I like you, you like me, lets give this a try. Honestly I find it far more desperate to worry about if its been long enough to get back to someone rather than just hitting them up the first chance you get. I am not “chasing you.”

20. She was larger, which I was perfectly fine with. But Jesus was she strong. She would grab me and practically mash her teeth against mine to give me a kiss. Handys hurt like hell. Even a BJ was hard to take. She needed a much stronger man than me.

21. About 30 minutes after we had left the board game cafe where we went for our first date, I got a series of texts from her. Angry, sarcastic texts about the fact that I didn’t ask if she got home safely. I had no idea that was even a thing. I would have asked if I knew.

If she was going to chew me out for that, what would an actual issue do to her?

22. When their dating profile said things like, “I deserve to be treated like a princess,” “looking for my next baby daddy,” “you must understand that I will love God more than you.”

23. We were wrapping up a meal and she had taken a single bite of her sandwich. The waiter boxed it. On walking out, she threw the whole thing away.

24. When you aren’t even trying to be funny and they’re still laughing. I don’t want you to like me, I want you to be a real person.

25. Her vagina smelled like a petting zoo that hasn’t been cleaned since 1987. The smell was so awful and pungent I couldn’t keep an erection.

26. When a girl thinks she knows what a guy wants and just touches my dick, gets drunk and says she’s great in bed. This is the kind of shit that turned me off clubs and bars. And I loved going to clubs and bars.

27. Thought I was willing to cheat. Ruined all chances as even a friend. Not cool.

28. One though had a rule that I couldn’t so much as read or watch a romantic thing because she considered that cheating, and apparently Les Miserables is romantic.

29. First date, she told me all of her credit cards were maxed out (5 of them), she had massive amounts of student loan debt, and no savings. And she was lol-ing about it, seemingly not concerned in the least.

That level of financial irresponsibility is difficult to overcome and the fact she didn’t take it seriously was enough for me to nope that possibility.

30. She tried to cheat on her fiancé with me.

31. Bad timing and overly sexual text messages. We hooked up a couple times and then I had a friend pass away and she was sending me pretty graphic/sexual texts while I was grieving. I told her a few times that I just needed space and didn’t want her texting me like that, but she continued and so I ended it.

32. Her gaming hobby seemed to be her only hobby or source of conversation.

For a non gamer I know quite a bit and like games from the outside, but I can only talk about it for so long.

She lived at home and worked very part time and didn’t like it or have any ambition to move forward in life and was utterly obsessed with gaming and twitch.

At a certain point I felt like I was talking to a kid who is obsessed with video games. Not that they are childish at all, but the balance of convo was so heavy into things she once did in a game and the pros and cons of characters to play etc.

After ten minutes I was like ok, I can’t or actually don’t want to relate to this.

I hope she found her gaming soul mate, but it wasn’t me.

33. Talking about her kids exclusively, literally nothing else.

34. She wanted to have sex every single night. For a minimum of 3 hours. Every night. Now, as a man in my early 30s, I appreciate a good marathon once in a while. I’m even down for every night. It’s a little more than my own libido, but hey, why not.

But 3 hours? Every single night? I’VE GOT THINGS TO DO. I mean, she was great. Personality was perfect, she was attractive, and she was so tall. Hmmmmhmmm.

But, I mean, I just don’t have the time! We talked about it. That’s what she needed. After two weeks, I was so behind on things, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

35. Lying to get attention.

36. By letting her best friend dictate her entire life. Just ended it 2 days ago actually. Her bestie would literally send her paragraph messages berating her to the point she’d be crying all the time, constantly tracking her on her phone, got super pissed when we were snorkeling and she didn’t answer, like no shit were underwater. I summed it up to insecurities/jealousy and let her know she needed to re-examine her relationships. If you can’t make your own decisions in life you got problems.

37. Took me for granted and never showed any appreciation. Told me she didn’t have time to focus on the relationship because she was focusing on her career. Would spend hours with her friends but was too busy to spend any time with me. What could’ve been.

38. She was really self-centered and lacked empathy towards other people. Thankfully I saw it right away.

39. “So how would you be a good father to my child?”

It was a blind date and that was the first thing she asked me. To be honest she was sooo out of my league I didn’t really stand a chance but it was still quite off-putting.

40. By being rude and needlessly difficult with a waitress.

41. When you ask them what they like to do for fun and they say get drunk and party with the most vague responses.

42. I’d been on three dates with this girl and it seemed like things were going well, on the fourth date we slept together and after that she became super-possessive and jealous. Finally I caught saying some fucked up shit to my friends sister, along the lines of “stay away from my man etc etc”, I had to shut that shit down right there. You can’t just be openly hostile to everyone else in the other persons life.

43. Kept telling me what I should do with my money.

“Oh let’s go out to dinner.”

“Sorry I cant I’m on a tight budget this week.”

“Then put it on your credit card.”

“I only use that for emergencies.”

“Lame, don’t be boring.”

Once I told her the values of a few of the rarer MTG cards I’d collected. She told me I should sell em and buy her a gift.


44. Kept in touch with her ex who lived 1200 miles away, one day she was showing me a picture and still had his pictures, talked to other guys, we were fwb, but since she was single I asked her out twice. No luck. Since we weren’t exclusive I started to talk to other woman cause I gave her a chance to have me 100% or nada. She couldn’t make her mind up so I found someone else. She then accused me of “cheating” and ghosted me.

45. She didn’t take dating seriously and didn’t seem to care about the guy’s feelings, I was friends with her for a while but she always had a “backup boyfriend” whenever she was in a relationship so she always had a boyfriend, she broke up with guys often and got “heartbroken” every time she did. She was never the one that got broken up with, she always broke up with them and she dated a lot of guys.

46. She peeled her sunburn off onto my rug. Just sat there on a chair and peeled it, tossing it on the floor.

The end.

47. She didn’t wipe her asshole very well. Serious.

48. Pulling a fake pregnancy and abortion on me in an attempt to keep me interested. After months of drama for no reason other than “to keep me from getting bored of her” (her words when I later asked why she was the way she was), that made sure she’d never get another chance when she kept trying to rekindle things.

49. She accused me of cheating and would never let it go. She ended up cheating instead.

50. Was in a bar with a girl I was seeing and some of her friends were there too. She goes up to a random guy and starts making out with him. I see it, her friends see it, her friends see that I see it. She starts walking up to me and two of her friends grab her and take her outside. That was the last time I saw or talked to her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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