Read This Savage Text Sent From A Bisexual Teen Who Was 100% Done With Her VERY Homophobic Aunt

Charlie is a Twitter user who has vaulted into virality with her epic responses to a homophobic aunt.

The story begins with this first tweet:


Comparing anybody to their own kid is a pretty nasty thing to do, but it is even more revolting when you are demeaning them for something as fundamental as their sexuality.

When Charlie called her out on her blatant homophobia, Aunt Marie tried to defend herself:

“You need to stop being so sensitive I did not mean faggot in a bad way I just mean you gay people have a lot of drama. I tried to understand this bi shit you claim to be but you teenagers make stuff up all the time. Youre young you will find a man. You can change. You used to be so clever.” (From Mic News)


And her aunt went on further, saying that if Charlie did not “accept her help” she didn’t want her at Indies’ (presumably her daughters?) birthday.

Charlie had had enough of it. So this was her response:


Hi Aunt Marie! Don’t worry about it! I know what you’re like after a few bottles of wine. I can’t make Indie’s birthday I’m afraid, I have a huge lesbian orgy that day and me and the other faggots have been planning it for months!

By the way, how’s your divorce going? I saw Uncle Lee with his new girlfriend, she’s 20 years younger than you right? Speak soon!

And apparently this response had a little bit of a reaction with the family!


Frankly, I think Aunt Marie got what was coming. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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