‘Christians Against Drugs’ Might Actually Be The Funniest Facebook Page Ever

The internet is a big place, with a lot of interesting web destinations to claim your attention. Facebook alone has pages devoted to cat pictures, in-depth think pieces, your daily news, among basically infinitely things.

Some of these pages, though, are indisputably funnier than others. For instance: “Christians Against Drugs.”

The page features a litany of hilarious anti-drug (particularly anti-weed) memes that are completely absurd. Take a look for yourself:

Like this attempt to scare people away from trying marijuana,

Or this PSA about a woman who killed her baby in a blender after being tricked to smoke,

Or this condemnation of the popular “Pokemon Go” app,

They just keep going on and on…

Don’t tell me you aren’t converted yet!

And some non-drug related advice for all of us too:

Obviously, the page is a huge joke (I hope…), but some people have taken it very seriously:

Facebook / Christians Against Drugs
Facebook / Christians Against Drugs
Facebook / Christians Against Drugs
Facebook / Christians Against Drugs

Hopefully, it’s not too late for me to find salvation from the devil’s lettuce (or Pokemon Go). TC mark

Jacob Geers

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