This Is How Much Your Favourite Youtubers Make Per Month (Disclaimer: It’s Messed Up)

Just in case you were wondering, here is a breakdown of how much money your favourite Youtube stars make per month. Social Blade is a website that allows for you to type in the username of popular YouTube personalities, and see a breakdown of their earnings per view. These ranks do not include endorsement deals, or sponsorship deals, so if you thought these salaries were already insane — we promise, they’re actually way, way bigger.

Zoella Instagram
Zoella Instagram

Carli Bybel

(Estimated: Anywhere from 3.4k — 54k per month)
Carli Bybel is a makeup, beauty, fashion, and fitness guru from New Jersey. She currently boasts 4,918,770 Youtube subscribers, and over 3.9 million Instagram followers. Not only does she make money from her main channel, she has also collaborated with companies around the world to create her own clothing line and her own makeup palette.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 5.8k — 93.2k per month)
Eva Gutowski, known as MyLifeAsEva on YouTube, is a beauty guru and vlogger. She currently has 7,298,229 Youtube subscribers, and over 4.7 million Instagram followers. She is known for her easy going personality and her hilarious videos that perfectly sum up what it is like to be a 22 year old girl in the world today.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 4.3K – 68.9K per month)
Zoella, a beauty guru and vlogger from Britain, is so popular she is a household name in certain parts of the world. She currently has 11,206,689 Youtube subscribers, and over 9.6 million Instagram followers. She has literally taken over the world with her beauty products, her lifestyle product line, her best selling books, and her #goals relationship with fellow YouTuber PointlessBlog (who is also on this list)


(Estimated: Anywhere from 7.6K – 121K per month)
Bunny Marie Meyer, who is known on YouTube as grav3yardgirl, is an fashion and beauty vlogger. She currently has 7,740,700 Youtube subscribers, and over 2.7 million Instagram followers. She shot to internet fame when she started creating her insanely popular “Does This Thing Really Work?!” videos, where she can be seen reviewing viral lifestyle products.

Tana Mongeau

(Estimated: Anywhere from 5.1K – 82.2K per month)
Tana Mongeau is a lifestyle vlogger from Las Vegas. She currently has 1,835,874 Youtube Followers, and is close to hitting 800k Instagram followers. Tana is mainly known for her Story Time videos, where she can be seen ranting about certain things that have happened to her in the past.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6.3K – 100.7K per month)
NikkieTutorials is a beauty blogger that first gained popularity when she created a viral video trend called “The Power Of Makeup.” She currently has 5,579,488 Youtube Followers, and 5.8 million Instagram followers. Nikkie is praised online for encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to embrace what they look like and motivating young women everywhere to love themselves.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 7.9K – 126.6K per month)
Jeffree Star is a beauty blogger that also owns his own makeup line. He currently has 2,871,647 Youtube subscribers and 3.5 million Instagram followers. Jeffree is most known for his honest approach to makeup reviews, and made a big splash on social media earlier this year when he was seen throwing his Kylie Lip Kit into the trash, calling her products a “waste of money.”

Philip DeFranco

(Estimated: Anywhere from 9.5K – 151.5K per month)
Philip DeFranco is a Youtube personality that focuses on bringing current events and trending news stories to his subscribers. He currently has 4,834,581 Youtube fans and 545k Instagram followers. People flock to his channel to hear his opinions on things that are happening around the world, whether that consists of his opinions on the upcoming election, or his views on internet feuds and Youtube drama.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 64.3K – 1M per month)
Felix, known on YouTube as PewDiePie, is a gamer, and Youtube vlogger. He currently has 48,692,697 Youtube subscribers (what the hell) and 10.5 million Instagram followers. People flock to his channel to see his playthroughs, facial expressions and hilarious commentary, on their favourite video games. He dominates YouTube and has been toted as the most paid personality on the platform of all time.

