15 People On The Darkest Lessons Life Showed Them

Noah Kalina

1. “That whatever happens, you are alone. That people you thought are happy, have their moments of unhappiness.” – Oana, 29

2. “That even if you are down with bad experiences, the worst is yet to come…and it never ends.” – Paul, 30

3. “You cannot change the past. Time is always going forward…” – Viorela, 30

4. “Happiness is fleeting. Suck it up, and wait for it come again in its own time.” – Tanvi, 23

5. “That when you travel from a place to another, you feel the fragility of life. And you think that whatever bad happens, it passes.” – Oana, 29

6. “Magic is not black.” – Adrian, 28

7. “You are alone.” – Irina, 35

8. “That when you judge someone, criticise, scorn, get angry with, you are actually, most of the times if not at all times, reflect your own shortcomings and frustrations.” – Laura, 26

9. “The world outside is a mirror of your own world inside, you don’t like what you see go inside and look deeper. And you are not alone you got you.” – Lizzye, 31

10. “There is no such thing as a selfless act. Everything we do – good/bad/neutral – we do because it serves us in some way or it makes us feel better about ourselves. Not even someone who would give his own life to save another’s would do so in a selfless act – he would do so because he couldn’t live with himself if he would do nothing. We’re, by nature, selfish creatures. And that’s perfectly okay.” – Octavian, 38

11. “You live as the hero of your story until you play the villain in someone else s. that s where all innocence ends.” – Olga, 26

12. “Usually you do not get what you deserve, you get what you get.” – Robert, 32

13.“I believe life and lessons are neutral. It is our views on it that makes it bright or dark, good or bad. We are the ones label things, not life itself. Like Liziye mentioned, it is simply a mirror. Many would label being a type 1 diabetic as negative. I see it as a gift and an opportunity. So no darkness unless you choose to see it, just imo.” – Marcus, 27

14. “People enjoy pretty little lies over the truth…at any occasion, just to cope with what’s being thrown at them.” – Teodora, 26

15. “That light is nothing without the darkness.” – Dragoș, 33 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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