270+ Old Fashioned Girl Names That Are Well-Loved

These old fashioned girl names are the best way to channel an era past when naming your daughter. If you know in your heart that your little girl is destined to be an old soul, read through this list of old-fashioned girl names now.

These old fashioned girl names are the best way to channel an era past when naming your daughter. If you know in your heart that your baby girl is destined to be an old soul, read through this list of old-fashioned girl names now.

We all can agree that progress is good and the world is in a better place than it was a hundred years ago. Still, despite what we may have gained, we’ve also lost quite a bit. A sense of community, of togetherness, of everyone being on the same page, of Saturday night football games and church the next morning.

The “good old days” may have been overrated in some respects, but whenever something is gained, something is also lost—and in this case, we’ve lost the charming innocence of a time when life was far less technological and far more simple.

These old fashioned girl names take you back to a time when Facebook didn’t exist but homemade apple pie from a wood-burning stove did. Here are some beautiful old fashioned girl names for your baby.

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Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names Based on Character Traits


This is an English name meaning “noble” or “kind.”

Ada / Adelaide / Adele

This name has German origin, meaning “nobility.”

Adaline / Adeline

This French origin name means “noble” or “nobility” and is a diminutive of Adele.

Agatha / Aggie

This Greek name means “good.”

Audrey / Audree

This name is French, meaning “strength.”


This German name means “industrious and striving.”


This name is unique because it combines two names to create one. “Anna” means “grace” in Hebrew, and “belle” means “beautiful” in French.


The French name Béatrice comes from the Latin Beatrix, meaning “she who makes happy” or “bringer of joy.”


This is an abbreviation of Rebecca, meaning “captivating.”


This name has an unknown origin, but could be derived from the Italian “Bella” or French “Belle” meaning “beautiful.”


This French name means “beautiful.”


This is of Latin origin, meaning “great” or “magnificent.”


This comes from the old English word “bliþe” meaning “joyous, kind, cheerful, pleasant.”


This is both a Scottish name and a French name. In the Scots language, it means “pretty, attractive” and in the French language, it comes from the French word “bonne” meaning “good.”


This comes from the old English word “bliþe” meaning “joyous, kind, cheerful, pleasant.”


This name is of Greek origin meaning “well-spoken.” It most likely comes from the uncommon 1860’s name Euphemia.

Eleanor / Ellie / Ella

Greek for “bright, shining one” this name has nicknames “Ellie” and “Ella”, meaning “shining light” and “beautiful.”


This name is of Latin origin, meaning “fair” or “just.” It is the feminine version of Justin.

Kayleigh / Kayla

These names have Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning “slim” or “fair.” Nicknames and variations of spellings for this are Kayley or Kay.


This Roman name is derived from Julius. It means “youthful.”


This Greek name means “beautiful” or “noble.”


This English and Latin name means “loveable” or “dear.”


This is the feminine form of Max, is of Latin origin, and means “greatest.”


This name comes from the Sanskrit language meaning “sweet, admirable, extraordinary.”


This name comes from Irish and Gaelic origin meaning “beloved.”


This name is of Hebrew origins meaning “pleasant.”


This is a variant of the Latin name Patricia, meaning “noble.”


This cute baby name means “bringer of joy.” The perfect name for your baby girl!

Sophia / Sophie

These two Greek names both mean “wisdom.” They are variants of one another.


Of Latin origin, the meaning of this name is “lively.”

Winifred / Winnie

Winifred is of Welsh origin meaning “fair one” or “white and smooth” or “fair and pure.” A common nickname is Winnie.

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Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names Based On Nature and Life


This is a Greek name meaning “helper” or “defender of mankind.”


This Hebrew name means “grace.” It comes from the word חַנָּה (Ḥannāh or ‎Chanah). Interestingly though, the ancient Romans used the name “Anna” to mean “the year’s cycle.”


This Swedish and Scandinavian name means “valley.”


This name comes from an Old English word meaning “day’s eye.”

Eva / Eve / Evie / Evelyn

These baby names have Latin and Hebrew origins, meaning “living one” or “life” or “mother of life.”

Fay / Faye

This Old French baby name means “fairy.”

Flora / Flossie

These names, in Latin, mean “flower.” In Roman mythology, it is the name of the goddess of springtime. This is a beautiful name for a little girl!


Although this could be considered one of those “old lady names”, it’s still a cool name. If you think your baby is going to be an old soul, consider naming them this. It is old French and Latin, meaning “blossoming” or “I blossom/flower.”

Gilda / Golda / Goldie

Gilda is an Old English name meaning “golden” or “gilded.” Golda is also an Old English name, inspired by gold. Goldie is an English name meaning “made of gold” and is a diminutive form of Golda.