Jenna Marbles

(Estimated: Anywhere from 7.5K – 120.7K per month)
Jenna Mourey, known on YouTube as JennaMarbles, is an YouTube comedian that is best known for her hilarious video “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Attractive” that went viral years ago. Since then, Jenna has racked up 16,594,460 Youtube Subscribers and 4.1 million Instagram followers.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 21.6K – 346.2K per month)
Smosh is a YouTube channel that is run by friends Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox. The channel focuses on comedy videos, and boasts 22,426,104 Youtube subscribers. On Instagram Smosh has around 2.7 million followers. The duo also runs a website with the same name, that brings in millions and millions of views per month.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 12.8K – 204.6K per month)
Lilly Singh, known as IISuperwomanII on Youtube, stand up-comedian & vlogger. She currently has 9,962,272 Youtube subscribers, and 4.9 million Instagram followers. People admire her because she is hilarious, witty and creates content that almost anyone can relate to in 2016.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 21K – 335.7K per month)
Rachel Levin is an beauty guru and video blogger that is best known for her DIY videos, and her Reality vs Expectations video series. Currently, she has 9,881,442 Youtube subscribers, and 3.1 million Instagram followers. Rachel is loved by a lot of young girls, and was even nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the “Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty” category.

Shane Dawson

(Estimated: Anywhere from 28.4K – 454.2K per month)
Shane, commonly known as Shane Dawson, is an actor, producer, and insanely famous Youtuber. He currently has 8,233,875 million Youtube subscribers, and 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Shane creates different personalities and plays them on his channel, producing story lines, vlogging in character, and so on. In 2010 he even won a Streamy award for his content.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 8.6K – 137.3K per month)
HowToBasic is an anonymous YouTuber from Australia. He is known for his erratic tutorials, that border on psychopathic. There is truly no way to describe his channel, or what category of content he creates, but when you do watch his videos it is impossible to look away. He currently has 8,128,925 Youtube subscribers, and 169 thousand Instagram followers.

Tyler Oakley

(Estimated: Anywhere from 1.2K – 19.3K per month)
Tyler Oakley is a YouTube celebrity that is best known for his comedic collaboration videos with other popular Youtubers. Currently, Tyler has 8,125,457 Youtube subscribers, and over 6.7 million Instagram followers. He has written a best selling book and has won many awards based on his Youtube channel. He is an incredible advocate for LGBTQ Youth, and actively uses his platform to educate his followers on how to be allies.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6.5K – 104.5K per month)
Joe Sugg, known as ThatcherJoe on Youtube, is a popular vlogger and comedian. He is known mainly because he is Zoella’s little brother, but he has made a name for himself due to his witty personality and his eccentric antics while gaming. Joe currently has 7,430,769 Youtube subscribers, and 5.3 million Instagram followers.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 10.8K – 173.5K per month)
Miranda Sings is actually a character that was created by Colleen Evans. Colleen’s fictional personality boasts 7,136,029 Youtube subscribers, and over 5.2 million Instagram followers. She is known for her terrible singing videos, her tutorials, and vlogs that hilariously comment on current events.

Joey Graceffa

(Estimated: Anywhere from 10.7K – 170.6K per month)
Joey Graceffa is a Youtube personality that is known for doing it all. He is a comedian, an actor, a producer, a writer, a singer and a model. He has been nominated for various Youtube awards. Currently, Graceffa has 6,925,350 Youtube subscribers, and around 4.7 million Instagram followers.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6K – 96.6K per month)
Caspar Lee is a South African-British vlogger that is best known for his pranking videos. He currently has 6,864,471 Youtube subscribers, and 3.9 million Instagram followers. He is best friends with Eva Gutowski (who is also on this list) and they run a joint “family” channel that has already garnished around 1,452,722 video views.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 9.8K – 156.8K per month)
Bryan Le, better known as RiceGum, is a YouTuber that is known for his satirical skits and “diss tracks.” If anyone criticizes him or mentions that they do not like him, he will call them out on his Youtube channel and people absolutely love it. Currently, Ricegum has 4,541,582 Youtube subscribers, and 2 million Instagram followers.


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6.5K – 104K per month)
Alfred Deyes, known as PointlessBlog on YouTube, is one of the most popular male personalities on the platform. He has three channels, but his vlogging channel makes him the most revenue. He is in a relationship with Zoella, and fans flock to his vlogs to see the cute couple interact and live out their days together. Alfie currently has 3,508,164 Youtube subscribers, and 4.5 million Instagram followers, and is also known for simply making people happy with his laugh and his happy go lucky blogging style. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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