50 Men On What Blows Their Mind About The Female Body

50 Men On What Blows Their Mind About The Female Body

According to Ask Reddit, some men are still learning about women’s bodies.

1. How readily they react to nipple stimulation. I don’t like having my nipples touched, it’s annoying and uncomfortable like having something gently pushed under your fingernails, but every woman I’ve been with could get revved up in a hurry with a little bit of hand-to-tit action.

2. Vaginas (not vulvas) are surprisingly complicated. I wasn’t expecting so much texture and shape in there. There’s bulgy bits and ridgey bits and it generally isn’t just a featureless squishy tube.

3. When my girlfriend was pregnant we took a prenatal course. I LEARNED SO MANY THINGS. One of the crazy ones was how after a woman gives birth if she even thinks about a baby her milk can start flowing. Aint that neat.

4. I was amazed to learn that the nipples on a woman with medium to large breasts can hide almost on the side of their body when they are laying flat on their back.

5. When women are sitting and they fart, it sometimes makes bubbles and/or traps them in their labia.

6. How shit periods are.

I’ve said I would like to experience what it’s like to have a period but honestly I don’t think it’s worth it.

My girlfriend doesn’t complain about it but she gets sore boobs before, gets bloated, gets cramps, has sore boobs after, plus the actual blood, the pads, fear of drips, cleaning up, period poos.

Then there’s the pretending like nothing’s wrong when I know she is in agony, for instance at social gatherings that are unavoidable or planned months in advance.

7. A friend told me that vaginas can rip when women give birth and that blew my mind. Why do women deal with us?

8. That most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone. It was like that feeling when fighting sister friede in dark souls 3 for the first time. You think you finished her off and think “oh it’s not that hard” but then it turns out she’s got 2 more health bars to go through and you’re already 2/3 through your estus flask chugs.

9. Clits are actually enormous. The bit we see is just the very tip.

10. Lactation is extremely fascinating to me. Boobs getting bigger, veinier, leaking, letdown when a baby (even someone else’s) cries, how much milk can actually be produced, and that a woman doesn’t have to be or even have been pregnant to produce milk.

11. How unconfident about their bodies they can be, and the bizarre stuff they’re insecure over.

Ive had two separate women apologize to me for having pubic hair.

My SO feels like the backs of her hands are unattractive.

And don’t even get me started on how insecure about their boobs they get.

They’re worrying over them being too big, too small, too asymmetrical, having overly prominent nipples, having inverted nipples, stretch marks, sag.

Meanwhile, I’m like “Oh shit, it’s tits!”

12. How far down the actual vagina is and how close it is to their butthole. I expected it to be more around where the center or backside of our ballsacks are

13. Quite honestly… that they get quite warm down there when horny too… Idk why it never occurred to me before it happened to me, and why I had never heard it before either, but wow… Really surprised me at the time…

14. How damned different each woman is about what they like. Some like no clit stimulation, some love it. Some can’t get off without a vibrator, one could get off just by me dancing my fingers around her belly button.

I’m not complaining, because I find the hunt for what gets her off more enjoyable for me.

15. Breasts are NOT sex organs, not at all, not even a little. They are actually physically a secondary sexual characteristic, like wider hips, narrower waist, beards on men, etc. They are seen as sexual to Western culture, but they are not universally seen as sexual by a long shot and men have just as many nerves there as women and are just as capable of loving (or not loving) nipple stimulation as a woman is (or isn’t).

16. That a women’s hips are 2-3 degrees hotter than the rest of her body. I had absolutely no idea until I experienced it first hand. Wasn’t sure how to ask about it so I tried doing it in the classiest way possible. “You’re hot dear.”

17. I was a little surprised (long, long ago) when I realized that women have to pee a lot more frequently than most men, and that they can’t hold as much urine. I was also surprised that they could simply cut off the stream of pee if necessary with a minimum of pain.

18. The size, position and angle of the hip bones. I always knew they are larger and different, however actually touching that area was really interesting.

19. I thought vaginas would be wet more often than they are.

20. The pussy is lower than it seems. Yes, i had to learn to aim low for insertion.

The pussy doesn’t just get wet then stay wet. You have to keep her excited.

Periods are the fucking worst. There are only two ways I’ve ever seen women laid out complete. The first is severe injury in combat. The second is periods. That’s right, a period can be as debilitating as a bullet.

Girl butts have a different curvature than guy butts.

Boobs hang more on the upper abs than on the chest, especially if she’s got big natural ones.

21. Frozen feet, this surprise happens every. single. night.

22. That the clitoris has legs (they extend down like parentheses behind the other tissue of the vulva), and the “g spot” isn’t a spot at all, it’s erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra (also called the urethral sponge).

23. That boobs are more than just a collection of fat and glands.

There is a lot of other tissue in there, and when forming, tends to actually be hard, not soft like you expect from fully grown breasts.

This is even news to women, as I was talking to some of my girl friends and they thought boobs were just big blobs of fat.

