250 People Reveal The Lesson They Learned After A Failed Relationship

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“Waiting for a man to change is the biggest mistake a woman has ever made.”

“If they are not ‘what’ you want in the beginning, move on.”

“Self-love is the foundation of any relationship.”

“No matter how good you were together once the other stopped choosing you, it’s over. Also, no matter what you’ve been through… you gotta thank them for the memories. I’m pretty sure it’s not all bad. Just thank them but don’t dwell on it.”

“Don’t expect a cheater to change. If s/he is always looking for attention of others after all you give, it’ll never be enough…and/or s/he’s may be a narcissist.”

“Never beg someone to love or be with you, because if someone truly and utterly cares about you, they will treat you as a priority.”

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other and how much ups and downs you’ve shared. If he decides to leave and turn his back from you, there is nothing you can do. But you can always regain your balance, so long as you have not lost yourself in the process of losing him. Above all, love and respect yourself.”

“No matter how much you want your relationship to be your last, you cannot force someone to stay if they choose to give up on you.

Also, you can’t force something that isn’t meant to work out in the first place.”

“Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
So it’s not gonna hurt dat much when things didn’t work out.”

“Sometimes it’s better to let go and move on than it is to fight for something that only one of you truly wants.”

“Proving yourself will never be a guarantee that he will choose you!!! Love yourself!!! That’s all you have! YOURSELF!!!”

“Some may be more suited for you than others, and you may think you found the perfect person for you but the ONE is a myth. I don’t believe anyone who says they found the ONE because the person you found is someone you liked best from the pool you were exposed to, and not the entire population on the planet. Obvious gross incompatibilities aside, there is no ONE perfect person for you that you need to constantly be in search of. Bottom line, every relationship, whatever the degree of compatibility of the couple, is a lot of work and can survive only with willful commitment to work on themselves and the relationship. You, your partner, and your relationship will always be works in progress. Embrace that. You can’t give someone everything all the time, nor can you expect it. You are both perpetually learning from each other and life, growing together and trying to give each other the best, also bringing out the best in the other person. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but realize the value of what is in front of you. This doesn’t mean you settle or compromise beyond your breaking point. Just learn to appreciate things for what they are rather than be deluded into a never-ending search for something better; spoiled by every iteration of ‘happily ever afters’ in the movies and books. Real life starts AFTER the fairy-tale ending in the books and the movies.”

“Don’t be too dependent on your emotional needs to others. Love yourself enough that you need not to look for a love from others.”

“Learn to forgive no matter how much the person caused so much pain and no matter how hurtful it is. Forgiving is always associated with forgetting. Forget in a way that you need to move on and keep moving forward even if that person is no longer with you in crossing those paths. Forgive and forget will give you peace of mind.”

“When someone continues to hurt you, end the relationship. It really is that simple. It matters not who they are. Put some boundaries up; if they still hurt you, move on!”

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