Read This Epic Letter Written By A Doctor Who Is Pissed Off That An Insurance Company Won’t Cover His Patient’s Medication

Flickr / PRORina Pitucci
Flickr / Rina Pitucci

A Georgia doctor has been working for over six years to get a patient the cornea transplant that they need. Three previous transplant attempts have failed, so now the doctor wants to set his patient up on an intense drug treatment that should prevent the latest transplant for failing.

The snag? The insurance company refuses to cover the drug — making it completely unaffordable for the patient — and this doctor is not happy about that one bit.

Read the passionate letter he wrote his patient’s insurance company below:

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I’ve never thought about this issue from the perspective of a doctor before. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for many of them to see their patients not get the treatment they need because of insurance issues. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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