50 Men Reveal How Their Person Makes Them Feel Strong And Masculine

50 Men Reveal The Way Their Person Makes Them Feel Strong And Masculine

These men from Ask Reddit love it when their partners make them feel big and manly.

1. When she giggles when I pick her up, or when she brings me a drink/food without me asking. I feel like a king getting served and like she’s looking out for me and cares.

2. When I was driving us home late at night, my ex would sleep snuggled up with her head on my shoulder, hand on my bicep, holding my arm to her chest like a little girl with her teddy bear. She had terrible anxiety and trust issues and really put up a tough front, so those moments of trust and vulnerability were like a drug to me.

3. “Hey, can you come look at the car? I think there’s something wrong with it.”

On the outside I’m grumpy that I gotta go fix the car. On the inside though I feel 10 feet tall and manly.

4. A girl I used to date when she felt bad, would hold our her arms and just say “bear hug” and I’d wrap my arms around her and lift her, putting my face in her hair and I could feel her lips on the side of my head smiling.

Sometimes I’d get a Bear hug requests and carry her from the bed to the couch when she was all frumpy and sad on the weekends.

Ohh another one is if you’re sitting and your lady puts her hand on your shoulders or brushes from one to the other when she passes by. Tiny hands on your shoulders make ya feel big and manly.

5I feel manly when I give women a bear hug and pick them up at the same time and they wrap their legs around me out of that surprised excitement.

6. She asks me to drive, regardless of whose vehicle we are in. She doesn’t tell me how to drive, she doesn’t get scared or nervous when I drive like an idiot (I drive a Mini so I drive like a dick more than I should). She simply lets me do what I need to do in order for us to get where we’re going.

To any women reading this, the vast majority of men likely appreciate this more than you could know.

7. When she rubs my jaw. I don’t have much facial hair, but when she rubs my jaw just right it makes the stubble bristle.

8. Macho answer: when she fucks me.

Cute answer: loves it when I wrap my arms around her for a hug and she says she feels safe.

Also, weird fact: she’s actually much better than me at tinkering around in the house.Thing is I grew up in an appartment and tinkering around was never really needed, so I never really learned to do it. I can handle a hammer and a screwdriver but anything more advanced than that… ehh less so. I’m great at demolishing stuff with a sledgehammer though and at handling the axe to chop wood (thanks, Boy Scouts!). She on the other hand, grew up in a house, outside town with a really handyman kind of dad as opposed to my dad who is a nerd.

So anyway, we were installing new door locks in the house and she had to show me how it’s done and I just listened and followed her instructions. She says she finds it a huge turn on that I accept that a woman gives me instructions for a typically manly thing. I asked her why? She says “because most men would feel their masculinity damaged in such a situation. You however are manly enough to not need to prove it to me through shit like this”.

I felt manly as fuck.

9. Sometimes she’ll just feel my chest or a muscle in my arm. I’ll ask what she’s doing and she’ll say “Shut up, nothing, you’re hot, shut up.”

10. My wife refuses to let me sleep in another room unless I am traveling. If I’m home, even if I fall asleep on the couch watching TV she’ll wake me up and insist I sleep next to her. I secretly LOVE that it is that important to her and it feels great to know that it helps her feel comfortable and sleep better.

11. Wears my clothes. I love it. No idea why. I guess it makes me feel protective or something.

12. How every day we write down a list of things we are grateful for in a “Gratitude Journal” she made for me as a little heartfelt gift for Valentine’s Day. The lists usually have a bunch of silly things but she always starts her list with my name and I always start mine with hers. On a bad day, she will write my name over and over on her list and hand it to me with a kiss.

How she says I make her feel safe.

When she wrote on her cooking blog all about how special I made her feel on Valentine’s Day this year and how happy and lucky she felt to have found me.

I want to marry her one day.

13. She called me “the man she loves”. Not “the guy” or “the boy”, but “the man”. It might sound weird in english, but in my language, it’s pretty satisfying.

14. When we would both be laying down cuddling, she would have her leg draped over me, her head on my chest, and if I made a sudden movement like get up to use the restroom or get some water she’d pull me back in as if saying not to leave. I’d nudge her a bit and tell her what I was gonna do, and she’d say “Ok, but come back to me” all in a sleepy tone! Instant heart melt!

15. When we lift together she can’t reach the pulldown bar so she lifts her hands up and waits for me to bring it down to her.

16. When she runs her hands over my chest, or talks about how desperately she wants my cum.

17. Once my SO went oversea travel with her family, for some reason I couldn’t go. During departure, she said “I feel uneasy without you being with me for the trip”, I asked why, she said “if something bad happens, you are the one who can stay calm and handle things.” I was happy in the inside.

