If 40 Of These 50 Statements Describe Your Relationship, You Have Found Your Forever Person 

If 40 Of These 50 Statements Describe Your Relationship, You Have Found Your Forever Person 

Count up how many of these statements describe your relationship and check the bottom for what the number means: 

1. They put their phone down when they are in the middle of a face-to-face conversation with you.

2. You consider them one of your best friends.

3. Most of your fights end in compromises, not in tears.

4. You have intellectual, stimulating conversations.

5. You can make each other laugh on command.

6. You have similar visions about how you want to spend your futures.

7. You consider them a first priority — and they consider you their first priority.

8. They share their fries with you.

9. They are comfortable crying in front of you.

10. They send you good morning messages.

11. They support you in everything you do.

12. Your morals align.

13. You lower your guards around each other.

14. You do not have to dress up to see them because they find you beautiful no matter what.

15. They treat your pets like their own.

16. When you are upset about something, they become upset on your behalf.

17. You consider yourselves sexually compatible.

18. You have fun together, even when you are grocery shopping.

19. They take care of you when you are sick.

20. They know the names of your favorite bands, candle scents, and late night snacks.

21. They put as much effort into planning dates as you do.

22. They have bought you tampons before.

23. They frequently talk to you about the future.

24. They ask for your opinion before making any major life changes.

25. You act as teammates and conquer all of your problems together.

26. They remember the little things you tell them.

27. They comfort you when you cry.

28. They get along with your friends and most of your family members.

29. They make you feel appreciated, valued, and seen.

30. They are generous in the bedroom.

31. They have read your favorite book and listened to your favorite album.

32. They never leave you waiting too long for a text back.

33. There are countless inside jokes and nicknames only they are allowed to call you.

34. They encourage you to chase after your dreams.

35. You fall asleep easier when they are snuggled in bed beside you.

36. You consider them an excellent kisser.

37. You always look forward to seeing them.

38. You feel like you can talk to them about anything.

39. They know how to cook your favorite meal (or have at least memorized your order at restaurants).

40. Your silences are comfortable.

41. You smile whenever you see their name appear on your phone.

42. They make you feel better about yourself, not worse.

43. They say those three little words on a daily basis.

44. They tell you everything.

45. You have discussed baby names. Or at least discussed adopting a pet together.

46. They buy you sweet, sentimental presents.

47. They always remember your anniversary.

48. They give you compliments about your mind, not only your body.

49. They never belittle your thoughts, ideas, or opinions.

50. They make you want to become the best possible version of yourself.

How many statements related to your relationship?


Your person does not treat you right. Get out of the relationship now.


You are better off single. Hold out for someone who actually bothers to put effort into your relationship.


You might have a strong history with this person, you might even love this person, but you know you can do better. Do not allow yourself to settle.


You two are a strong couple. As long as you continue to respect each other and grow alongside each other, you could last a lifetime.

41-50 answers

Without a doubt, you have found your forever person. Now what are you waiting for? Get married already. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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