This English name meaning might be obvious: it refers to a greenish-brown color. However, it can also mean “hazelnut tree.”


This name is of Greek origin, meaning “rainbow.” It can also be related to the ancient Greek messenger of the gods.

Kimberly / Kim

This Old English name comes from the personal name Cyneburg, meaning “royal forest.”


This Greek name means “sun ray.” It can also be related to Eleanor or Lenore.

Liliana / Lillian / Lily

Liliana and Lillian are Latin names meaning “lily” as well as “care free” and “innocent.” Lily is derived from the white flower, signifying innocence.

Lucinda / Lucy

This Latin name means “light” and is commonly abbreviated or nicknamed Cindy and Lucy.

Mae / May

Mae name has a number of meanings: “goddess of springtime and warmth” and “star of the sea.” It comes from the Hebrew name Magdalene, meaning “flower” or “Month of May.” May, being the short and feminine form of Matthew and Mary, has various meanings. It is of English origin meaning “the fifth month.” It is also after Maia, the Roman earth goddess.


This Latin name means “evergreen shrub” and can also be related to Venus, the goddess of love.

Margaret / Greta / Madge / Maggie / Maisie / Mamie / Margot

Margaret is a name derived from French, Latin, and ancient Greek origin. It comes from the Old Persian word meaning “pearl.” Greta, Madge, Maisie, Mamie, Margot, and Maggie are short forms and nicknames of Margaret.

Lorene / Loretta

Lorene is a Latin name meaning “laurel” or “sweet bay tree.” Loretta means “laurel” too.


This is of English origin, referring to the golden flower. It is also a combination of the name Mary and gold.


This name is a variation of Mary and also means “star of the sea.”


This name means “star of the sea” and can also be considered biblical, referencing Mary Magdalene.


This name is of Hebrew origin meaning “of the sea.”


This is an English name meaning “horn” or “sun ray.” It is also a variant of Cornelia and Eleanor.

Olive / Olivia

The name Olive is directly related to an “olive tree.” Olivia has the same meaning and is a variant of this name.

Rosalind / Rosalinda

This name is of Old German and Spanish origin. It means “beautiful rose” with “lind/linda” meaning beautiful in Spanish and “Rosa” meaning rose.


This name derives from Greece after Roxana, the wife of Alexander the Great. In Persian, it means “bright star” or “sunlight.”


This Old Irish name means “old river” or “wise river.”


This French name is of Latin origin meaning “spirit of the wood.”


Of Greek and English origin, this name means “late summer.” It is also related to the names Theresa and Tessa.

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Religious Old Fashioned Baby Girl


This name is of Greek origin. It derives from the word anástasis (ἀνάστασις), meaning “resurrection.” The male equivalent name is Anastasius.


The origin of this Latin name is much debated. It is believed to be derived from the phrase “alma mater”, in reference to the Virgin Mary. It can also mean “feeds one’s soul” or “lifts the spirit.”

Angeline / Angelique

This name is of Greek origin, meaning “messenger of God.”


This Latin name is considered to have a religious significance, taken after Eve, the companion of biblical Adam. In Hebrew, it means “to breathe” or “to live.”


This is a religious name, derived from the Greek Ἁγνή Hagnḗ, meaning “holy” or “pure.”


This English name means “gracious” or “merciful.” It is a diminutive form of “Ann”.


This is name is of French origin, meaning “My God Is My Oath.” It is also a diminutive form of the name Barbara.


This name has Hebrew, Dutch, and English origins. It has meanings of “God is my oath” and “God’s promise.”


This name has Aramaic or Hebrew origin, meaning “house of figs.” It derived from the Biblical town, Bethany, near Jerusalem. It is commonly referred by the nickname Beth.


This biblical name is Hebrew, meaning “God is perfection.”


This name is of Latin origin, meaning “helper to the priest.”


This comes from the New Testament of the Bible, taken from Kandake, the Queen of Ethiopia.

Cecilia / Celia

This biblical name is based on the Roman surname “Caecilius,” which came from “caecus,” the Latin word for “blind.” It was a name to honor St. Cecilia, a second-century martyr.


This name comes from the Latin “caelestis” meaning “heavenly” or “celestial.”


This Latin name means “constant.” It imbues a sense of one’s faith in the Bible.


This is an old name, from the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible. Delilah – meaning “delicate” – was a strong Nazirite. It also has origins in Arabic and Greek.

Dolly / Dorothy / Dora / Dot

Dolly is of English origin and is the short form of Dorothy, meaning “gift of God.” Dora and Dot are derived from Dorothy, meaning “God’s gift.”

