X Reminders For Girls Who Are Sick Of Chasing Someone 

7 Reminders For Girls Who Are Sick Of Chasing Someone

1. You deserve more than someone who cannot even send a text back. You deserve more than someone who half asses their effort. You deserve more than someone who makes you question your worth. You deserve more than someone who cannot see the beauty deep within yourself — or the beauty at the surface. You deserve more than what you have been chasing.

2. One-sided relationships are never worth the trouble. It’s not worth it to sit around, waiting for someone to pay attention to you. It’s not worth it to stare in the mirror, wondering what they don’t like about you. It’s not worth it to chase after someone who is unable to see how lucky they are to have you in their world. It’s not worth it to put yourself through that kind of pain.

3. The right person won’t expect you to chase them. The right person will put in the same amount of effort as you. The right person will appreciate everything you do for them — and swear to return the favor. The right person will send first texts, plan dates, make moves, rise to your expectations. The right person will never make you feel like you are unworthy.

4. You shouldn’t have to convince someone to treat you right. You shouldn’t have to list out reasons why they should give you a chance. You shouldn’t have to show them why you are worthy of their love. You shouldn’t have to explain why they should appreciate you, why they should stay loyal to you, why they should treat you better than they’ve been treating you in the past. They should realize all of these things on their own. It’s not your job to enlighten them.

5. If they aren’t treating you right today, they don’t deserve you tomorrow. Even if they suddenly woke up tomorrow and realized you were the perfect person for them, that doesn’t mean you should give them another chance after everything they put you through. If they weren’t able to see your worth from the start, maybe they don’t deserve you. Maybe you don’t belong together. Maybe you deserve better.

6. You can do better. You really can. You might not believe it. You might assume you’re lucky to get any amount of attention at all. Or maybe you assume you’re never going to find someone you care about as much as the person you’ve been chasing. But it’s not the truth. You’re going to find someone better, someone who actually returns all of the love in your heart.

7. Relationships require effort — but they shouldn’t require a chase. There’s a difference between mutually putting effort into your relationship with someone and chasing after someone who doesn’t seem to appreciate anything you do for them. Remember, your effort should be matched. You deserve to receive as much love as you’ve been offering. You deserve to feel spoiled, too. It shouldn’t be a one-way street. It should be the same from both sides. Otherwise, you’re only going to end up getting your heart broken. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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