Your Weekly Horoscope For August 20 – August 27

Your Weekly Horoscope For August 20 – August 27


This week, you’re going to feel like a failure. But you have to remember that failing is a step on the way toward success. Failing isn’t inherently a bad thing. You should be proud of yourself for trying and you shouldn’t give up on yourself. Keep going because you’ve got this, even though your confidence is a little shaken right now.


This week, you’re going to be filled with a lot of doubt about an important piece of your world – whether that is your relationship, your living situation, or your career. However, you don’t want to make any rash decisions that will come back to bite you. Think things through. Consider your options. And then come to a conclusion that makes you feel comfortable.


This week, take some time to visualize your future. Ask yourself where you want to see yourself in a few months, then a few years. If you aren’t on a path that’s going to take you toward that dream life, you need to reroute and reevaluate. You need to make changes that will help you reach your intended destination.


This week, don’t be afraid of losing people. Don’t be afraid of walking away from situations that are making you miserable. Goodbyes are never easy, but sometimes they’re necessary. Sometimes, they will set you on the right path and bring you more happiness (and peace) than you ever thought possible. So don’t hesitate to go.

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This week, you’re going to feel a little uncomfortable – but that discomfort can be a beautiful thing. It can be a sign you’re heading in the right direction. After all, comfort means you aren’t challenging yourself. It means you’re going easy on yourself. So don’t feel embarrassed by the way you’re feeling. Embrace it.


This week, you’re going to be faced with a difficult choice. You aren’t going to know what move to make, but that’s okay. Accept that you’re confused. Accept that you don’t have all the answers. And ask for help when you need it. See what others that you trust have to say – but don’t automatically do what they tell you. Don’t make them happy. Make yourself happy.


This week, don’t shy away from your emotions, especially your anger. This doesn’t mean you should lash out at others. It means you should allow yourself to feel the way you feel and try to find the source of the pain. Ask yourself why this matters so much and then address the issue. It should tell you a lot about yourself as a person.


This week, you might make mistakes, but you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself about them. Don’t assume you can’t do anything right. Don’t convince yourself you’ll never succeed. Accept that you’re only human and that you can’t always get it right. Perfect is a myth, so simply strive to do your own personal best.


This week, let yourself cry. Let yourself feel vulnerable. Don’t push away the emotion. Don’t pretend you’re perfectly fine. Be honest with yourself, even if you aren’t going to be honest with others. There’s nothing wrong with shedding some tears, and you need to remember that when times are tough.


This week, stop spending so much time trapped indoors. Go outside. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Walk your pets. Feel your toes in the grass. Even if it’s only for a few minutes per day, try to get some sunshine. Try to give your eyes a break from screens and enjoy nature.


This week, check on your strongest friends. Make sure that they’re doing okay, and if possible, schedule time to meet up with them again. Don’t let too much time pass without communicating. Even though they’ll be there for you no matter what, that doesn’t mean you should be distant.


This week, stop worrying so much about your reputation. Stop concerning yourself with what other people think of you. You can’t make everyone happy, which is why you need to focus on yourself. Forget outside opinions. Forget validation. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, as long as you’re doing what you feel is right, the only opinion that matters is yours.

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