You'll Survive Losing Them

You’ll Survive Losing Them

You’re going to survive losing them. It’s not going to be easy. There are going to be plenty of tear-filled nights ahead of you. You are going to stay up late, questioning whether you made the right decision, whether you should have given them another chance, whether you could’ve been happy with them after all. At first, you aren’t going to know for sure whether you did the right thing. What ifs are going to plague you. Your doubts will drive you insane.

However, you have to remember what it felt like when you were with them. You cannot recall the good memories without bringing up the bad. Remember how lonely you felt within their company. Remember how many arguments kept you awake. Remember how many times you questioned whether you should leave before you actually took action. Most importantly, remember that there are so many beautiful things awaiting you in the future. Your best days aren’t behind you. You still have so much to experience. You still have a whole universe to explore.

Even though there might be times when you feel like crawling out of bed is impossible, when you keep hitting snooze because you would rather be asleep than get stuck living your real life, everything is going to work out okay in the end. You are going to survive your weakest moments. You are going to come out stronger than before.

Remember, it’s okay to cry in front of mirrors. It’s okay to scream into your pillowcases. It’s okay to vent to your best friends. It’s okay to scribble your thoughts into a journal. You don’t have to act like you’re fine when you’re crumbling. You don’t have to play pretend because you’re going through a lot right now.

You might feel like you’re at your most vulnerable, but you’re still processing, still healing, still transitioning from one experience to the next. Change is never easy. Even the worst relationships are difficult to leave, so walking away from a good one can seem unbearable. It can feel like you’re never going to bounce back, like you’re going to be this miserable forever.

You have to remember it’s only natural for you to feel sad about your circumstances. You lost someone important to you. You are going to live a completely different life without them. You are going to grow into a completely different person. There is so much that you’ve had to say goodbye to in the process of leaving them, but you are going to get through this. You are a fighter. You are resilient. You are going to survive this heartache, this obstacle, this pain.

Right now, you might feel like your world is ending, but a new chapter is beginning. The world has so much in store for you. Now that you’re free, you get to make your own decisions. You get to carve your own path. You get to figure out what you want from your future. It’s completely up to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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