Stop Accepting Half-Ass Love 

Stop Accepting Half-Ass Love 

Stop accepting up-in-the-air plans, one-word texts, and day-late replies. Stop accepting the minimum amount from the people you pour all your effort into.

You are not supposed to wonder whether you are the one who cares more. You are not supposed to feel like you are pulling all the weight in a relationship.

You shouldn’t settle for half-ass love where he will hang out with you — but only if you bug him to come over.

You shouldn’t settle for half-ass love where he will answer your texts — but only after you send two or three in a row.

You shouldn’t settle for half-ass love where he will call you his girlfriend — but only as long as you give him the freedom to act like he is still single.

Stop accepting half-ass love because you deserve a whole heart. If someone is only willing to invest halfway, then you need to walk away. You need to start your journey toward better things.

Even though it’s tempting to continue the chase, to wait at least a little bit longer to see if the person you’re crazy about changes his tune, you cannot keep putting yourself through this charade. You have to let him go for your own good.

Stop accepting it when guys tell you they are uncomfortable with labels or they are not ready for a relationship right nowStop chasing guys who are struggling to choose between you and the single life, or between you and some other girl.

You should not have to rope him into dating you. If he’s not interested, then you should move onto someone else. If you stick around for any longer, you will only put yourself through hell. You will end up planning all the dates, sending all the texts, putting in all the effort. You will expend all your energy trying to make him like you, and since he doesn’t really care how you feel, he won’t return the favor.

In your wildest fantasies, you might imagine him coming to his senses after getting to know you better. You might tell yourself he will realize how lucky he is to have you after you dress up for him, kiss him, cuddle with him, have sex with him.

Deep down, you know you are only fooling yourself. You don’t want to leave him so you keep coming up with excuses to stay. You keep holding onto false hope he will treat you better in the future when you should be paying attention to the way he treats you right now.

Are you okay with the way he has been acting lately? Are you okay with the way he has been making you feel? If not, if you’re unhappy, then you should leave. You shouldn’t let him have full control of your heart when you barely have a slice of his.

You can do better. Stop settling for half-ass love because you deserve the real thing. You deserve a commitment. You deserve serious effort. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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