Elise / Eliza / Elizabeth / Elsa / Elsie

Elizabeth is a beautiful old fashioned French name that means “My God is an oath.” Eliza and Elise are shortened versions. It is most commonly used as a middle name for a child. Elsa and Elsie are pet name variations of Elizabeth too.


This Latin name means “immortal glory, fame, praise, honor.” It could be considered anglicized or biblical in the sense that it means “Glory to God.”


This name comes from Latin origin and was first used as a reference to “God’s grace.” Although this name could be considered biblical, it can also just mean “charm,” “goodness,” and “generosity.”


Although this name originates from several languages, it is most commonly related to the Hebrew language. It means “pleasure” and can also be etymologically related to Eden, the Biblical Garden of Eden.


This common name is Hebrew, meaning “favor” or “grace.” It could also be considered a biblical name, in reference to the Old Testament.


This Old Norse name is common German-speaking countries. It means “holy” or “blessed.”


This is an English American name meaning “confidence,” “trust,” “belief.” This also has religious connections, meaning “may God reign.”


This beautifully common name is of English origin meaning “desire of fulfillment.” This could be a Christian name, inspired by the three theological virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity) or just to signify the expectation of eternal life.


Derived from an Anglo-saxon word, it means “home” or “to entertain.” However, in Christianity, it it is a woman/queen. It can be used as a nickname for Marina or Christina.


Coming from Spanish, Portuguese, and French origin, this religious name means “holy,” “pure” and “virginal.”


This name has multiple origins. It is the Spanish and Italian version of a Hebrew name, meaning “devoted to God.” Nicknames for this could be Izzy, Bella, or Belle.

Jan / Janet / Jane

Janet is a Dutch and Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious.” Jan is a short form of Janet. Jane can also be a variation of this name, meaning “gracious” or “merciful.”


This name means, literally, “joy, happiness.” A common variation of this name is Joyce. In Hebrew, it can be “joy of the Lord.”


While this Hebrew-dervied name typically means “woman of Judea,” it can also mean “she will be praised.”

Liza / Lizzie

Both Liza and Lizzie are Hebrew and biblical names meaning “God’s promise.”


This name is of Hebrew, Latin, and Greek origin with various meanings: “beloved,” “wished-for child,” or “drop of the sea.” This could also be a biblical name, after Mary, the mother of Jesus.


This Welsh name means “Great Lord.”


This old-fashioned name is of Latin origin, meaning “small.” It is the feminine form of Paul and is in reference to Saint Paul of Christianity.


This name is of Arabic and Hebrew origin, both meaning “listens well” and “as told by God.”


This is a Hebrew and Greek name meaning “God had heard.”


This is a biblical name deriving from Greek words meaning “gift of God”


This name is of Old German origin meaning “helmet of God.”

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Classic Retro Names For Your Baby Girl

Imagine a favorite music artist or band from the 60s and 70s. Think of tie-dye shirts, medallion necklaces, bell-bottoms. These baby names are classic and cool and will stand the test of time.


This name has English, American, and German origins meaning “bright, famous” or “little bird.”


This name is of Old Norse origin meaning “sword.”

Bridget / Brigid / Bridgit

This Gaelic/Irish name is derived from the word “brígh” with multiple meanings: “strength,” “virtue,” and “exalted one.”

Clarice / Clarissa

Coming from Latin and Greek origin, this name means “bright, clear, famous, brilliant.”


This Greek name means “beautiful” and is a form of Carrie and Caroline.


This is the French form of Charles, meaning “free man.”


This name is of Greek origin meaning “pure.”


As the feminine version of Claude, this French name means “lame.”


From French and Latin origins, this name means “merciful.”

Charlotte / Lottie

This name comes from France, meaning “petite” or “little” It is the female form of Charlot. Nicknames for this can be “Charlie” or “Lottie.”

Claire / Clare / Clara

This name is of French origin, meaning “clear.”


This French and English name means “tenth.” It most likely originated from the surveyors of the Mason-Dixon line. In Cajuan French, “dix” means “ten”.


This old fashioned name means “woman” in Italian.


This is a French name with some Germanic and Celtic origin meaning “woman of the race.”


This name could have a few meanings. In Old German, it can be in relation to a member of the Gauts, a German tribe. In Hebrew, it is a name for a “supplanter.”


This French name means “pretty” in French. It is commonly shortened as “Jolie.”

