Subtle Flirting Is My Favorite Kind

Subtle Flirting Is My Favorite Kind
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In the beginning, when we are in the flirting stages, still getting to know each other, I want you to make your feelings obvious. I want to know what you think about when you look at me. I want reassurance you feel the same way as me.

But I don’t want you to be too forward too soon.

I don’t want you to text me about how sexy I look in my Instagram photos and ask for pictures of your own. I don’t want you to run your hands up my thigh and grab my ass the second we are alone. I don’t want you to put your hands all over me before you even say hello to me. I don’t want the shift from friendship to more to be too sudden, too jarring.

I don’t like overly physical flirting. I like the subtle kind of flirting. I like the banter back and forth over text where we are both teasing each other and fake-mad at each other. I like the compliments that naturally occur in the middle of conversations, the ones that are dropped out of nowhere and bring an unexpected tilt to my lips.

I like the hesitation when we hug because neither of us want to pull away but neither of us want to admit it aloud either. I like the gradual closing of distance while we watch movies, both of us finding reasons to get closer, to put a hand on a hand, to brush a shoulder against a shoulder. I like the small touches, the little reminders you are interested.

Even when I am dying to touch you more, even when the only thing I’m thinking about is tearing your clothes off, I want to wait at least a little while. I like the anticipation. The temptation. The adrenaline. The expectation. The prolonged sexual tension. It’s my favorite part.

I don’t want you to grab me and kiss me without warning, without working up to the moment. I want to catch you looking at my lips first. I want to notice the lust in your eyes. I want the time to get excited because I know something is happening soon.

In the beginning, when things are fresh and new, I don’t want you to come right out and say how badly you want to sleep with me. I want you to make me feel that way without saying the words. I want you to get your point across without having to lay a finger on me because it’s written all over your face and scribbled into your words.

I want to sense how badly you want me leading up until the moment you have me. I want emotional foreplay. I want to feel the chemistry. I want to reach the point where neither of us can stand another second apart because even two inches away is too far.

Subtle flirting is my favorite kind. I like the mystery in it. I like the effort it takes. I like knowing the other person cares about me as more than just a body, as more than a physical thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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