Maybe In Another Lifetime We Decided To Stop Running Away

17 Things I Learned From Chasing Someone Who Didn’t Want To Be Caught

1. When someone ignores your texts and cancels plans with you at the last second, they are not playing hard to get. They are letting you know they are not interested in dating you.

2. You will save yourself a lot of trouble (and heartache) if you are blunt about what you want from a person, discuss what they want, and decide whether you are on the same page or are interested in two completely different things.

3. Do not let someone string you along because you are convinced you belong together. You might think you will be able to change their mind over time but you are only prolonging your own heartache.

4. If someone keeps claiming they miss you and you mean a lot to them, but their actions say they could not care less about you, then you should believe what you are seeing instead of what you are hearing.

5. When they suddenly go MIA, it is not a sign you should try harder to capture their attention. It is a sign you should move on.

6. Do not mistake their physical attraction to you as a desire to enter a relationship with you.

7. Even though you are happy to bend over backwards for them now, eventually you are going to resent them for taking everything you have without giving anything in return.

8. You should not have to read deeply into everything they text in order to find hints they have feelings for you too. If they liked you, then it would be more obvious than that.

9. If they are sending you mixed messages, then they probably don’t like you as much as you like them.

10. Love is not supposed to be one-sided. You are supposed to receive as much attention as you are offering. Otherwise, you are only being used as an ego boost.

11. You cannot convince someone to date you because they already know whether or not they want you. Once they meet someone they like enough to commit to, then they are going to get in a relationship with them without any of the hassle you have been going through. It will come easy when it’s right. The chase doesn’t happen when feelings are returned.

12. You are allowed to make the first move — but you should not be making all the moves.

13. If you chase someone for long enough, you will start feeling insecure. You will start questioning your worth and wondering whether you are wasting your time because they are still not giving you what you want from them.

14. You are someone who should be chased, not someone who should be doing the chasing.

15. Relationships require effort — but you should not have to put in effort in order to help them see your worth. They should see it from the first time they set eyes on you.

16.  An almost relationship is not enough when you are searching for true love.

17Chasing someone who does not want to be caught only ends happily in the movies. In real life, in ends with blocked accounts and broken hearts. Instead of running after someone unobtainable, search for someone who likes you as much as you like them. Search for a relationship that is balanced. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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