7 Annoying Things That Happen When You've Been Single For A Large Gap Of Time

7 Annoying Things That Happen When You’ve Been Single For A Large Gap Of Time

1. People care more about your dating life than you do.

Whenever you catch up with an old friend or go to a family function, the first thing out of their mouth has to do with your love life. They always want to know whether you have been seeing anyone, whether you have been texting anyone, whether you are interested in anyone. They forget to ask about your career, your friends, and your hobbies because they are more concerned with your relationship status.

2. People try to get actively involved in your dating life.

Friends will ask you to hand over your phone so they can swipe through Tinder and try to get you matches. They will offer to update your bio and take new, flattering pictures of you. Meanwhile, the older generation will offer to set you up on blind dates. They will talk about the nice boy they saw at the grocery store or their single nephew who is looking to settle down. Everyone will try to play matchmaker.

3. People give you cliche, pointless advice.

They tell you to put yourself out there more. They tell you to join dating sites. They tell you to smile more. They tell you to keep your chin up. They tell you there are plenty of fish in the sea. They think they’re helping, but you have heard the same exact things a million times before.

4. People give you bizarre, backhanded compliments.

They act overly surprised when they hear you aren’t in a relationship. They ask you how you could possibly still be single when you are so smart and kind and funny. They call you a heartbreaker. They call you as pretty as a model. They reassure you that you’re going to find someone soon and that anyone who turns you down doesn’t know what they are missing. People try to come across as sweet, but most of the time, they come across as condescending.

5. Couple friends start acting weird around you.

They don’t know whether they should invite you on group dates and have you act as the fifth wheel — or whether they should exclude you. They don’t know whether they should talk about their boyfriends in front of you — or keep their romantic stories to themselves. They are worried about making you feel awkward, but if they would only act normal around you, you wouldn’t feel awkward at all.

6. People full-on insult you about your looks.

They will tell you to wear your hair up more, down more, curled more, straightened more. They might even comment on your weight or the way you dress. They will give you unsolicited advice about your appearance because they think if you look ‘the right way’ then you’ll have better luck finding a boyfriend.

7. People sense romance where there isn’t any.

When you talk about a close guy friend, they assume you secretly have feelings for each other. When you interact with a male waiter or cashier, they encourage you to ask him out. They get pushy about you making moves on guys you aren’t the least bit interested in. They act like being in any relationship is better than being single, which is not the way you see things at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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