24. It was a lot further down than I thought it would be.

25. Women’s bodies are pretty insane man, they do so much shit, its crazy and fascinating and it always wows me.
Like as men the only thing we do is make sperm and provide that to make a baby and then overall just your overall human functions.
A woman’s body, however, is like a “hold my beer” and proceeds to do ALL of the above (minus the sperm part) and on top of that, create life inside of them, nurture that issh for 9 months (I can’t even imagine the feeling of having a living creature inside of me, feeling it move and shit, like an alien movie), push that out, and then afterwards, having the ability to make organic food (milk) long enough for a tiny human being to grow healthy.
That shit blows my mind, man, it’s nuts, and i definitely give props to women to go thru all this shit. No offense to women, but I am DEFINITELY happy I am a man.
With that said, vaginas are insane.
They’re self cleaning, self-balancing, self-lubricating, come in all shapes, profiles, and sizes, are malleable, and they literally have one organ (the clit) PURELY for pleasure purposes, nothing else.
Whoever created us was probably like “you know what, we put a lot of shit into this creature let’s give them something to have fun with to offset the more or less overwhelming parts”
The only cool thing about a man is how we can make unlimited amounts of sperm throughout our lives while women are born with a set amount of eggs that they will use/have access to for their lifetime.
Biology is on some crazy shit.

26. I honestly never knew, up until a few years ago, that women have to wipe when they pee, as well.

27. That, for a lot of women, their periods hurts like a bitch. I was raised with two sisters, neither of them nor my mom had any pain during their periods. When one of my sister’s friends was freaking out over her cramps, I thought she was just exaggerating for attention (she did a LOT of that in general). Learned that those cramps are real as I got older.

28. That often, their boobs are different sizes. When I learned that, I really started noticing it more often.

29. Just how gross the vagina is. All kinds of secretions and shit come out of it. Cheesy stuff. Bloody chunks. This random sludgy white shit. It all depends on her cycle, pH, what she’s been doing that day and so on. Yeast infections are all too common.

Of course when it’s wet and snug on my penis, that’s nice, but the rest of the time, man… vaginas are gross.

30. That vaginas had lips. I just thought it would be like a butthole but in the front.

31. I’ve had women explain to me that they were insecure about things that got me rock hard. Absolutely mind blowing how there could be such an absence of parity.

32. It was way too late when I learned that vaginas weren’t like a full open round hole 24/7. Some book explained they were a potential space, not a constant space and the lights clicked on.

33. I’m always shocked at how many women believe they urinate out of their vaginas! Clearly they’ve never taken a mirror into the bathroom.

34. I’m consistently surprised by the exact texture of boobs. They’re ALWAYS softer than I remember them being.

35. The skin between my mom’s vagina and anus completely ripped when she gave birth to my chunk of a sister!

She had to get sewn back up and re learn to poop. Apparently tearing isn’t uncommon either. My poor mother……

36. Stretch marks. Didn’t really know what they were or how they can be anywhere.

37. Those extra long toys fit in either hole.

38. When I gave birth the one thing that freaked me out was the first time I stood up afterwards, after months of my organs being pushed up due to the baby taking up space. Gravity then took affect. It felt like my organs just slumped on my pelvis.

39. The thing that surprised me the most at first was definitely that their whole body is one big sensitive zone. For us guys it’s just a penis.

40. The pubic bone. I had always imagined that area being more squishy.

41. I watched like 90 percent of the whole C-section thinking “this shit is so cool…”

The craziest part to me was after they stitched her back up, one of the nurses gave a sharp push on her belly and all sorts of bloody afterbirth and stuff kind of exploded out of her lady bits. Like I guess it never occurred to me that it has to come out somehow after a C-Section. Like stomping on a tube of toothpaste…

42. Just how badly a vagina can smell, and just how good. Sometimes the same vagina.

43. Variety. For the first ten years of my sexual life I knew only one woman. After that relationship was over, I had a few years where I was pretty promiscuous after getting fit and fancy. I found that some of my well-honed techniques either worked spectacularly well on some women but not at all on others. That needed a bit of a retrospection, but I think it made me a better lover. Hahaha.

I also found that despite my initial 10 year sexual partner, women aren’t all starfish. I was used to doing all the work and found it a lot more fun and pleasurable when the girl was really up for doing things too.

I remember some girls who sexually I really miss, others really not at all.

In a nutshell, they’re all different. They’re all awesome in their own ways and bad in others.

44. I was surprised that vaginas tasted so salty. I thought they tasted like normal skin.

45. Goldstar gay here. I did play with a girl’s naked tits one time tho. I was surprised by how pale her aureola was, and how unprominent the nipples were. It was like rubbing and squeezing water balloons.

46. There’s estimated to be about 5400 species of mammals on earth.

The female homo sapien is the only species whose mammary glands remain enlarged even when not lactating.

47. My first gf showed me that their nipples actually are sensitive zones.

Like, mine are just dead, I don’t get any pleasure from them.

I thought everyone’s were.

48. The thing that surprised the most the first time I was in front of a fully naked girl was simply how beautiful she was. Not her particularly. She was not a model or anything like that. But I realized mostly any regular girl naked in real life simply is so beautiful.

49. The taste of a woman’s vagina was a lot better than I thought it would be.

50. Most women ONLY are satisfied with clitoris stimulation and can’t cum with penetration alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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