Stay Single Until You Find A Boyfriend With These 20 Alpha Male Traits

Stay Single Until You Find A Boyfriend With These 20 Alpha Male Traits

If you are single, try to find a boyfriend with these alpha male traits.

Alpha males get a bad rap. They are not loud, obnoxious men who believe they are better than everyone else. True alpha males are humble. They are kindhearted. They are gentlemen.

When you find an alpha male, you should not let him go. He is going to treat you right. He is going to give you the relationship of a lifetime.

Alpha Male Traits

These are the top alpha male traits you should search for in a boyfriend:

1. Alpha males are confident.

Alpha males believe in themselves. They know their worth. They are not going to settle for a toxic relationship or an unrewarding career. They are holding out for the position of their dreams and the love of their life. They are unwilling to lower their standards. They realize what they deserve.

2. Alpha males are self-aware.

Even though alpha males are confident, they are not ignorant enough to call themselves perfect. They are aware of their flaws. They know which pieces of themselves need work and they are willing to do that work. They are constantly trying to better themselves.

3. Alpha males are honest.

Alpha males are blunt about their feelings. They tell the truth, even when the truth hurts. They will not lie to get out of a bad situation. They will take responsibility for their actions. They will admit when they are wrong.

4. Alpha males are even-tempered.

Alpha males are able to control their emotions. They do not get into screaming matches when someone knocks into them at the bar. They do not lose their cool with waitresses or cashiers who make a mistake. When alpha males are upset, they handle their emotions in a healthy way. They never explode. They never act inappropriately.

5. Alpha males are eloquent.

Alpha males are excellent conversationalists. They are not going to stare at their phone in the middle of a conversation. They are going to keep the conversation flowing and listen closely when it’s your turn to talk.

6. Alpha males are hardworking.

Alpha males put effort into their careers, their relationships, and their friendships. They never allow themselves to become lazy. They know good things are not going to be handed to them. They have to work hard for what they want.

7. Alpha males are principled.

Alpha males have a strong moral compass. They would never cheat. They would never manipulate emotions. They would never hurt someone for their own personal gain. They treat others with the same amount of respect they hope to be treated with themselves.

8. Alpha males are gentlemen.

Alpha males never worry about appearing whipped. They will hold open doors for their girlfriends. They will pull out chairs. They will send good morning texts. They will send bouquets of roses. They will treat their person like a queen.

9. Alpha males are open-minded.

Even though alpha males are old-fashioned when it comes to their manners, they are not living in the past. They are open-minded. They are non-judgmental. They would never discriminate against someone based on gender or sexuality or race. They treat everyone as equals.

10. Alpha males are consistent.

Alpha males keep their promises. They follow through on what they say. They can be relied upon. They can be trusted. They are not going to break a promise. They are men of their word.

11. Alpha males are generous.

Alpha males are selfless. They will split their food. They will share a cab. They will offer their bus seat to someone who needs it more than they do. They care about others more than they care about themselves.

12. Alpha males are brave.

Alpha males are risk takers. They are adventurers. They do not back down out of fear. They conquer fear. They are not the kind to run away when a relationship gets hard. They will stay. They will fix what has broken.

13. Alpha males are natural born leaders.

Alpha males are not going to sit back and allow others to take the lead. They are decision makers. They are happy to take initiative when it comes to planning dates, picking the movie, or choosing where to eat.

14. Alpha males are protective.

Alpha males are not going to initiate fights because they are not interested in drama — but they will finish a fight if someone hurts their loved one. They will do anything for the people they love.

15. Alpha males are passionate.

Alpha males know exactly what they want from this world. They know their purpose. They know their goals. And they are not going to stop until they reach every single one of them.

16. Alpha males are well-groomed.

Alpha males take pride in their physical appearance. They clean up well. They take good care of themselves because they realize a sloppy appearance could make a poor first impression. They realize a little bit of effort means a lot.

17. Alpha males are educated.

Alpha males love to read. They love to travel. They love to learn. They want to know as much about the world as possible. They never stop searching for knowledge.

18. Alpha males are strong.

Alpha males are strong in more than a physical sense. They are also emotionally strong. They do not seek conflict, but they can handle conflict when it comes their way. They do not buckle under pressure. They do not freak out when the smallest thing goes wrong. They are strong enough to get through their worse days with a laugh.

19. Alpha males are humble.

Alpha males are not going to brag about their successes. They are not going to post statuses about their life every single day. They do not need outside approval in order to be proud of themselves. They know what they have earned and that is all that matters to them.

20. Alpha males are authentic.

Alpha males are not trying to be alpha. They are not going out of their way to impress anyone. They do not care what anyone else thinks of them, which is why they find it easy to act as their most authentic selves. With an alpha male, what you see is what you get — and that is what makes them so lovable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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