Layla / Lila

Layla is a Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “night” or “dark.” It is a name often given to a child born in the middle of the night. Lila has various meanings: “fire,” “strength,” “beauty,” “night,” and “dark beauty.” It can also be a variant of the Hebrew name Layla, meaning “night.” It could also be a nickname for Delilah.


This name is of Greek origin meaning “help.” If you’re a fan of Shakespeare and his play Hamlet, you might love this name!


This Greek name means “friend” or “loved one.”


This English name means “classical” or “ancient.”


Literally meaning “the red gemstone,” this name is of English origin and was first used in the 1870s.

Sarah / Sadie

Sarah means princess and is also the biblical wife of Abraham. Sadie is a nickname of Sarah and has the same meaning.


This English name symbolizes courage, passion, force, and heat. It relates to the color scarlet red!


This name is believed to have Celtic origins meaning “peaceful” or “beautiful view.”


Of Latin origin, this name means “star.”

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Old Fashioned Girl Names From Greek and Roman Mythology


This name comes from the Greek word Ἄνθεια, meaning “blossom.” It is an epithet of Hera, the classical Greek goddess.


This Greek name means “blooming” or “fertility.” It comes from Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and harvest, who was sometimes referred to as Chloe. The name also appears in the New Testament of the Bible.


Derived from Ancient Greece, this name is an epithet of the Greek goddess Persephone. It can also be based on a Gaelic word meaning “honest, just, virtuous.”


In mythology, Diana was a Roman divinity and was associated with the Greek god Artemis. This classic name means “divine.”


This is a Hebrew name meaning “victory.” However, it can also be associated with the Greek mythological naiad nymph named Daphne, the (minor) goddess of fountains, wells, springs.


This Greek name means “light” or “bright.” It can be related to Helen of Troy, the daughter of Zeus and wife of Menalaus.


Coming from a Greek goddess, this name means “peace.”


This Latin name can quite literally mean “born in June.” It comes from the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth.


This name comes from Greece, meaning “weaver.” In Greek mythology, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus who spent time weaving and fending off suitors.


This is an ancient Greek name and an epithet of Apollo meaning “bright.” In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a titan with the power of prophecy.


Another Greek mythological name, Phyllis dies for love and is transformed into a tree. This name means “greenery.”

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Old Fashioned Girl Names Based On Occupations or Locations


This Irish-American name comes from the term of “unmarried girl/woman.” It is a diminutive of caile meaning “country woman.”


This is of Greek origin meaning “from Mount Kynthos.”

Etta / Henrietta

This is a name of English origin meaning “ruler of the home.”


This name comes from Latin origin meaning “bean grower.”

Georgette / Georgia / Georgina

The variations of this name are of Latin and French origin, meaning “farmer.” This would be an occupational name.

Harriet / Hallie / Hattie / Henrietta

Harriet, Hattie, and Henrietta are of old English origin meaning “home ruler.” Hallie is a variant of Harriet and is an English name meaning “dweller in the hall meadow.” Henrietta is a more formal version of Harriet.

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Names for Girls That Radiate Elegance


This cute name has French origin, meaning “famous warrior.” It is of the French form “Louise.”


Coming from the Germanic word “ermen,” this name means “universal” or “whole.”

Esme / Esmé / Esmée

This English first name means “esteemed” or “beloved.” However, it is also used as the Spanish feminine name Esmeralda meaning “emerald.”


Coming from the Roman family name Aemilius, this name means “rival.” However, the Greek interpretation of this could mean “wily” or “persuasive.”


This is a pretty uncommon name, but a classic one nonetheless. It is an Old English name meaning “noble.” It is sometimes used as a last name.


This Welsh name means “fair bow” or “blessed ring.” A common nickname is Gwen.


This name comes from French and Old German origin that has a few meanings. It means both “famous warrior” and “healthy.”


This is a diminutive form of the Hebrew name “Mary.” It most commonly means “sea of bitterness” or “rebellion.”

Nadia / Nadine

In many Slavic languages, Nadia means “hope.” Nadine is the French variant of this name, meaning “showerer of blessings.”


This name is of Anglo-Norman and Latin origin meaning “honor” and is also Scottish, being the feminine form of Norman. It is also short for the Greek name Eleanora meaning “light.”

Rose / Rosella / Rosetta

Rose quite literally is in reference to the flower. Rosella and Rosetta are variations of this name.

Old Fashioned Baby Names That Can Be Unisex

Here is a list of somewhat uncommon old-fashioned names that can be for a girl or a boy, however your child wants to identify as.


This name has origins in English, Norman French, and German. It has been translated to mean “king of the Elves.” It is a unisex name.


This is a unisex name meaning “free man”. It comes from the name Charles, as a nickname.


