You Won't Lose The Right People

You Won’t Lose The Right People

The right people aren’t going to abandon you when times turn tough. They aren’t going to leave you hanging when you need them the most. They aren’t going to make you go through your worst moments on your own.

The right people aren’t going to run the other way when you open up to them about your feelings. They aren’t going to get scared off when they see the real you. They aren’t going to call you clingy and judge you over spilling your soul to them. They’re going to appreciate your honesty. They’re going to be there for you. They’re going to comfort you, listen to you, try to do what’s best for you.

You don’t have to worry about ending up alone, because you won’t lose the right people. The people you’re missing, the people who ghosted you and betrayed you and walked away without a word, are better off keeping their distance from you. You don’t need their negativity. You don’t need the doubts they put into your head. You don’t need the drama of dealing with them.

If someone dipped out of your life, they didn’t deserve a spot there in the first place. You might miss them, but really think about the way they treated you. Does it make sense to miss someone who would desert you? Someone who would rather run away at the first sign of trouble than stick around to help you piece everything back together?

You might feel tempted to text them, to beg for them to come back, but you have to accept the idea that maybe they aren’t meant to be there. Maybe you’re supposed to move on. Maybe you’re better off without them and their temporary love. 

You might feel stifled right now, but you’re going to grow without them. You’re going to flourish without them. You can’t let their disappearing act get you down. You have to accept what happened and give yourself permission to move forward without them in your way.

If you have trouble trusting in the future because of what you went through in the past, remember the right people are going to stick by your side, even when you feel like you deserve their love the least. They aren’t going to abandon you. They aren’t going to get chased away easy.

The right people are going to weather your storms alongside you. They’re going to talk through your feelings with you. They’re going to try to cheer you up. They’re going to make an effort to help you through your pain because you’re not an inconvenience. You’re worth every second they spend on you.

Stop worrying about the people who chose to walk out of your life because they don’t matter as much as you think. They were never meant to be permanent.

You won’t lose the right people. They’re going to stick by your side, no matter what. They’re going to be there for you on your best days and your worst. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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