When You're Dating The Wrong Person, You're Going To Miss Being Single

When You’re Dating The Wrong Person, You’re Going To Miss Being Single

You’re going to feel lonely when you’re dating the wrong person. Texting them isn’t going to make you feel any better — and neither is spending face-to-face time with them. Even when you’re cuddled up together in bed, as close as physically possible, you’re going to feel like there’s emotional space between you.

You’re going to feel misunderstood when you’re dating the wrong person. They’re not going to get your jokes. They’re not going to sympathize with you when you’re upset. They’re not going to nod their head when you rant about something or get excited about something. They’re going to be on a completely different page than you.

You’re going to feel unappreciated when you’re dating the wrong person. You’re going to wonder why you bothered to spend an hour getting yourself ready before leaving the house or why you surprised them with freshly baked cookies, because they aren’t going to have the reaction you were hoping to see. They aren’t going to care as much as you want them to care. And, if you’re being honest with yourself, you don’t care about them as much as you’re pretending to care either.

You’re going to feel like something is missing when you’re dating the wrong person. You’re going to feel unfulfilled and you won’t understand why. Your person might look good for you on paper. They might check off all the boxes you were hoping to find. But you aren’t going to feel that spark with them. You aren’t going to feel that rush. You’re going to feel empty. You’re going to feel about the same as you did when you were single — maybe even worse.

You’re going to feel insecure when you’re dating the wrong person. You aren’t going to feel beautiful every time they look at you. You aren’t going to feel like the most special person in the room. You’re going to notice the way they stare at other people. You’re going to notice how bored they look when you speak. And as much as it kills you to notice those things, you can’t be too angry with them because you’re probably treating them the same way. You probably aren’t as crazy about them as you initially thought you were either.

You’re going to feel emotionally drained when you’re dating the wrong person. You’re always going to be under some sort of stress. Even when you have plans to see them and should be excited, you’re secretly going to dread meeting up with them. You would rather spend time alone in your room. You would rather catch up on work. You would rather hang out with other friends. You would rather do anything than sit in the same room as them because you know you aren’t going to have a great time.

When you’re dating the wrong person, you’re going to wish you were single again. You’re going to realize a relationship status isn’t worth this stress. You’re going to realize it’s so much better to be alone than to be stuck with the wrong person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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