The Best People To Surround Yourself With Are Those Who Inspire You

The best people to surround yourself with are those who inspire you – strong, passionate people who will teach you how to reach your fullest potential.

The more time you spend around them, the more their attitude is going to rub off on you. If they’re optimistic, even when everything is going wrong, it will teach you to look on the bright side of bad situations. If they’re resilient, even when they suffer failure after failure, it will teach you to get up and try again.

Big Shot, the hilarious (and heartwarming) Disney+ Original Series, emphasizes the importance of teamwork and surrounding yourself with inspiring people. The series follows the journey of college basketball coach, Marvyn Korn, who is played by John Stamos. After Korn is let go from the NCAA, he enters a new chapter as a coach at an elite private high school.

While he initially struggles with the transition, Korn soon learns how to connect with his players through empathy and vulnerability. In order to continue strengthening his team, he has to grow as a person. His story highlights his path to becoming a better friend, teammate, and father.

Big Shot is a reminder you can’t get by on talent alone. You need to act as a team. You need to root for each other, not tear each other down. When your peers do better, everything will work out better for you, too.

Always remember, you deserve to be surrounded by people who support and inspire you. These people should encourage you to chase after your wildest dreams. They should push you to reach beyond your limits. They should be the first ones to congratulate you when you achieve success and the first ones to comfort you when you fail.

It’s always nice knowing someone is in your corner. Having people around you who genuinely care about your well-being will push you to work your hardest. It will remind you that you do have what it takes when you forget about your worth. Everyone goes through moments of insecurity and self-doubt, but when you have a strong support system, it will be easier to pick yourself up again.

Remember, you’re allowed to walk away from people who discourage you. These people will only make it harder to achieve your dreams. They will only bring you down and enhance your self-doubt. You should strive to surround yourself with positivity and encouragement instead. Divert your energy toward people who want you to learn and grow.

When you connect with others who uplift you and inspire you, they will help you improve in a million little ways. You will become a better person by learning from them – and they will learn the same from you. Your relationship won’t be a one-way street. You’ll both benefit from your bond, just like Coach Marvyn and his high school basketball team.

When you surround yourself with teammates who inspire you, you will feel motivated to make them proud. However, you can never forget it’s even more important to make yourself proud. At the end of the day, you owe it to yourself to try your hardest, to refuse to quit. You don’t want to give up on your dreams because you can reach them at any age. If you put your heart and soul into achieving your goals, you can do something special. You can be a part of something special, something bigger than yourself.

When you surround yourself with others who are as passionate as you are, their energy will be contagious. They will make you feel like you’re part of a team. They will remind you you’re never alone. There are plenty of people in your corner. You just have to discover them and be there for them, too. You need to give as much as you receive. You need to pass on your knowledge and inspire the next person who comes along.

If you put effort into your goals, and into surrounding yourself with the right people, that hard work will pay off. Like Coach Marvyn says in Big Shot, “If you try your very best, then you have the potential to be great.”

Big Shot is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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