The Happiest Girls Are The Ones Who Keep Going, Going, Going

The Happiest Girls Are The Ones Who Keep Going, Going, Going

The happiest girls aren’t happy all of the time. There are moments when they break down in bathrooms, when they cry into pillowcases, when they feel heartbroken and lost and like they’re losing control. But they never stay upset for long. They never let their misery linger. Even when it feels like they’ve hit their lowest point, they summon the strength to get up again. They accomplish their goals. They set new ones. They never give up.

The happiest girls are the ones who never lose faith in themselves, who never back down, who never surrender. The happiest girls are confident they are going to succeed, even if it takes them weeks, months, years, decades. Sure, there might be moments when they doubt themselves, moments when they question their potential, but they don’t let fear hold them in place. They break free from their comfort zone. They challenge themselves. They surprise themselves.

The happiest girls work their asses off — but they also recognize when it’s time to take a break, when it’s time to recharge, when it’s time to give themselves a well-needed vacation so they don’t burn out. Of course, just because they’re on a break doesn’t mean they’ve given up. And it certainly doesn’t mean they’re lazy. It means they’re self-aware. It means they practice self-care. As soon as they’re in a good place again, they’re going to get right back to the grind. They’re going to pick up where they left off.

The happiest girls never expect to get any credit. They work hard, but they work quietly. Sure, sometimes they’ll post about their accomplishments online. Sometimes they’ll celebrate their milestones with friends. But most of the time, they’re not asking for validation. They’re not searching for attention. They’re not trying to impress anyone else. They’re doing this for themselves. They’re trying to create a life that makes them proud. They’re trying to transform into a person that makes them proud.

The happiest girls keep going because giving up isn’t an option. There’s no chance they’re going to kiss their dreams goodbye. There’s no chance they’re going to give up on what they’ve always wanted. They’ve already made it this far. They’re confident they can make it another day. And another. And another. They know they have what it takes. They’re just waiting for the rest of the world to see it too.

The happiest girls keep going, even when their hearts are broken, even when their faith is shaken, even when their spirit is broken, because they know something good is right around the corner. They have hope everything is going to be okay as long as they put in the effort. These girls know they deserve happiness. They deserve love. They deserve success. They deserve everything they’ve been fighting for.

The happiest girls are the ones who keep going, going, going. The girls who have an unshakable belief in themselves. The girls who recognize how talented they are, how hardworking they are, how badass they are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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