This Is How Much Hot Girls Get Paid To Promote That Shitty Tea You See All Over Instagram

Kylie Jenner Instagran
Kylie Jenner Instagran

If you have an Instagram account you have without a doubt seen a good looking, fit account with a lot of followers repping brands like Fit Tea, Skinny Me Tea, YourTea and BooTea. Even the Kardashains have jumped on the sponsored tea bandwagon.

Everyone knows by now that these teas are powered by paid promotions, so its no surprise that accounts with anywhere from 100k – 1 million followers make quite a bit of cash from these sponsorships. But up until now, no one really knew how much these accounts had the potential to make.

Enter — Arianna Dantone. An athlete and YouTuber who posted this tweet on October 6th exposing the promotion price, alongside the caption “this is why people sell out lmao WOW“:

Considering the fact that this would cover most people’s rent for a year — we understand why so many people sell out.

However, no amount of money is worth promoting unhealthy options to extremely impressionable audiences. A lot of the influencers who do sponsored posts with these companies are hawking products that have been known to have laxative properties to young fans who may not know better. People see these fitness gurus showcasing certain brands and lifestyle products and they assume that they will look the same if they buy the tea. Not only does this perpetuate a terrible ideal of health to people who follow fitness accounts in order to be informed, but it just seems like a pretty shitty thing to do for money when you have such a loyal following. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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