30 Women On The Most Attractive Thing A Man Can Wear 

30 Women On The Most Attractive Thing A Man Can Wear 

The women on Ask Reddit have some fashion advice for men.

1. Button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows. Like a professional put-together look, but also ready to get his hands dirty if necessary.

2. Well fitted dress pants do something ELSE to a man’s butt. I don’t know what it is but wow.

3. I really notice when someone wears a shirt or jacket that brings out their eyes. Someone I know with brilliant blue eyes looks completely different in bright blue scrubs versus a normal black or white collar shirt. And whenever my friend with big brown eyes wears his soft tan jacket, his eyes pop. It’s a startling effect.

4. A really good smelling cologne. I start grinning like an idiot when I walk past a guy who smells really good. I used to work with this guy who always smelled amazing and every time he was in close proximity to me just wanted to bury my face in his chest.

5. A nice watch. But not one of those gaudy blinged out dinner plate sized monstrosities.

6. For me, it’s a hoodie. I don’t know why, but guys in hoodies (good condition, not super dirty or ratty) get my attention more. I don’t even steal them because I have my own. But I just like how they look on guys, I guess.

7. When my boyfriend wears grey sweatpants and I can see the bulge… yes please.

8. Glasses. I especially like a pair of nice round tortoiseshell ones.

9. A wool coat, or a long coat a la Captain Jack Harkness / the Tenth Doctor/ Newt Scamander. Bonus for a long wool coat.

10. White t-shirt, fitted dark blue jeans, and nice shoes.

11. A good, wide scarf. Made of fine wool. That European look. Gets me every time.

12. I am a goner if a dude wears bracelets (like skinny rubber bracelets or a leather cuff or something–I’m not talking, like, gold links or anything like that). A nice silver watch can work too. I love hands/wrists/forearms, so drawing attention to that part of the body is good.

13. A uniform. Police, firefighter, military, scrubs… yes please.

14. Long sleeved v neck T-shirt’s on husky men. Yes please! (I bought ten of these for my husband and he’s a burly snack)

15. Suspenders.

16. A well fitting Henley (those 3/4 sleeves shirts).

17. Eyeliner.

I was watching Lucifer among other things and just seeing men wearing eyeliner is so enchanting to me

18. It is weird, floral patterns. A lot of guys can pull it off. I got my ex into wearing some and he looked really good in it. Idk, any bold pattern guys wear really has me looking too.

19. Plain black t-shirt.

20. A baseball cap. A normal one. Not the stupid mesh with the flat bill.

21. V necks. Male collar bones are the equivalent of female cleavage. Just let me look at your collar bone

22.A suit and tie. I love a man in a suit and tie.

23. Honestly the casual professional look is so damn nice.

But if we’re talking just one item of clothing, i’m going to say joggers. Joggers are so nice.

24. Fully admit this is the weirdest thing ever to catch my attention: guys who wear their key rings on their pant loops. I don’t know, either, but I am immediately turned on.

25. Clean hands. What I mean is no raggedy finger nails, and they shouldn’t feel abrasive like talons. It’s acceptable for mechanics or manual labor guys to have some dirty hands after work, which is hot but for sexy times they need to be clean. I mean if they are going to be up into my lady bits I don’t want to imagine the cuts bad fingernails will cause in my va-jay jay.

26. A nice smile.

27. A cable knit sweater that sits just right.

28. Just look good.

I’ve dated guys who wear ill-fitting t-shirts and pants that they should have thrown away years ago. I’ve also dated guys who actually put an effort into their outfit.

I find myself daydreaming about ripping that nice button-up shirt off a million times more than an old band tee.

29. I’ve heard from many female friends that just a white undershirt with sweatpants gives them a strong desire for cuddles looking all comfy and shit.

30. Lip care. Staying hydrated, not biting the skin of the lip, use lip balm when they’re dry, etc.

People will look at your lips if they’re interested in you. Make those lips look like something they want. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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