Almost Relationships Suck Because You Never Know When To Call It Quits

Almost Relationships Suck Because You Never Know When To Call It Quits

Almost relationships suck because you’re in a constant state of being led on — but you don’t actually know whether or not you’re being led on at the time. In the moment, it feels like the relationship could blossom into something more. It feels like there’s a pretty good chance you could become official in a few more days or weeks or months as long as you hold on, as long as you continue to flirt, continue to text, continue to voice your attraction.

You have absolutely no idea whether all of the effort you’ve been putting in is going to pay off, whether you’re going to end up with a happily ever after or another heartbreak.

Almost relationships are almost impossible to walk away from because you’re never sure when it’s the right moment to leave. You tell yourself that this is the last straw all the time — when they ignore a text or cancel plans or post a picture with an ex. But then they will text you something cute or invite you to hang out with them or post a gorgeous selfie and your hopes of moving on from them will disappear.

You could move on from them if you really tried, but the problem is, you never try for long enough. You always end up wanting them again, because even though they might disappear for a while, there is never a real goodbye. There is never an official ending to your story. There is never any closure. 

Almost relationships are tricky to navigate because you don’t want to look for someone new to date when there’s a chance you could end up with this person you’ve been crushing on forever. But you don’t want to overestimate where things might lead and end up getting your heart shattered when nothing comes of your relationship, either. So you end up staying single. You end up staying in the same exact place.

Almost relationships suck because you never know when to call it quits. You never know whether you should walk away or give it a little more time because a real relationship could be right around the corner. You never know whether you should continue chasing after them or whether you should start the process of moving on.

You have so much trouble guessing what the best move is because your almost confuses you with mixed signals and unspoken emotions. They don’t let you know whether they are planning on settling down with you or whether they only want to have a little fun with you. They don’t fill you in on how they’re feeling — or they claim to fill you in and then their words never end up matching their actions.

Almost relationships are tricky, because there’s always a chance you could end up giving up on someone right before you were meant to get together. But there’s also a chance you’re going to hold onto this person for so long that the right person ends up passing you by. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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