18. When she screams “Holy shit you’re strong!” when I effortlessly pick her up and carry her around.

19. She curls into me, and she fits under my arms perfectly, and loves being dominated in bed (that was new for me, and hotter than anything!)

20. My ex told me something that made her like me, and I didn’t realize I was doing. There was a guy who was getting creepy and in her face. We weren’t anything other than acquaintances at the time, but I could tell she was uncomfortable. So I just slid between them. He got angry, but thankfully I was drunk so I stood my ground and just stayed there and he eventually walked off.

When she told me how that made her feel, I felt amazing. I didn’t think about it, didn’t even realize I was doing it, just did it.

21. Driving home in the rain when everyone fell asleep on the way.

22. My wife asks me to grab stuff from the cabinet that high up quite often. Or open the bottle I closed before. And she calls me a hairy chubby bear often… because I’m quite hairy. And chubby.

23. When I overhear my wife tell her friends how lucky she is having me and all the things I do that make her feel special.

24. Killing spiders is my responsibility so I got that going for me which is nice. I also open stuck jars and will do minor car repair work for her.

25. Telling me that she feels super safe with me because I’m tall and muscular. Dunno what it is about such a simple thing but it invokes some sort of primal “manly” feeling within me.

26. She snuggles up and then relaxes. I can feel the tension come out of her. Best feeling in the world, knowing you have that effect on the person you love.

27. She pretends she can’t figure out the tv remote.

28. I get to cook all the meat. She doesn’t like touching raw meat… and she says I’m better at cooking it anyways. No complaints about that.

29. She calls me her handsome man. She tells our daughters “isn’t Papa such a handsome man!” we are otherwise not very gendered in our relationship, and I don’t really feel the need to feel masculine anymore than I just like being human. But the vain and insecure teenager I once was really appreciates the compliment.

30. She calls me Hercules. I love it.

31. When she claws my back when I’m railing her. Badge of honor when I take my shirt off at the gym.

32. When she gives me that look and get all quiet when I do anything mechanical. Like fixing a car or making modification to my guitar

33. I’m kind of handy and I love when my girl calls me over to fix something. Makes me feel a manly man.

34. Calling my name when climaxing. It gives me this little ego boost that’s like “yay”.

35. She literally says “My big strong man!” when I do little tasks that involve me moving something she can’t or even just opening a jar. It’s little… but it’s cute and I love it.

36. Every time I unbuckle my belt to re-tuck my shirt In, her head turns and watches my crotch for a peek. Always a turn on.

37. My girlfriend manages to synchronize her orgasm to mine, so we often cum together. After she tells me, she loves me, before falling asleep in my arms, snuggled to my body…. Also making me feel she needs me in different situations… feeling needed is great…

38. When she says she’s mine.

39. My ex was actually an inch taller than I am but she is really petite. When I was sitting in the recliner she would curl up in my lap and nap while I held her.

40. She’s not the most handy, so I always get called to move something or out the furniture or project together. It’s small but it makes my day to help her.

41. She’s little compared to me. Anytime I hug her, lay next to her, when she lays on me tightly. Most things honestly. I enjoy all the little things really. She’s sassy as hell, but when she tries to pin me, she’s not hard to toss. Short girlfriends! Hell yeah!

42. When she grabs my arm and puts her head on my shoulder. She does it as often as she can, makes her feel comfortable. Makes me feel manly.

43. Sometimes when I’m on top of her, she says “flex your arms,” and I throw up a solid front double bi. She giggles and grabs my arms, then we keep going at it. I feel like a king.

44. Brings me a beer for no reason.

45. Ex use to call me every night before she slept because my “voice calmed her down” (she had terrible anxiety) and would call my voice very low and manly (note I was a late bloomer so always thought of myselg as a high pitched child).

46. She asked me to open a jar once. I don’t care if she couldn’t or if she couldn’t be bother to do it…I did it and it was great!

47. Whenever I tell her, that I’d like to shave my beard again, and she tells me, the current state is good and should be kept.

48. When she says, “You’re too big, my jaw hurts.”

Or when she compliments my work in the gym.

49. She calls me daddy and tells what to do in normal life situations.

50. We were playing on her brother’s Nintendo Switch, so we had to sit pretty close to each other. My mom loved it and took a picture of us and sent it to my sister.

Now, I wouldn’t really call myself a big guy (6’ 180 lbs.) but my sister just texted back ‘omg he’s so big! I hope my son will be that size lol’ and when I saw the picture I kinda agreed haha.

So I guess her size alone does it. Also, she likes being carried to bed when she’s tired. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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