When He Blocks You Instead Of Giving You Closure

When He Blocks You Instead Of Giving You Closure

When a relationship ends, even an almost relationship, you want to know why. You want to know what made the other person stop texting you, stop flirting with you, stop engaging with you.

You have a million different things you want to ask about their emotions and intentions – but it all boils down to one big question. What the hell happened?

Sometimes, you can guess the answer. You can scroll through their social media, see the change in their relationship status, and decide they must have given up on you because they found someone else (or maybe that other someone was there all along).

Even though it hurts to see them move on, it give you the courage to move on too. It makes you realize you’re better off without them, you don’t need them anymore, they are only a waste of your time.

But you don’t get that kind of closure when someone you’ve been talking to every single day blocks you out of the blue.

When they completely cut contact with you, they take away your chance to learn the truth. They make you even more confused about what’s going on.

When someone blocks you instead of giving you closure, you can’t social media stalk them for clues about what went wrong. You have no idea whether they ran away because they’re in a new relationship, because you upset them, because they moved across the country, or because they’re going through a rough time right now.

Sometimes, social media can be a bad thing. It can make it even harder to get over the people you should have put in your past a long time ago — but it can also give you closure. It can stop you from questioning the what ifs.

When you’re friends with an ex on social media, you don’t have to wonder how they’ve been doing without you because you can log onto your account and see firsthand how they turned out. You can see exactly what you’re missing out on — which is a good thing since your imagination is usually worse than the reality.

When someone blocks you instead of giving you closure, it’s natural to be pissed at them. They could have had a mature conversation with you. They could have let you down easy. They could have made sure you understood why they strung you along for such a long time before going on their way.

Whenever you find yourself missing this person, wondering whether they are ever going to change their mind and walk back into your world, remind yourself they aren’t worth your worries.

You deserve honesty. You deserve transparency. You don’t deserve to be used and discarded without an explanation.

Unfortunately, some people aren’t going to rise to meet your standards. Sometimes, you aren’t going to get the closure you deserve. Sometimes, you have to accept what happened, even if you don’t understand what happened. You have to move on with your life because this other person has already moved on with theirs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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