44 Modern Dealbreakers For Women Who Won't Deal With Your Crap

44 Modern Dealbreakers For Women Who Won’t Deal With Your Crap

1. Sending the same boring texts every single day without any variety.

2. Refusing to delete dating apps once you start dating her.

3. Texting in front of her without letting her know who you’re texting.

4. Acting like she is overemotional for expressing her feelings.

5. Acting like she is psycho for calling you out on your shit.

6. Acting like she is clingy for expecting a text back within a reasonable amount of time.

7. Ghosting and coming back, ghosting and coming back.

8. Making zero effort to see her face-to-face and only talking over the phone.

9. Refusing to define the relationship.

10. Asking for nudes during an otherwise average conversation.

11. Staring at your phone, texting, and scrolling through social media during dates instead of actually paying attention to her.

12. Lying about how many other girls you’ve been texting.

13. Dropping plans on her at the last second instead of giving her notice ahead of time to get ready.

14. Expecting her to show up looking drop dead gorgeous — but not having the same standards for yourself.

15. Expecting her to shave every inch of her body — but not bothering to shave, shower, and manscape before seeing her yourself.

16. Refusing to let her pay or split the bill, even though it would make her more comfortable.

17. Sending texts littered with typos and grammatical errors.

18. Sending one-word texts or single emojis that instantly kill the conversation.

19. Talking about how your ex really fucked you up and acting like it’s entirely her fault every time you make a mistake.

20. Cheating on her.

21. Cheating with her.

22. Acting like she owes you sex because you paid for a drink or complimented her hair.

23. Waiting days, sometimes even weeks, to respond to a simple text.

24. Only talking to her over Snapchat.

25. Only talking to her when you are wasted.

26. Getting mad about hearing she’s fine — but also getting mad when she opens up and admits why she’s upset.

27. Judging her over how many people she’s slept with before you.

28. Making fun of her for how many selfies she takes.

29. Refusing to take pictures with her.

30. Claiming you are not ready for a relationship right now. 

31. Canceling plans at the last second because a better opportunity came up.

32. Lying in your bio.

33. Expecting her to go down on you — but never going down on her.

34. Making her play guessing games.

35. Making her play any games.

36. Sending unwanted dick pics.

37. Slipping into DMs when you are supposed to be in a relationship with her.

38. Purposely waiting to answer her and avoiding double texts because you are trying to seem like the one who cares less.

39. Answering her on social media but ignoring her texts.

40. Thinking every single date should involve Netflix.

41. Keeping in contact with exes who clearly still want to be with you.

42. Flirting with other girls as backup plans in case your relationship ends.

43. Going MIA for a large chunk of time and coming back without an explanation.

44. Getting mad at her for doing the exact same shit you expect to get away with doing to her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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