Stop Apologizing For Acting Clingy

Stop Apologizing For Acting Clingy

Caring is not a crime. Getting attached easily is not a sign of a weakened heart.

You should be proud of your vulnerability. After everything you have gone through, it would be easier for you to say screw love, screw forever, screw happily ever afters. But you have not done that. You are still wearing your heart on your sleeve. You are still taking risks for love.

It takes strength to hand over a bruised heart. It takes strength to love again after being torn apart in the past. It takes strength to act clingy.

If someone does not see the value in your clinginess, if someone is uncomfortable with how much attention you give them, you should march your heart in a different direction. Your soft heart is meant to be appreciated, not mocked.

Never settle for someone who makes you feel weird about how much you care.

You are allowed to show excitement and enthusiasm. You are allowed to look someone in the eyes and admit how you feel about them instead of sending subtle signals until they get the hint. You do not have to hide your feelings behind a blank mask. You can speak from your heart. You can say what is on your mind.

You should never censor yourself around the love of your life. You should never feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them to avoid sending them running in another direction. 

If someone cannot handle how much love you give, then you do not want to waste your time with them anyway. You need someone who realizes your clinginess is a compliment. Your clinginess is you saying I love you, I care about you, I want to spend as much time with you as possible.

You deserve someone who appreciates your transparency. Someone who is thankful they do not have to guess what you are thinking. Someone who sees your clinginess as a positive.

It takes strength to wear your heart on your sleeve when everyone else expects you to hide your heart away.

Stop apologizing for expressing yourself. Stop apologizing for being in touch with your emotions. Stop apologizing for treating others with the kind of kindness they deserve.

Some people might be intimidated by your honesty, but acting clingy is better than acting distant. It is better than pretending to be emotionless. It is better than censoring every thought that pops into your head. It is better than living a lie.

If you scare someone off with your clinginess, let them leave. If someone calls you annoying for how much you care, let them leave too. 

If someone has feelings for you, they should want you to text twice in a row because they love hearing from you. They should want you to invite them over every weekend because they miss seeing you. They should want you to spoil them with compliments because they care about your opinion.

The right person will not mistake your clinginess as a character flaw. They will realize it is one of the most beautiful parts about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark