4 Birth Months That Can’t Sleep This Week Due To Overthinking

Some people have trouble letting go of their fears and what ifs. At night, they will replay all of the things that they feel like they have done wrong in their past, then worry about all the things they are worried might go wrong in the future. Here are the birth months who commonly stay up all night, overthinking:


If you were born in May, your insecurities commonly get the best of you. You stay up all night, overthinking, because you’re worried that you said something that upset a family member or friend. That you are accidentally pushing away the people who are closest to you, or that you made some sort of mistake that is going to result in you losing your job. You are always panicked that your decisions were the wrong decisions, that you made some horrible mistake that is going to ruin everything. But you need to remember, no one is being as hard on you as you’re being on yourself. Even if you did make some tiny missteps throughout the day, most people probably don’t remember a thing. You’re the only one worried about it.


If you were born in November, you lean more toward pessimism than optimism. Since you’re always worried that something horrible is going to go wrong, it’s hard for you to fall asleep without thinking through every potential scenario. After all, you want to be prepared for whatever you’re about to face. You want to think through every single angle so you aren’t caught by surprise. But you need to remember, life is unpredictable. You won’t always be prepared, even if you take all the proper steps. Sometimes, you just have to let things happen and deal with them as they come.


If you were born in September, you’re a perfectionist. You aren’t happy with yourself, even when you’ve gone above and beyond that day, because you always feel like you could have done more. You put way too much pressure on yourself to be perfect, which is why you stay up at night, thinking about all the things you could have done differently. But you need to remember, perfection is impossible to reach. You need to start appreciating everything you’ve done right instead of zoning in on the super small things you could have done better. Stop being so hard on yourself because you deserve so much more credit than you’ve been giving yourself.


If you were born in January, you have an active imagination. Even if everything in your world is going well, you are going to daydream about everything falling apart. You are going to torture yourself by thinking through the worst-case scenarios. Plus, you are going to think far into the future and deep into the past because you struggle to enjoy the current moment that you’re in. You’re always worried about another time and place instead of focusing on the here and now. But you need to remember, you can’t fix problems that don’t exist yet. You need to focus on today. Focus on what you’re experiencing right now, not what you might experience a few weeks or months or years from now.

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Holly Riordan

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.