This could be considered a unisex name from English. It originated as a respelling of the name Haiden, meaning “heathen.”


This is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning “from the flower.”

Old Fashioned Names or Vintage Names For Girls

The following names could be considered “old lady” names, and not something most parents would consider naming their newborn. If you want to be old-fashioned and name your child something different, something vintage, timeless, and beautiful, then keep on reading.


This Old German name comes from as early as the 6th century. It means “bright one.”


This vintage name comes from Spanish origin, meaning “sorrowful” or “pain.” This name is related to other names like Lolita and Lola.


While this is a feminine name, it is related to the masculine form Eugene. It is Greek and means “well-born.”

Fannie / Fanny

This cute name is of English origin meaning “free.”


Derived from the Old Norse hildr, this name means”battle.” It can also be related to Saint Hilda (seventh century) who was an abbess in England.


This name is more common in Europe, mostly popular in Scandinavian countries. It has ancient Germanic etymology and is derived from a Germanic word. This name means “labor, work.”

Imogen / Imogene

This Irish and Gaelic name means “maiden.”


This name comes from Latin and Greek origin, meaning “gift of Isis,” and is related to the principal goddess of Ancient Egypt.

Darla / Darlene

From Old English, this name means “little dear one” or “darling.”


This Hebrew name means “judged” or “vindicated.”

Edie / Edith

Edie is an Old English name meaning “strife for wealth” and Edie, is a variant of this name.


This cute name has origins from Norman French and Gaelic Irish. In French, it is “aveline”, which means “hazelnut.” In Gaelic Irish, it means “shining.”


Coming from the Latin word “felix”, this name means “happy, lucky, happy times.”


This is an English version of a French name and also the feminine form of Joseph, taken from the Hebrew name Yosef. It means “shall grow.” Nicknames for this could be Josie or Jo.

Katherine / Kate / Kathy / Kitty

Derived from a Greek word meaning “pure,” this name also comes from a saint martyred in Alexandria. A nickname or also a common name derived from this is Kate, Kathy, and Kitty.


This Spanish name means “bitter” or “sour.”


This female-given name means “mistress” or “lady.”


This name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “grace.”


This name is of Greek origin and means “song.”


This name is of Old French and German origin meaning “wealth.” Fun fact, in the famous Swan Lake, the good swan’s name is Odette.


This baby name is of Latin origin meaning “dew of the sea” and can be in relation to that fragrance we all know and love.


This old lady name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “friend.”

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Old Fashioned Names for Girls Related to Strength and Bravery


This German and French name means “strong” and “brave.”


This female-given name is derived from Germanic roots, meaning “spear” or “strength.” A cute nickname for this is Trudy.


This Old French name was to symbolize someone “from Lorraine,” a place in France. However, it also derives from a German word meaning “famous army.”


This name has English and German origins meaning “famous warrior.”

Louisa / Louise

These names have German origins meaning “famous warrior.”


This name is of German origin meaning “battle mighty.”


This Anglo-Saxon name has old English origin, meaning “gentle strength.”

Millicent / Millie

This name has been used since the Middle Ages. It is German and means “work” or “strength.”


This baby name means “willful” and “ambitious” in Greek.


This name is of German origin meaning “universal strength.”

Other Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names


This Hebrew name means “the father’s joy.”


This name is derived from Greece, meaning “truth.”


This name could be considered Greek or old English. In old English, it means “healer” or “wholesome”, and in Greek, it is a variation of Althaea (Αλθαια), meaning “healing.”


This name is of French origin, meaning “priceless one.”


This Irish name is a variant of “Charlene” meaning “free man.” It is the feminine diminutive of Charles.


You’d think that this is only a French name, but it is also of Latin origin. From “Frances,” it means “free one.”


This name is derived from an Old English word. It represents fidelity, based on the ancient Greek newlyweds who were given an ivy wreath to symbolize faithfulness to one another.


The meaning of this name is quite literal: “a precious gem.” It is of old French origin, also meaning “delight.”


This old lady baby name is of Greek origin meaning “oracle.”


This name is of old English but has German origins as well. It means “determined protector.”


With Slavic origin, this name means “faith.” However, in Latin, it means “true.”


In Roman mythology, Victoria was the goddess of victory. This Latin name means “victory.”

Viola / Violet

Violet and Viola are two names that are related to the color purple and the flower.

Wilhelmina / Willa / Wilma

Wilhelmnia comes from the Dutch and German masculine name William. Coming from the German “wil” meaning “will, desire” and “helm” meaning “protect,” this name means “the will to protect.” Nicknames or variations of this name are Willia and Wilma.

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